Game Narratives…

So I did this essay, for school and got back my grade for it just now. Since my friend wanted to read it and some others, I figured I’ll post it here since it does have to do with narration, design and etc. Oh yeah, it was a pretty good grade.

There is much room for improvement and the lecturer did give some feedback such as differentiating between ‘reward’ cut scenes and interactive movies since itcould warrant further discussion along with a more original intro and conclusion. Still… YAY!

GameNarratives (Click it to download)

Competition and application deadlines!

Just a list of the looming deadlines for this part of the year.

Short and Sweet (play competition) – Deadline: 31st March 2009

Commonwealth short story competition – Deadline: 11 May 2009

Mentor Access Project – Deadline: 15 May 2009

Golden Point Award (poetry/short story competition) – Deadline: 29 May 2009


Not a competition but if you want to get into the “marathon” of writing scripts:

Script Frenzy – 1st April till 30th April

Mentor Access Project applications (update with forms!)

Hey remember my post about the MAP earlier on and that you had to email to ask for the latest application form? I emailed and since I’m sure it might get spammy or anything to them, I’ve decided to upload it so you guys can have it too.

Oddly, I can’t find the announcement of MAP on the NAC site. I got the first info via my sgarts email so it was posted by someone who had the “official” statement and all. How weird. I must have missed the webpage or something.

Oh yeah, since I was interested in plays, I asked to clarify regarding the “one play” in their requirements for the people to peruse. Apparently it can be any length as long as it shows how you write and all. So a ten minute or a sixty minute one etc is pretty fine. Of course, any further questions just email them at .

Meanwhile the summarized info:

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Soooo I don’t usually blog about my school assignments or the exact submissions but I figured I’d post one here today! It’s a machinima where I used the game called The Movies and made the characters… act! Heck, in depth description can be found on the Singapore Machinima website. There’s film festivals and all for this too.

Assignment 3 from seriouslysarah on Vimeo.

Anywho, the technical details of my machinima:
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HSWG #3 recap (plus minor Script Frenzy promo)!

So it was last Saturday (as always) and this time, we’ve got Maya coming by to meet us! She’s actually a nanowrimo-er too! Anywhooo, a little recap goes like this:

  • We’re gonna have something for the Singapore Writers’ Festival.
  • Gosh, darn. We’re hoping to finish and confirm things by early June so the NAC people can put it in their programme. We have a list but we want to make it neat for them.
  • Nerwen and me fangirled over Maya’s book, The Undercover Tai Tai because it is awesome and why are you not reading it yet? It’s funny, chic lit and well… FUN.
  • It always rains the day we have meetings at Geek Terminal.
  • Oh and we got our copies autographed by Maya since she was there.

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St Patrick’s Parade and Blog Aloud – Fanboys!

Okay, there were people wondering what happened on Sunday because it rained.



That didn’t mean the parade didn’t go on though! It went on… With really soggy people.

But hey, I got to see Rozen (before it rained and when it was all sunny and humid) before the parade! She’s one of the grand marshals of the parade this year!


Yes, the 501st have special shamrock patches for events like these.

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Mentor Access Project applications are up!

NAC’s Mentor access project is up again! I’m going to try for the playwriting bit. And here’s copy pasting the info!

The Mentor Access Project (MAP), organised by National Arts Council, is now open for applications for its seventh intake starting in July 2009. MAP is an 18-month mentorship programme to ensure the sustained development of emerging writers by providing them with mentorship opportunities and ongoing critical feedback.

Apart from having the privilege of being tutored by an established writer/playwright, participants will enjoy opportunities for peer interaction and to foster stronger connections with the Singapore literary scene.

Selected applicants can also participate in Masterclass Talks and workshops conducted by established writers, public readings, as well as discussion forums and talks covering the business of publishing, such as copyrights and literary representations (agents).

The New Book Initiative enables promising original works submitted by MAP participants to be considered for book publication, in conjunction with NAC’s Publishing and Translation Grant. This is on top of enjoying publishing opportunities in an online literary journal to be produced by MAP at the end of the mentorship period.

Application is now open to Singaporean citizens or permanent residents, aged 18 years and above, writing in the field of poetry, prose or drama in any of the four official languages.

Deadline for application: May 15, 2009

For the newly-released 2009 application form, please email:

Oh snap! I got to prepare a little portfolio before the end of May! I can do that, I think.

EDIT 24 March 2009:

Updated info with forms here!

Singapore Writers Festival 2009!


Look! The Singapore Writers Festival’s website is now up! You can now download the forms, read the rules and application form for the Golden Point Award 2009.

GPA Summary:

  • From 10 March to 29 May
  • $16 application fee
  • Passport photo of yourself
  • 100 word bio of yourself in English
  • 4 copies of your manuscript
  • And the application form ( Of course.)

You can write it in English/Malay/Chinese/Tamil in either poetry or a short story form. A minimum of 5 poems with a max of 8 and for short story, it’s 5000 words max.

Obviously it must be original, unpublished and oh here’s the thing, you can’t enter this competition if you’re a published writer! Just so you know, more fine details, just look at their forms.

St Patrick’s Parade! With SEJA!

Last year I was lugging camera gear at the parade. This year… Okay, I’m doing the same thing again BUT! Check out my friends from SEJA!


No, in real life their light sabres don’t glow that good due to the sunlight.

They’ll be at the parade again this year, doing their performance! The Jedi and the Sith. Pay no mind to Darth Vader and the storm troopers. Okay, you can pay them mind since they’re actually our pals from Singapore’s 501st (the largest imperial legion in South East Asia). But yeah, this year’s parade on the 15th March will have them again in the Star Wars contingent.

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