Script Frenzy and Confessions of a Shopaholic!

It’s April! That means Script Frenzy is now on.

For those in Singapore, I finally got the funky stickers that the Office of Light and Letters sent us!


Okay so that’s kind of a huge scan of it…

Will give it to you lot either if anyone comes during a HSWG meeting or when we have a TGIO (tea) party at Starbucks or wherever. We’ll see.


Wheee! Okay, I watched the movie. Let me say this first, I didn’t read the Shopaholic book series.


Surprising, I know, since I’m like all “chic-lit” girl and stuff like that. I usually get into the supernatural/detective/geek/etc chic-lit and not the shopping chic-lit, so there…

But ANYWHO, the movie is pretty good! It’s funny and Isla Fischer as Rebecca Bloomwood is REALLY hilarious… Especially with the fan dance.

What I read from the book blurb on Amazon though is that in the books, it’s set in London while in the movie, it’s set in the US. There’s probably more hilarity in the books obviously (more details and such) but the movie’s pretty funny on its own like that too!

My friend who read it before did say there were some different bits in the movie compared to the book but hey, this IS a movie adaptation. It won’t ever be the same as the book since it’s an “adaptation” but it seems it’s a pretty good one. WATCH IIIIIIIT.

For some reason the guy friends won’t watch it with us girls except when dragged with their girlfriends though.

Silly boys.

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