Dunkin Donuts in Singapore!

This is a food squeeing post.

Well, specifically it’s now at Ion Orchard, basement 2. I forgot the exact address but you can look up the signs there. It just opened a few days ago.



The line wasn’t that long. I got my donuts in five minutes. Also for those non-locals who have no idea what the fuss is about… It’s cause long, long ago… In a distant time, there were DDs in Singapore AND THEN THERE WASN’T ANY MORE UNTIL A DECADE LATER.

So yeah, it’s now back so YAY.


Okay, I wandered around Ion Orchard a bit especially at basement 4, the food hall. Lots of people were around and all and HEY, Yami Yogurt was there! I bought a honeydew regular sized one and apparently for this short period of time you get a free topping! Wheatgerm for me, by the way.


With my frozen yogurt in hand (well, in a cup and that cup was in a hand), I hung out with C3P0 and R2D2 while the strains of “One of us is lonely… One of us is only, waiting for a caaaall” floated in the air near the Titanium bookstore. It was just so freaking our lady of depressive soundtrack somehow with that ABBA song and me eating my yogurt there.


Some shops aren’t open yet and these masks are pretty creepy when the rest of it are still being renovated.


Got home and am amused with the Halal sign on the box. I wonder, does that mean the sandwiches at the store are Halal too? No contact number or webby for Singapore yet so hmm, can’t ask.


I ate the green apple jelly filled one. The rest, I shove to my brothers since I just needed one donut. Hopefully they’ll finish it! So hurray! Good donuts! Yaaaaaaaaay! You have no idea how many people on my twitter list have been asking about this too.

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13 thoughts on “Dunkin Donuts in Singapore!”

  1. Hahaha yeah but then lately even Krispy Kremes and all are doing the “healthy” thing and frying in some other vege oil instead. So in any case, this is goood. More customers for DD!

  2. Do they have the Double Chocolate? The kind when it’s ALL Chocolate, not only toppings or something.

    Somehow I’m reminded that that’s my favourite whenever I buy DD in Malaysia a long time ago (by time I go to KL on my own, I dun take the bus from Pudu Raya anymore so missed out on the DD Kiosk there). Dun remember much when DD was in Singapore as the last time I bought something, they only got a few flavour left.

  3. theyre not that good here 🙁 🙁 prefer dunkin donuts from the US.. or even from jb!

  4. Dear bros and sis, be careful!
    This outlet sells pork and ham sandwiches!! So how can they claim the donuts are halal?? This is misleading muslims ……..

  5. Adding to the comment. It doesn’t sell pork. It’s chicken ham and the stuff are imported from Malaysia. Got the info from my friend who asked them directly.

  6. Hi!

    I know this is an old post, but just to clarify, no pork no lard does not mean that food is halal. Many a times, bakeries use rum/alcohol in their cakes and possibly other food items. Since Muslims do not consume alcohol, it is necessary for bakeries to have the halal certificate for confirmation. Plus, halal cert = more muslim customers = better business, no? 😀

    Hope this helps. 🙂

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