The World’s Loneliest Bookstore

The World’s Loneliest Bookstore by BooksActually in collaboration with D/SINI is held until 19 August 2018.

So you guys reading this still have time to visit it this coming weekend!

The plot of this is:

A freak solar flare on a magnitude nobody has experienced before has wrecked the Earth’s natural environment, causing volcanic eruptions and devastating oceanic activity. Infrastructure all around the world collapsed as a result and many lost their lives to the freak disaster. The world’s population was somehow reduced to its bare minimum following the end of the devastation. Only 4,169 people remain around the globe, just enough to repopulate Earth.

Following the disaster, only one woman remains in Singapore. With the 20 books she has scavenged, she has decided to set up what probably is the last remaining bookstore on earth. The rest of the bookstore is outfitted with other scavenged bits: a few paintings, an old television, a spare radio that is constantly trying to reach somebody else out there, and other bits and bobs. Everyday she waits for someone, anyone, to reach her bookstore while she finds solace in what she has. Thus begins The World’s Loneliest Bookstore.

So head on to block 7 of Gillman Barracks, 7 Lock Road, Singapore 108935. It opens from 11am to 7pm daily until the 19th of August.

I went there on national day because that was finally an open day for me to check it out.

The most “Huh, I didn’t think that would happen but I guess it’s likely” is a karaoke booth. I don’t know if it is meant to be there but it should be? But it really gives that whole if it’s a post apocalyptic world, I guess a karaoke booth would be entertainment to just sing in.

You can look around an experience yourself and even take a key from a tray.

So far that I know this is a real block and it faces towards east coast beach. If at the end of the world and you could choose pretty much any house in Singapore since there’s no one else, I would try to choose this one.

There are other addresses which are technically near my current home too.

And cats.

There’s so many cats around.

Which makes sense since we have so many community cats about.

Come sit with them.

Also did I buy anything from the world’s loneliest bookstore?

I got Rachel Heng’s Suicide Club.

Head on to Gillman Barracks before it all ends for this pretty surreal and chill experience. Also since you’re there, you probably can take influenza styled photos at the pink pineapple nearby.

Ps. Of course I tried the karaoke booth.

Pps. I went to BooksActually at Tiong Bahru to get that brick since it was an open day for me so I explored. This is part of their shophouse fund. You can get one too.

To those graduating design students


This post doesn’t apply to just design students who are just graduating. It applies to art students and those production/web/film/animation students. I’m from that ‘side’ so yeah this is for you. This is just my take and this is what I wanted to tell you guys. Not everything because they’ll be too much but just some bits.

Also this will be tips for those who are expecting to enroll in such art or design schools perhaps.

It’s design show season and I would like to congratulate those who survived.

Survived because when you started out your course, you might find your friends dropping out of school whether due to financial difficulties or realizing that this route is not for them. So yay for you hitting graduation because it wasn’t an easy route.

So by now you’d have a portfolio or artwork perhaps? PUT IT ONLINE.

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Not Yet Fired Up!

Thow Kwang entrance!

It was a Walk With Us to Craft Initiatives: Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle workshop by the library’s Press Play programmes. Just so you know, this tour and info session was TOTALLY FREE.

When I saw this programme in the Golibrary booking system, I clicked add to cart because it was the freaking dragon kiln (one of 2? in Singapore) and it’s always been so far from me.

Hence, I had to go since I wanted to go there for quite a long while.

This is the first time I went on an EXCURSION with the library, they chartered a bus for us too. So exciting.

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Gone to the Library

It's Kenny the friendly chicken

A new year, a new whatsits. January, the time when people sign up programmes or try to get fit because woah a new year and all. Well, I signed up for this ventriloquism workshop last year.

Have you checked the GoLibrary website?

They’ve got lots of free workshops happening if you clicked under arts in the programmes tab because this is the year of arts? Something like that, they’ve got a Press Play thing happening for 2014. When you see something you like, just quickly click on it because some programmes are really popular.

That’s Kenny the friendly chicken by the way and on the right is Shawn from Magic Avenue teaching us how to use a puppet and mostly how to make it look real and practice ventriloquism!

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STGCC 2013 is this weekend!

I'm a field agent

Ahhhh! The Singapore Toy, Game, & Comic Convention is on this coming weekend (31 Aug/ 1 Sep) ! That’s my badge there.

No, that’s not the badge for the entry to the convention. (You can probably try to make your own from the pictures here.)

You have to buy your tickets either at Action City, etc etc they have a list on their website or you can just buy it on the day itself.

I’ve gotten mine for a normal 2 day pass. That is my day 1 outfit since hah, I can just wear formally and stuff and be an agent!

Plus, if you’re hanging around on day 1, around 3pm we’re having an “unofficial” Marvel photoshoot from the Hot Toys booth towards the Marvel booth at 3.30pm. There’s going to be a lot of Iron Mans and other characters then, heh heh heh.

Artwork by Sarah Isabel Dominique

Meanwhile, even though there are things listed on the event programme of STGCC, not everything is stated.

For one thing, if you’re in the Pacific Rim fandom, you can buy this poster by Sarah Isabel Tan while walking THROUGH THE AISLES. Toysrevil have more info on how to purchase this piece.

SKL0 aka Samantha Lo!

Even SKLO or Samantha Lo is collecting pre-orders at STGCC for her first toy there. It’ll be at the Mighty Jaxx booth so check it out.

HAH, be cultured, GET IT?

Good toy to be used as a gift to those who you think need to be more cultured or are super cultured or something.

Basically, if you’re on tumblr just search the tag for STGCC too cause some artists from the artist alley might post up previews of what you might be able to buy there.

Remember my survival guide for STGCC 2012, it still works for 2013.

Mostly, just remember to bring cash and not too give too big of a currency, try to give exact change if you’re buying from the ARTIST ALLEY booths.

And ok, if day 1, I’m a S.H.I.E.L.D agent, day 2 will be…

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Make the books!

Intro to book making!

Last weekend I went to the Everest Room at the Woodlands library to go to their free Introduction to Book Making class with Pooja!

It was, as I said, free and that the library got to have it there in Woodlands for a day. Limited seats were had but I managed to sign up once I knew about it since Pooja’s classes are always packed and you mustn’t hesitate in clicking yes.

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