She’s flying!

I think of that when I think of flying. Yeah, I like Azumanga Daioh.

In any case! Check out Joelyn’s causathon thing here. She’s involved with Project Reach’s Causathon and her group is helping out with the Very Special Arts (VSA) Singapore.

For her group, you can make a donation here and then comment with a line to complete the story of Captain Jon who has a love for aviation and a flair for creativity but is confronted by his disability. Get him a happy ending!

This is mini interview on what the what is with Jo:

Who are the VSA?

VSA is Very Special Arts Singapore, they’re a charity organisation who help people with disabilities be independent and integrate socially through the use of Art so they teach them art skills and help them sell their work.

What are you guys doing this for?

Our group, Alpha Communications, are a bunch of girls who strongly believe in the Arts and thus, have the great opportunity to work with VSA Singapore as a part of this project, we’re raising funds for their outreach programmes.

The money goes to their outreach programmes so they can reach to special needs schools, especially children with special needs, to teach them artistic skills and have them interact with their current beneficiaries.

When is the deadline for Captain Jon or the causathon?

All of the causathon ends 29th July but the submission for Captain Jon’s story ends on the 26th.

End of mini interview thing.

WELL! The donation thing is online so it’s actually not that difficult to do so. In fact, I did it so I can have screencaps for you to follow!

Ok. First you go to their page and then click at the bottom how much you want to donate. If you refresh, you can see you can either choose $10, $20 or $50 for specific things like subsidize art materials, cost of art instructor, framing costs or the cost of exhibition set up. Or you can even input how much you want to give. Click the give now button and this window will pop up!

If you read the instructions, you can write a line for their story, just comment with #story at the beginning and #story at the end of the line to finish it.

If you’re new, like me, this window will pop up. It’s pretty fast so just input your details and the activation email will appear almost instantly.

And then you get to the page! Meanwhile, another window opens with an e-Nets page. Unfortunately, they don’t have Paypal but if you have a credit card (or one of those debit faking to be credit cards to buy online stuff), you’re still all set to pay. They don’t have offline donation for Project Reach’s Causeathon for VSA here due to auditing reasons.

You won’t be able to put in your particulars until they run their security on the page. Input it once you can and click the button!

And then you’ll get a thank you email and also this screen if you want to get a receipt for tax deductions. Leave it empty if you don’t need it.

And that is it! You’re done! If you read the page for them though, it says you can also take a picture of a paper airplane that you made and email it to them so they can put it on the Project Reach webpage!

Ha ha. Yeah right. As if I’m just going to take a simple picture when I have stuff at home. I’ve donated so I might as well make things somewhat special. Also, you guys should do it too if you have spare monies! I mean really, the ARRRRTSSSS. If you’re a literary/arty type who reads the posts on my blog, you’d especially know what I mean by the difficulty of funding at times.

So yes. And these kids and people want to learn art and whatnot. Well, give them a chance to!

Do it.

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