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Item get! I got myself a Creative Vado HD from Creative (duh). I ordered it online actually since there’s a sale going on and I’d get a free travel case worth $25 during this period of time. Yes, this might mean more video footage in my posts here! How fun is that indeed.


It’s pretty hand sized like my usual digital camera.


Just in case you think I have giant hands or anything, that’s a measurement in cm and inches so you can see. Or you know, if you went to the online store the exact details are there.


What does the default package come with though? A silicone cover, the camera itself (duh), a battery (that’s not an extra one, you’re suppose to put it in), a USB extension cable, HDMI cable and instruction manuals. Ironically, the only thing I need instructions on was HOW TO PUT ON THE SILICONE COVER.

URGH, URGH!! There was a lot of tugging and squishing to fit it on said camera but it worked.

Okay, there’s NO CD in the box. All the things needed to install are in the camera itself. When you plug in, the software needed will be THERE so just follow the instructions and install the drivers and stuff. I didn’t screencap the software screen but Muvee apparently comes with it and… Yeah, it’s a pretty simple software.

Generally though my main use with my Vado HD is to just record and upload, so I’m not putting in any fancy effects opening titles. The files are in .avi so if anything, I’d use movie maker if I want to do something or maybe even fire up Premiere or Final Cut pro (depending on which computer I am on) if I SERIOUSLY want to do major edits.

Probably not. I just want to use this camera for adventures or events.

Anywho, I did a little recording. Warning, random singing involved and lots of shaking.

Since mostly I want to use it from a “still” point of view, aka I wouldn’t be walking when recording a talk or an interview, it should work. The audio seems pretty good too and heck, resolution’s good to go especially when uploaded to youtube. So far, yesss I think I’ll take this camera out on adventures indeed.

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3 thoughts on “Get item Creative Vado HD! Gain +100 blogging points!”

  1. Wow, you mean the video was taken by that vado video camera? It’s looks really good man, what on earth is that? By Creative?

  2. Well yeah. If you click the video itself on Youtube. You can see the “more info”, the Vado label is actually on it. And yess, it’s by Creative. You can check on their online store since they’re having sales until 26th July.

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