SDS 2.3 – Money, Money, Money!

This July was the Singapore Coins and Notes Museum‘s first birthday! It meant free entry for the first week from the 1st till 5th July. Heh, heh. Thus, the Adventure Crew hit the place up to learn about money. Also, because I prebooked a slot since we’d get a discount on “making” money.

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She’s flying!

I think of that when I think of flying. Yeah, I like Azumanga Daioh.

In any case! Check out Joelyn’s causathon thing here. She’s involved with Project Reach’s Causathon and her group is helping out with the Very Special Arts (VSA) Singapore.

For her group, you can make a donation here and then comment with a line to complete the story of Captain Jon who has a love for aviation and a flair for creativity but is confronted by his disability. Get him a happy ending!

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SDS 2.2 – Catch You Catch Me

Cosfest. This episode is on Cosfest. It is a yearly cosplay event at Downtown East, usually in the middle of the year! It’s free too and usually the preliminaries for those to represent Singapore at the World Cosplay Summit in Japan is on during that weekend. The first day is the band/karaoke/singing contest while the second has the main cosplay competitions. I went for both so the pictures below will be on both days and will be mixed!

The theme for this year is “Let’s make friends”. Yes, let us indeed. Also, this post will have anime and character terms so if you don’t get it, just look at the pictures instead for the pretty.

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Oh silly spammers!

If you haven’t noticed, I just installed a “like” button since Tiramisue commented on it. So… Yeah, there it is! Pretty easy to install.

Meanwhile, I always check my spam folder and this is pretty disappointing. The spammer there is talking about Pikachu (albeit with typoes) but alas she is in the wrong post.

She should have talked about Pikachu on the other post here where I did go to a Pokemon event.

Silly robot spammers not spamming in the correct post when they had the chance!

SDS 2.1 – Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

Hello everyone to season 2 of Sarah Does Singapore! In which we start things off with a bang! Or a fake bang really. In the wee early morning of a Saturday, Mintea, Joelyn Alexandra and Avariel rendezvoused to Plaza Singapura’s Starbucks.

For I wanted to eat some oatmeal.

That wasn’t our main adventure though.

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Sarah Does Singapore – Season 1 Finale

25 episodes of adventures. Good grief. Let’s have a recap on what they are! Or rather, let’s do the Playlist. Heh. It started with the prologue but the real episodes were after it. No, this isn’t the end of it. We’ll be in season 2 next week. So yess. Let’s check it out. Each episode title was actually a song title which had a theme to the episode. For those who didn’t know the singers or bands, now you get to know where they’re from!

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