Another Time…

Remember 48 Hour Film Project? Tiramisue has finally uploaded the director’s cut on youtube! You can watch our film here.

Fun fact! It was a collaboration between Singapore and our other team in Vancouver!

The requirements for 2011’s Singapore 48 film project was:

Character: Jason / Jamie Chen
Prop: Apple
Line of Dialogue: “Time will tell.”

The genre that our team got was “Time Travel” which was a wild card and we won for Best Use of Character! That and a set of Crocs shoes for each of the crew cause they were one of the sponsors for this year! In fact, if you got to see all the films this year, a lot of them were very good and some were even done by people from productions companies?!.

Not sure how 2012 will be like but at this rate, the films are turning out more like a typical film fest but done in a less amount of time and even with the requirements needed!

Oh with less angst of course. 48h has always had more comedic short films and it’s pretty fun.