Manchester Writing Competition


Yes! The main website is here:


First prize is 10,000 Pounds and oh even though the website says there’s a poetry category, that one is not open yet for this year. Maybe later if so since currently it’s just for the fiction one.

Summary of details:

  • Fiction: Maximum number of words is 5000
  • Entry fee 15 pounds (around $35.73 SGD at the moment of exchange rate)
  • Open to those aged 16 and over
  • Bursary might be awarded to those aged 18-25
  • Other fine details, check the website itself including for online submission
  • Deadline 7 August 2009


Okay since it is online submission (there’s a way to do hard copy but since you’re reading this blog, you’re more likely to not want to do that) the payments are only made by these credit cards:


Visa, Maestro, Master Card and Solo. However if for some reason you have a Maestro card, they only accept UK Maestro cards. Any other international ones would not be accepted.Heh, go forth and save your money if you want to enter this and find someone with a credit card if you don’t have one!

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