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This is a random post on what I got for free on their website because I’m getting more details of a book launch in this coming August 9th! So that one will be the next post after this in the week.


Ho ho, so I filled out the survey form on the Kao Laurier F website for fun to see if there was still stock and if they’d send it to me.


And apparently they did! I’m uh not using it yet cause, I don’t need it yet?! I ain’t wasting it by doing some weird sanitary pad advertisement with blue water and going all “This is Laurier F and this is a generic brand, see how fast it absorbs!”.

Okay, so I’m tempted to do that but I don’t want to waste my freebie in doing so. VERY tempting though. Imagine I did it instead and that hilarity ensues because I spilled the water all over or something.


The survey itself is pretty amusing. I think there’s a typo in question 14 because it says in the options:

Have experienced pleasant feeling caused by stuffiness or itchiness (but not as bad as skin irritation or soreness)

At least I HOPE it’s a typo of some sort where they forgot to type the “un” in front of pleasant or that’s a pretty kinky question and totally tres, tres personal. Other wise, it’s a normal sanitary pad survey.

Not like I did dozens of them before but I’m more than sure most of the surveys should be something like this. However, if you’re signing up for a free sample, make sure you’re on Internet Explorer. The layout gets messed up when I tried it on Firefox.

Anyway, the package for the sample is cute and squishy. From the details of it, it looks like it might be pretty comfy to use!

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7 thoughts on “Kao Laurier F”

  1. Wow, you got the free sample? =D “Freedom for skin discomforts”. =o that’s cool! And… O.O|| at the “Have experienced pleasant feeling caused by stuffiness or itchiness” XD You actually spotted it.

  2. O.,O!!! OMG OMG OMG Sorryyyyyy T_T Didn’t know it’s girl’s product till i went to fill the survey at the webbie and noticed “mens____n” word…. =”[ Only saw the typo question you underlined and filtered the rest of the questions before that… x_x

    sorry!! =”[ very sorry.. *bow*

    damn ‘pai seh’. T_T

  3. Sorry for triple posting… =”[ just wanna say… i will be cautious the next time i promise. =[

  4. HAHAAHAH that’s alright. But gee! F is the model name… now I wonder if they should have used that acronym for their model!

  5. Have u used the pad yet? How was it? Would it be possible for u to post pics of the pad when u open it from the packaging?

  6. Hahaha I used it. I didn’t take pictures though but I CAN say that’s pretty comfy. It made me go, “Hey, this is pretty soft” when I first opened it.

    It’s regular sized in length with wings. I’m used to the night safe longer ones but this one was actually okay. You should still be able to get a sample from them, I think.

  7. hi sarah, wanna thx u for sharing its really a good pad just used it. ….it super soft n sont feel humid n sticky. ..

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