So Joelyn won some passes to the launch party of the new 98.7fm studio at SCAPE. Thus, on 16th July, Jo, Avariel, Prettypotato and me headed off to the party after work/school.

Under Jo’s name we got tags and also a coupon for a free Nando’s box of food to be redeemed later.

We came at around 6.30pm and got in the queue (we were there earlier but were eating at Long John Silver’s). How Jo got the passes was that she smsed the answer to what Vernon of The Mutton’s last name was. Ha, ha, ha ha. No. I’m not typing it here.

We were the third batch of people to get into the new studio. It’s pretty neat and yeah, really. It’s very new.

And so we got the tour! Well, sort of. The place isn’t super big since it’s a studio for the DJs so it wasn’t really a tour tour. You stepped inside and go to see the whole place!

They had a little stage area for bands or singers to perform and all their equipment is new. New microphones, new panels, new everything! Heh, the DJs asked if we had any questions and well, we didn’t really have that much to ask since it seemed like my batch of people knew a lot of radio. The boss was there too to welcome us.

With the tour done, all of us got to the main party. There were two sections, the VIP with the champagne/wine/redbull and the non VIP where we went that was much closer to the stage and had free Nando’s chicken. Hmm. I don’t know which side is better. I guess the VIP section is more frou frou even if they don’t get chicken and anything else, I guess?

The first band up was West Grand Boulevard.

As we listened to the song, Prettypotato noted something to me. Let’s see if you can notice it like we did.

Can you see what we noticed? Let’s do a zoom if you can’t.

Nya ha ha! If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’d know we’re literary people and should know we’d notice things like these.

It was certainly the most interesting concert I’ve ever been to. Mostly it was because nearly everyone was carrying the boxes of chicken soooo, doing the whole waving hand/clapping hand thing got pretty… interesting.

After the band performance was a dance group where we had to create some space for them to do so.

And then before the next performance, there were some questions where you could win stuff etc. Or uh do stuff to win stuff.

After that, we were told we could get closer to the stage and everyone smooshed towards the front and we were like, “The heck?” since there was enough space for everyone anyway.

Sylvia Ratonel sang Duffy’s Mercy for her first song and then for the second, she sang her new single, “Fly”.

And then we left.

HAHAHA since the rest wanted to eat their chicken and sit somewhere comfortable. Meanwhile, 98.7fm’s studio has a glass window wall thing so if you decide to go to SCAPE, you can actually check them out if you head outdoors on level 2.

Just don’t do anything too silly.


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