SDS 2.1 – Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

Hello everyone to season 2 of Sarah Does Singapore! In which we start things off with a bang! Or a fake bang really. In the wee early morning of a Saturday, Mintea, Joelyn Alexandra and Avariel rendezvoused to Plaza Singapura’s Starbucks.

For I wanted to eat some oatmeal.

That wasn’t our main adventure though.

Our main adventure for the day was the Nerf Mission Zone 2010! We chose the early slot because you got a free card game from them if you did so. The whole registration was free anyway. There are 5 zones in total and you had to get through it within 7 minutes. It’s not that big so 7 minutes is a really long time anyway.

The staff briefed us on how we had to go through the 5 zones and the guns we would be using. We were able to have a little go on the various models there. In the game, if you shot the cans with the special mission zone labels on, you had extra points. Also, we had to learn how to assemble one of their long strike models.

And then off to the holding area! There we waited for our turn. There was a photographer too who took pictures of it all.

And then off we went. The first zone was with sticky bullets so they stuck on the human shaped targets. The second you had to shoot down a pyramid of cans after assembling the gun. Once done, off to the “jungle zone” where you had to shoot the targets down from the fake tree stumps and then the targets within the “trees”.

At that point, my bullets shot the photographer’s lens because he was just behind the target. Considering these are foam bullets, yeaah. Still, he made everyone want to shoot him because he’s just SO near the targets!

The last one was like a cowboy saloon where you shot rows of cans down. This was where the bonus special point cans were at. Then we were done!

You had to go to the registration area past the little sale of Nerf guns. They had a good deal going on there that day.

Sad. I got 820 points! Not enough to get into the top 25 players. Oh well! It was verily fun though! Heh, heh. Target ranges even for Nerf is fun!

And that was the end of our day.

Well, not really but it is for this adventure. The day ended instead with traffic jams of the extreme.

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