SDS 1.22 – Not Gonna Get Us

This year’s License 2 Play was a disappointment.

They downscaled it by a lot and instead put booths that are quite odd in the hall. You’ll see what I mean. Oh above is a mascot for an online game. That creature is… amusing? I like mascots!

First up, Joelyn and I went to search for Raven Silvers and her coursemate near the GnB comics store booth. Raven was there to do a school research project thing anyway and this was the exhibition she was given to cover. So we found her there and also said hello to the ladies of the store.

And so we checked out the hall. It wasn’t much at all. There were games sold at cheaper prices like for the PC, X-box and etc…


Also a pre-order for Star Craft 2. The booth babes knew what they were promoting so that was nice. Raven asked them about the game for her research and they indeed were able to answer about the price of the game and how it was played etc. Pretty nice too although by the end of the day, we could see they were getting tired.

Well anywho, there were mini games for a person to register at IAHGames to try them out. Kind of like a taster of the games they have so you go around in each station doing something and then get a stamp on your card. Eventually Raven finished it and she got a goodie bag with something in it. One of them was a $5 game card to use online for their online games.

The main stage meanwhile had some demo of whatever software or games they were showing. Nothing much, not everyone paid attention to it.

We had a pitstop so we broke out our NDSes and trained our Pokemon when we had our break and ate stuff at a semi secluded cafe at the Expo.

L2P was pretty disappointing in a sense that they had more last year. This year even if it was at the Expo for a bigger venue, it was much smaller than before in terms of variety. Also, they had washing machines and vacuums too? It was weird.

There was little cosplay at L2P. The only main ones were from the Movie Mania booth where my friends were at. Now I prefer to take pictures of the photographers instead because I’d usually have ones of cosplay any time in the bigger main events where you’d have better lighting and stuff anyway.

Photographers there are so amusing.

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