SDS 1.21 – Thriller

And thus, when faced with zombies, bring a camera along. Avariel, Mintea were with me and later on we were joined by Miss Hallelujah and her friend Thurisaz83! For those who don’t know. THE GREAT BIG ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is an independent zombie movie done by people who wanted to do one! You can check more on their website about it. For now, we went to check out their zombie flashmob that was happening on a Saturday!

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SDS 1.20 – Bork, bork, bork!

For those who don’t know the song, let me enlighten you with this clip.


Anywho, Avariel and Raven Silvers brought me along to Fika Cafe. When I mean brought me along, I meant that it was dark and we relied on Raven’s iPhone to make sure we were on the correct road. It is a Swedish cafe! Mintea wasn’t there for the evening but she had told us that her Swedish colleagues had told her that it was very authentic! (We didn’t see any hot Swedish guys at the time of our trip though.)

And so we traversed the dark streets to find it.

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SDS 1.19 – Take a Chance on Me

We woke up to arrive at the National Library around 8am. Well, earlier since we hung around while waiting for things to be set up for the The Original Race by HIP Alliance. We registered with the team name “Adventure Crew”. Hah. Members include me (obviously), Mintea, Raven Silvers, Avariel and Joelyn.

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Meowy! Meowy!

There’s a quote about cats and writers that I can’t remember but behind every writer that’s a cat or something like that. Well, at least I know most of the award winning writers have cats so HMM. Clearly I need one too.

Well, I can’t have one so instead, I have a rental cat.


So it’s not really a rental cat. It’s more of a community cat! A stray kitty that’s not really that stray because in the dictionary it says stray is:

  • a domestic animal found wandering at large or without an owner
  • any homeless or friendless person or animal

For one thing, since when cats have owners? Ok, you can say you own a cat but they technically own you in a way and besides this kitty isn’t friendless! It has meeeeeeeeeeee and whoever else! That picture was taken last year in December near Christmas. Note the black and tabby! Also this was before my old camera died hence the quality!

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Scholastic Asian Book Award!

Yes, my fellow fictioneers. Scholastic is giving out an Asian book award!

The main details can be found at their website here:

However, here are the short details!

Deadline: 31 December 2010

Entry submissions:

a. An official entry form, duly filled in.
b. Six copies of the manuscript (in case of a paper submission).
c. A recent photograph in soft copy on CD.
d. A short biography in not more than 100 words in soft copy on CD. In case of a translation,
the biography of both the author and the translator must be submitted.


Winner gets $10,000 and a plaque! The manuscript might also be considered for publication by Scholastic Asia!

– First and second runner ups get a plaque and advice by Scholastic Asia on editing it for publication!

Anyway, it says you can send the submission via email but that is slightly redundant or risky considering it might get “lost” in emails since you still have to send physical copies of your photo and bio on a CD. Plus, you still have to send in the entry form too anywho. The address is available on the website.

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Make your own popular supernatural romance!

The lovely crew that I usually go adventures with have a tendency to gravitate towards bookstores. This is not a tragedy for I gravitate to such places of literature too. However, as we made our rounds through Kinokuniya, such hilarity occurred for in the young adult section had an influx of a certain type of book. Thus, I have made a so called “generator” of sorts below for youto make your own popular supernatural romance!

The instructions.

  • Open up Word, notepad or whatever text editor you have, copy paste the below EXACTLY as it is. Do not press the more cut yet. Replace the words below and do not write in any numericals. Spell them out if you please.
  • Once done, click the more cut and copy paste the text into your text editor. Do not read it, go back to the top and use ctrl+F or apple+F (if you’re on a mac) and replace the words. For example, copy the symbol @ without the bracket and use the replace all function with the noun you have written down.
  • If you have done this correctly, bravo! The words should have been replaced in the correct positions.

1) Name of lead character

2) Age

3) Relative

4) Number

5) Noun

6) Noun

7) Adjective

8 ) Emotion (past tense)

9) Noun

@) Noun

#) Object

$) Colour

%) Adjective

^) Animal

&) Noise (past tense)

*) Adjective

+) Noun

-) Name of the other lead character.

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I’m not Blameless.

This is technically the books I’ve read in the past week but it’s going to be of a more fangirl squee worthy discussion post because why not? Firstly, let’s just do this:

  • Talk Nerdy to Me by Vicki Lewis Thompson – Chic lit. Lots of technical nerdy engineering puns, a bit far fetched with all the sexy coincidences but the dialogue is pretty fun. Pretty enjoyable if you want something fun and silly (as most chic-lit books go) to read.
  • Soulless by Gail Carriger – Steampunk lady with a very good parasol for whacking people. THIS IS GOOD if you like strong heroines, interesting co-starring characters and the supernatural! Also, hot werewolf guy lead too
  • Changeless by Gail Carriger – Sequel to this! Once you read Soulless, you want Changeless.

I might be saying Soulless and Changeless briefly here because after this “more” cut, it’s going to be a bunch of fangirly squee. WARNING, if you don’t want spoilers, don’t click it! Too bad for those on Google reader or assorted rss readers OR those linked here straight away. THIS IS NOT A REVIEW POST, THIS IS A SQUEE POST.

You’ll be able to see the whole post without a cut so if you don’t want spoilers stop reading here and get the books pronto instead.

Have a book trailer of Soulless if you haven’t a clue how it is!

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The Diary of An Unreasonable Man

There’s a book talk coming up that seems to be organized by the Penguin Books Singapore at the Earshot Cafe!

It’s a book talk by Madhav Mathur, the author of The Diary of An Unreasonable Man in conversation with Deepika Shetty.

The short details:

Date: 14 May

Time: 7pm

Location: Earshot Cafe at The Arts House ( 1 Old Parliament Lane)

Since it’s a public event, you don’t need to register but just show up!

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SDS 1.17 – In the Sun

After threatening rain from the previous few days, we decided to heck it and just get on with the picnic. This time, the weather didn’t cheat our feelings. Yessss. Picnickers included: Raven Silvers, Mintea, Joelyn Alexandra and Avariel. Thus, we headed off to the Marina Barrage! Considering there’s still construction going on, we couldn’t just walk there from the Marina Bay MRT station and had to take a bus.

You have to walk a bit to find the bus stop though.

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