Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention Flashback!

This is a flashback post. The STGCC was on 2008 in June, this year, it’s on in August. You can check details on their website. I’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday.

Heh, if you ever wanted to say hello to me, I’ll be at the Movie Mania booth from 9am-12pm on Sunday (16th August) since I’m helping them out a bit.

Also, you guys can check more about costuming and making props there! Seriously, it’s one booth that you might want to check out! Feel free to pose with the costumers and such there too.

Oh and if you’re around on Saturday afternoon, PLEASE, please vote for Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy during the cosplay competition.


Let’s get onwards to our flashback episode!


This was the crowd last year, registration was involved and oh man, even the pre-registration queue was long. This year there’s none of that so hopefully it’ll be all smooth and fast flowing. The halls are increased too so in theory it shouldn’t be as jam packed as the first one. Heck, no one knew that they’d have such a good turn out!


Schools competed in a Lego competition. There were lots of contests there on site too! Depends on whichever booths or timing.


Heck, I even got through the finals of the dance dance revolution competition on the second day. Sadly, DDR isn’t for 2009 but there’s plenty of other stuff to do to win things.


Since the G in STGCC DOES stand for games, I managed to demo tons of them. Also this convention was the start of the guitar hero and rockband madness for my friends and me. We ended up trying to play those games even when we had NONE of those games back then. Obviously now we’re far more experienced and much more musically inclined the art of plastic instruments.


Wizards of the Coast! Back then they gave out a free basic pack only if you managed to answer the quiz on their form. Obviously I got through it and this year they’re back! Sadly, I couldn’t get into one of their games. It’s always filled with teenage guys and it’s kinda intimidating to try join one when they’re all concentrating on it. By the way, I do know how to play Magic: the Gathering. I’m such a geek that way. So it wasn’t too much of a downer for me but if it intimidates me what of the other curious girls? Hmmm?


Toki Doki, certainly they are coming again this year. Lots of designer toys as well.


Dooodolls coming back too! And apparently from their twitter, they’re handing out some cupcakes! Probably if you’re fast enough to get there or something.


That’s Ukitakumuki from Imaginary Friends studio. There’s gonna be artists and the like there too so make sure you check this year’s line up and find your comics or books to get autographed! And oh, on the right that’s me as Rogue. As I said… Big fat hint, vote for Harley and Ivy on Saturday!


I actually still have the official programme, wrist band and passport stuck in a file. The Sonic poster came free too.


The passport was for you to get the things chopped at various stations and booths. Once you get them, you can redeem some freebies!


These were the things I got for FREE last year. I won the GH cap by getting high score at their NDS game demo by the way. Oh and some vouchers from the arcade for getting into the finals.


The OTHER half of what I got for free for joining the cosplay competition. Heck, I’m not even putting a picture of what I bought at the SGTCC since the pictures were plenty. It was mostly comics, artwork and various things.

So okay this was LAST YEAR. This year is going to be awesomer from the updates I read.

Thus, these are some tips for you.

  • Check the timings for the freebies and rules of getting them.
  • Join the competitions and contests, it’s fun so stop trying to be shy.
  • Look at the official SGTCC website and also join the online competitions.
  • Carry few items. You don’t want to lug unneeded things around at a place like this.
  • Don’t be an idiot and block photographers.
  • Don’t be stupid either and block entrances and stuff.
  • Have a look-see at the guests coming to the event via the website, this way you can bring your comics/books to get them autographed too.
  • Toilets gonna be packed. Don’t drink too much stuff. There’s one secret toilet that people ignore even if it’s public though…
  • Don’t make a nuisance of yourself.
  • Bring CASH. Keep it safe with you because some booths might not have NETS available.
  • Have fun!
  • Ps. Last day, near closing hour is when discounts are had like woah at some booths. You can try holding out until that hour to buy your things but this won’t work for fast selling items.

That’s pretty much it. 2009 is gonna be great!

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  1. merrrrr the cuppies look so cute!
    i want freebies! but i don’t think i can stay the whole day.
    i remember it being so crowded urgh.

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