Land of the Meat Munchers!

Land of the Meat Munchers!

Land of the Meat Munchers is by Nicholas Yong aka Incoherent Boy! It’s his first novel and it’s pretty fun! Think of it as young adult adventure book?

Basically it’s a zombie story SET IN SINGAPORE.

If you didn’t know in Singapore, we don’t have guns or ballistic weaponry easily but Nick managed to get it all believable even if we didn’t have them in this post zombie apocalyptic world!

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Save the date – The Nanowrimo Kick Off Party

No proper post on account of sick. Instead… SAVE THE DATE.

26 October.

Starts at 6pm.


Also, for those who have attempted, past, present, future and alternate dimensions, this is the FB group for the Singapore Nanowrimoers.

Ps. Ok. We know the location is going to be the Imagination room  Possibility Room of the central library but all those things we’ll be putting it in a nice poster soon.



ANYWAY. My pal Wesley’s having a session at the Arts House this weekend. Y’all know where the Arts House is right?

LOCATION: Living Room (that’s the second floor of the Arts House)

Date: 16 March, Saturday

Time: 7.30pm.

Here’s the details from the Arts House site!

Genre: Literary Arts,New Word Order

Presented by The Arts House

Better known as a filmmaker, Wesley Leon Aroozoo’s first stab at writing for the stage resulted in a provocative story about loss, searching and accepting one’s own demons. Bedok Reservoir was inspired by the spate of drownings and suicides in Bedok Reservoir and delves into a dark side of Singapore not openly discussed. The play and novel version of the story was recently published as a duo print in which the endings are different. Not a bad accomplishment for someone who almost failed his ‘O’ Levels English and could not get into a junior college.

Join Wesley as he discusses his journey to becoming a published playwright and author as well as why he channels his creativity through so many different outlets.

This session is moderated by Ghazali Muzakir, a filmmaker and theatre practitioner.

Here’s a trailer of his play!

So if you’re free this Saturday, come over and attend his session! Fun fact: If you check out his channel with his other trailers, you would notice it is called ‘moomeow’. Moomeow is a character from one of his short films that had a lovely musical presence about a scientist and well, a cow cat.

Support local artists! Woooh.

Nanowrimo 2012, Singapore Writers Fest and a play?

And here are the details for the Nanowrimo kick-off party 2012!

Location: Bishan Library, level 2, Programme Zone

Time: 4pm-6pm

Date: 27 October 2012, Saturday

Yesss. If you need a pictorial guide to the library from the MRT station, click here. Or if you need a VIDEO of the location, it’s here. It is the day after Hari Raya Haji and it is a fairly transparent place if you check out the pictures. Oh, of course it is free. This year’s unnofficial theme for Singapore s “Do It Yourself” cause we have no monies. Aha ha ha ha ha.

But in a way, teamwork it is!

And this is a video of us to YOU Nanowrimo-ers. Don’t forget to check the threads out on the forums at the main webby here!

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SDS 3.25 – Trogdor (aka The Singapore Writers Festival affair)

Jo and I got invited to the opening of the Singapore Writers Festival. Since it was evening and we could make it, well, we decided to go! As we approached the tent, we glimpsed Dave Chua of Gone Case but ALAS, he disappeared as we entered for that evening was also the opening of an exhibition by Sonny Liew elsewhere which I didn’t know and also the launch of the Gone Case 2, the graphic novel.

NO MATTER, so we bust into the tent like the writers we are.

Which is to say we pushed opened the doors and pretty much walked in after saying our names at the sign in area.

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SDS 3.13 – Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster

Usually we like to observe/analyze/etc art. However when given the chance (and monies!) we like to create physical manifestations of something besides our written work.

So when I saw on the Goodman Arts Centre’s facebook that the Goodman Ceramic Studio finally opened, I checked out what workshops or stuff we could do there!

To get there, drop at Mountbatten MRT station and then walk on the bridge across the river (estuary as some of the crew might say or glorified drain) and walk to the school compound and the studio’s towards the back of it.

We emailed the staff at the studio the week before going though! Since the five of us knew what we were going to do there when looking at the list of stuff that we can do.

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Of writery stuff

Quite a few interesting events! Firstly on Saturday…

Lauren Kate Signings in Singapore

Lauren Kate, writer of the Fallen series will be here in Singapore on 9 July 2011!

Serangoon Public Library 12:00-1:00pm  Edit: A comment from library staff below informs that it is now  12:30-1:30pm

Borders Wheelock Place 2:30-3:30pm

Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store 4:30-5:30pm

Jurong Regional Library 6:30-7:30pm *just added

Considering I have a party to host in the evening with things to prepare, I’m probably going to the session at the Serangoon library. Now, to figure how to get there…

Next up, we have:

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The Story and the Pitch!

Hello everyone! I received something interesting in my email yesterday. Apparently there’s a workshop by a literary agency (!!) in Singapore. More details after the cut but briefly, it’s by Peony Literary Agency. This workshop will be more on pitching and how to snag yourself an agent amongst other things.

Short details: At the Arts House, 10am – 5pm, Friday, 25 February 2011, $40 for registry (includes lunch)

This is going to be an intro to that would lead to their weekend workshops in August. I’d think that would be more extensive (and more expensive[?] since it’ll be TWO days at a conference) but if you can’t go for this Friday one, they’ll have more in the future. Still, this looks promising so check out the main details after the “more” cut. I’m going to be there to attend anyway.

Here’s the copy paste from the email!

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SDS 2.17 – Misery Business

And so the 30th October was the kick off party for Nanowrimo in Singapore! It was at the multipurpose room of the national library. Most people ask why do Nanowrimo since you have to write at least 50k in 30 days well… That is pretty much the point! For others it’s a daunting task, to writers it is fun!

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