If you’re using Google Reader and seeing spam, click this title!

OKAY, I got notified by one of my friends who uses Google Reader that my entries will look like SPAM if you’re using it.


Click the the thumbnail to see. So anyway, this is a NEW issue that came up with WordPress/Google Reader.

Apparently it just happened a week ago in my search to see if anyone else had it with their RSS feed being hijacked or something.

The spam doesn’t show if you’re using anything ELSE besides Google Reader. Heck if you check the exact address of my blog feed: http://www.seriouslysarah.com/blog/feed/ , it doesn’t show.

At the moment, since this is new, I can’t fix it since I’m not some major hacker person or whatever. So I hope you guys who’re using RSS feeds to check my posts will understand and not use GR or instead click the main post to see it since I TOTALLY am not talking about viagra (correct post shows up only if you click the post even if preview is spammy).

Well, okay, I MIGHT write about it since romance week starts next week but in any case, it wouldn’t be bunches of random words strung together.

Hopefully WordPress/Google might find a fix for this issue soon.

With that, I will give you a haiku.

Le sigh viagra

Stupid spammers hijack me

How wonderful not 

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2 thoughts on “If you’re using Google Reader and seeing spam, click this title!”

  1. I’ve always clicked on the title to get to your post anyway, so no problem there. It’s a good thing you only do partial posting of feeds too.

  2. RSS feeds? There’s that whooshing noise over my head again. Good old-fashioned URLs are fine for me.

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