SDS 3.8 – I Believe I Can Fly

In this episode, the crew and I went to Sentosa! Wooooh! Sarah Does… Sentosa? Well, it’s still Singapore. This time I wanted to try out the new iFly Singapore. It is the first building or the most obvious building you’ll see if you took the Sentosa tram and stopped at the Beach Station.

In a design sense, the website is pretty rubbish cause it’s made of FLASH! That means you can’t check the website out on your iphones/ipads or if you have a slow connection. I hope they will eventually redesign it because it IS a hassle to get information to book a slot from there.

No matter, it is only the website that is meh. Thankfully, the actual booking website is not in the same address and definitely not flash. A direct link to it is here. It is best to book online to be sure that you can get a slot! At the moment of this post, the iFly is pretty popular and after trying it out, I can see why! Before that though, let me give you the details first.

For an adult, the price for 2 flights is $89 normally, off peak hours is $85 and super off peak is $79. However, if you booked any slot for at least two weeks before, the price would be even lesser with $85 being the normal rate, $79 being the off peak one and $75 for the super off peak hours.

What’s normal hours, off peak and super off peak?

According to their website (if you can navigate):

Normal hours are Tuesday to Friday, 6.30pm- 10pm and Saturday and Sunday (till 7.30pm).

Off peak hours are Monday 2pm-6pm, Tuesday to Friday 12pm-6pm, Sunday 8pm-10pm. (Not valid on school and public holidays).

Super off peak hours are Monday 12pm-1.30pm, 6.30pm-10pm, Tuesday to Friday 10.30am-11.30am. (Not valid on school and public holidays).

Of course, besides adult pricing, they have children pricing, family packages and even a package for pro flyers! For that, you have to check their website…

In any case, their service is pretty good and if you asked via email, they do reply to your questions, so that is a plus! The actual building and staff there are friendly and groovy so, the only thing that made me go gah is their website. I have no idea who designed their website but whoever approved it, know that it is a very year 2001 or something.

I was the only one of the crew who was going for this so oooh, I was first ushered into a waiting room where an animated video was playing on what would happen, it was called “Man versus Bird”! Not like Man versus Food or Wild but this time it is Bird! It was funny and cute. I have no pictures of the waiting room nor the subsequent room where the briefing was held because I gave all my bags and stuff to the others to hold while they sat at the viewing area.

Thus, I will describe it to you instead!

In the briefing room, you will watch a video of what iFly is about and what you will be doing! After that, the instructor comes out from the door and briefs you on what each hand signal means and the positions you have to do while attempting the iFly. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Follow the instructions by the instructor or you might get injured. Then after learning them, we’re good to go! We were led upstairs and it was cute how the whole passageway made it seem as if you were going to exit some airplane since cold air would be blown at you and you could hear the sound of airplane engines.

Soon we were out to get suited up. My slot was for 12.30pm so I had to be there at 11am. When you book your flight, make sure you account for at least 1.5 hours before the time! The 1.5 hours is the time for you to be briefed, to be suited up and to wait to get into the wind tunnel chamber. The 1.5 hours will pass very quickly! Anyway, they had lockers there if you didn’t have someone to look after your stuff. It’s only for those going on the iFly though!

For those worrying if you won’t have a suit size, I asked them and they have various sizes till XXXL. So yes, they have fitted large people before so cool on that! The only restrictions are that you have to be older than 7 years old (for a child), weigh less than 120kg if you’re shorter than 180cm or less than 140kg if you’re taller than 180cm. You’re not pregnant, drunk, dislocated your shoulder previously etc etc.

Basically, if you worry about not being able to do it, you can call them up to see. And their number is 65710000. Or well, you can email them at sales @ too.

If you are wearing sandals, they will loan you shoes. Besides the helmet and goggles that you have to wear, you will be given disposable earplugs. This is why the hand signals that you were taught earlier in the briefing room is important. They have a locker if you need to put your bags in somewhere. If you have friends outside, make sure they don’t take pictures especially with flash since it will bounce off and reflect against the acrylic glass wall and also might mess up with the official camera inside it.

It is a horrible idea if you wish to bring your own camera in either as it can drop down in between the holes of the mesh floor. You won’t fall into the holes but a camera can certainly slip through it and you won’t be able to get it back if so.

In any case, while people might think that one flight is so “fast” when you read the description on flyers (ha ha, I pun) or on websites, it IS NOT. It’s long enough for you to go WOOOOO and yet short enough for you not to freak out that you’re in the air and you have the possibility to fall down or what if you never fall down or land ever?!

Yes, it was a good amount of time for each flight! Plus, since if you’re a beginner (which you mostly are if you’re reading this post to find out), they won’t put the speeds of the wind tunnel so high and that the instructor will always be with you inside! Just follow the instructions and you’ll be ok.

In fact, a person in the session before me did NOT follow instructions and everyone there went “Ohhhhh!!” when he banged against the acrylic wall and then to the floor because he FLAILED. Do not do this because you’re just going to endanger the instructor who’s in there with you.

So ok, you wanna see how it is? There you go.

This is my first trip and thus I got three ticks! Yay! I got to catch ’em all now. Pro flyers are able to get longer flight times with higher wind speeds. You need to pass all the requirements there in the cert before you can either have someone else doing stunts with you in there or fancy flying stuff.

Oh yeah, the instructor does a little demo after all of us have done our flights. The demos are super cool and he’d be like an airbender.

In addition to that, you can purchase your photos and even a DVD of the whole session at their counters there after your flight. You can “pre-pay” for it when you’re booking your slot since the tick is there. If you didn’t tick it when paying online, it’s okay cause you can do it after your actual session!

After that, we did tons of stuff at Sentosa. We made another trip to the Megazip and to the Luge and Skyride too! The luge had the new dragon trail and it was fun going on that since it had more turns than the older simpler trail!

Somehow that weekend had lots of tourists and thus the tram was pretty crowded at each station. We decided to heck it and after checking out Resorts World Sentosa and various shops we decided to walk back to Vivocity.

Which was… a very long walk. Make sure you have a bottle of water with you when you do this! It is a veeeeeeeeery long walk back but heh, we made it back to Vivocity to take the MRT so yay!

That was it for our day at Sentosa.

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