A Comedy of Errors

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Booyah! I went to “An Evening With Mark Waid”. Saw Mr Comic Shop Owner guy (Bernard of G&B Comics) and I’m more than sure he thinks I’m a freakish fangirl by now or something since I keep appearing at the comic panels and talks. I just do especially for this month since it’s Singapore Writers Festival and I’m there anyway… ANYWHO, The Pod is a super special restricted area of the library where you have to be registered to enter since it’s only accessible by one lift and only when it’s “beep”ed in by the staff.

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A Council of Comic Geeks

Long post is long: Featuring Wena Poon, Mark Waid, Lat, Sonny Liew and Amanda T. Of science fiction, comics, children’s books, cabbages and kings.


Day 1 of Singapore Writers Festival… 24th October and Wena Poon sang karaoke in the morning. HAHA, okay not. It was a reading of the Biophilia Omnibus at 11am. Before hitting up the Arts House, I went to Spotlight at Plaza Singapura because they had a grand reopening after their renovation.

Wasn’t aunty enough to arrive there early to be the first 500 people to get the free goodie bags. Nonetheless, I checked out the Halloween section and went ooh since there was something I wanted to buy there… And left because I didn’t want to be late for the reading at the Arts House.

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The Price of Fandom [Singapore Writers Festival]


Dawn. Well, it wasn’t even dawn when I was walking from City Hall MRT towards the Arts House. It was about 6.40am that I arrived there and the guards were all resting and sitting in the darkness in the front of the doors.

I had a little book light with me as I walked in the dimness (as opposed to darkness because there was still lights about) but meh, that would be silly.

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Tash Aw’s book launch, Agnes Meadows talk and Goi essay competition

Remember to click more since this post will be about:

  • Tash Aw’s Map of the Invisible World
  • Agnes Meadows’ masterclass talk about poetry
  • Goi Peace Foundation international essay competition

First up, Tash Aw’s book launch:


Date: 1 June 2009

Time: 7pm

Location: The Pod, National Library

Admission is free. To RSVP, email your name and contact no. to zariena@horizonbooks.com.sg / call 64835953

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Conversation with Wena Poon (Plus Sharon Bakar!)



I just wanted to say that. It is too amusing not to. Anywho, yesss. The event got an upgrade since apparently there was a lot of response for it. Bad, bad me. I didn’t rsvp so I signed in right then. They’re popular ladies, you see. Hence the bigger location.

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Storytelling Seminars at the Arts House!


You got to click the thumbnail cause it’s pretty big. In any case you get discounts if you register before 31st July or in group registrations of 3… A bit late I think since I just got the email today so I guess you can only get the discount if you have at least two pals to go along with you or something.

Amusingly I checked out The Arts House website for August and they have a short storytelling competition too (it’s Singapore International Storytelling month by the way)!

How to Make a Baby in One Minute. Closing date is 25th August. It’s actually kinda funny if you do try out for it! Rules are you have to make a video telling about um, how to make a baby in one minute. They say there are attractive prizes too… I have no idea what they are though since it’s not stated but whatever. OH YES, IT HAS TO BE PG.

Which makes it all the more interesting. LA LA LA!!

Wena Poon talk at Republic Poly

Sooooo, Wena Poon was there and since I was pretty much there, I figured I’d go listen to her talk.

Wena Poon 1

It was an exclusive to RP talk anywho which was pretty cool since she had the time to come here. In any case, besides promoting her book Lions In Winter (her blog is at: http://lionsinwinterbook.blogspot.com/ ), she talked about reading and local writing in general.

Some tips she had that, when you publish a book it does not stop there. If your publisher sends you to the radio station to do an interview, you do it. If your publisher sends you to the tv station to talk on a morning show, just do it. In any case, you need all the publicity you need so just ACCEPT it.

Wena Poon 2

And even more interestingly, she talked about local books here and oh man were the sentiments similar to mine. Apparently Wena knows also that the majority of people here think it’s crap. HOWEVER, she brings up a good point that when you see our local books it’s by a limited number of people and genres.

As compared to in the US, there are more people and hence more variety of books. The main point is, not everyone likes Harry Potter (oh gasp!) but there’s STILL a number of people who like it.

In summary since the above was in “Sarah-speak”, there’s too little books in the Singapore section of different types that most people get turned off by it since it’s not in THEIR favourite genre.

And aww come on admit it people, drama, drama, ghost stories, detective? There’s a lack of fantasy and sci-fi and okay there’s bunches of romance too but it’s still not enough.

In her words, if you don’t like what you see in the shelves, why don’t you write one?

So… really, I think that’s the most sensible advice ever (besides the go everywhere your publisher asks you to bit).

Heck that! Just write a book and then publish it then maybe we’ll have more variety and then people will just start to drift more to the Singapore section of the bookstores and stuff!

So go forth and do it!

There are people here who WILL help you get your book published if it’s good enough.