SDS 2.7 – Sew My Name

Considering this episode is supposed to be a laid back activity of craft work, we stumbled upon some science for kids exhibition at the National Library. Yeah, we’re doing craftwork and got hit by science.

It wasn’t that large but there was a section that you could use 3d glasses. ANYWAY, off we went to the third level. That’s where the drama center is but we aren’t going to that section. It’s a quiet spot where you can sit around since the cafe’s there and random seats.

Meanwhile, for this episode we decided to share craftwork with each other and show how things are done! Generally! Not like we can remember the heck the steps to do each type of craftwork, you’ll see.

Yep, Jo’s doing a 3d puzzle, she did it pretty quickly too.

I presented on how to loom knit! It’s freaking easy and you get a hook to use too.

Avariel did regular knitting with needles with funky yarn!

While Mintea showed how to crochet! As I said, one of the most laid back episodes ever. Also, since it was the library we could borrow books whenever or if we ever wanted to.

This is the completed puzzle of Jo’s. It’s a treasure box! Meanwhile after an hour or so of knitting/crocheting the rest of us got tired. Yeah, whatever, we’re not marathon knitter/crocheters ok? THUS, we packed up and hit Spotlight just to check out yarn.

It still suited the theme of the day, see!

We even got crazy looking yarn! IT IS SO PADDLE POP RAINBOW! Mintea got the neon green/blueish version of it instead!

Thus, we did a challenge. Sorta. Eventually we should each make a hat with our various styles.

In the end though, I think we might forget the challenge so hah! That’s it for this episode. We could have gone to knitting circles or whatnot but naaah, it’s always fun to do it informally instead of checking out groups especially when we’re not that serious in our knitting/crocheting!

We’ll make our things… eventually.

And next week’s episode will be arty!

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