PAX Australia 2017

PAX Australia was at the Melbourne Convention Centre and it’s so easy to get to from the airport.

Basically I took a Skybus to the city and from there you could either take a city hotel shuttle or pretty much just walk.

Anyway this was my first ever PAX! So yay.

It ran for three days and it’s purely a gaming convention with panels, competitions and well, gaming.

It’s very exciting if you like games, really. Also, the cosplay scene is much more ‘chill’ compared to Singapore but the gaming scene is more intense because this is like THE gaming convention event of the year.

From digital to analogue, it was pretty much play time or get gear for your gaming.

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Cine65 ! Home Truly!

It’s the fourth season of CiNE65 with the theme of Home ● Truly.

Yep, when you say the theme, you know how the song goes.

It’s a short film competition organized by Nexus, Ministry of Defence and this time, with this time they hope to inspire more Singaporeans to reflect on their hopes and dreams for the nation.

TL;DR : Join it, it has an open and student category, you’re able to win prizes like $3000, Panasonic 4k camcorder, learning trip etc. You like making videos? Just join it.

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It’s 30 Years of Total Defence!

National Museum of Singapore

I got invited to the Total Defence media conference the other day and I wondered if I should attend. OBVIOUSLY, I said yes hahahaha. Thanks AsiaPRWerkz for inviting me! Anyway, it’s about this year’s events cause it’s the 30th anniversary of total defence!

This is going to be a LONG post because there IS a lot of exciting things happening.

Tote-ally cool.

I tote-ally liked this bag. A lot of others did too because of the pun. Inside was a nifty file of press releases, postcards and a Happy Feet figurine (you’ll see in the later part of this post).

OH and you might be able to get one of these bags too! Details later below, hahaha.

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The 4 of Us II ! Aka an abundance of Sarahs

Showing us how they are drawing it

One of the coordinators for N.E.mation, Sara from Animagine brought me over to The 4 of Us II‘s tents to introduce me to Sarah to tell them I was their ambassador, Sarah.

Sara, Sarah, Sarah.

Lots of Sarahs.

IN ANY CASE, once we got over that, the team said hello to me and they’re from Tanglin Secondary School! Wooh.

I said, “So, they are The 4 of Us…”

“Two!” added Sara of Animagine.

You must remember the two because this is their second try into the competition but they hadn’t got into it that far until THIS YEAR. Hurray for them!

OH WAIT. If you haven’t read my blog before, here’s tl:dr version of N.E.mation.

N.E.mation is a yearly competition where students get to animate their stories according to the theme of the year and get to win a trip to the USA to the various animation studios!

In other words, you have the top 10 teams trying to finish their animated shorts within 3 weeks.

4 of Us II's storyboard

This is their storyboard and well, I won’t show EVERYTHING because it’ll be funner for you guys to watch the final product then.

The girls, Jia Yi, Sarah, Sri Safwanah and Xena, showed me that their story will be real life interviews but with mixed media!

So expect swooshy things going about the videos like graphics. It’ll be cool, like those funky MTV things you see in the latest trend.



All of them are true stories by the way. If you don’t know the theme of this year’s competition it is “Because You Played A Part”.



This chrysanthemum took at least 3 days to complete. Well, there were a few sets of chrysanthemums but the final bit for that flower, you will notice that it is animated REALLY smoothly.

So many of them.

And yet, they’re going to be super tiny in the actual production.

So when you get to see the final video, note that even a tiny flower takes a heck load of time to create and they painstakingly took a lot of effort for it.

With their fans

For the first week, they are pretty much on time and are ‘okay’. We’ll see how they are in the second week though…

And a word from them!

Yes, I totally asked them to say the last line.


PLEASE click “LIKE” at their page here, it’s the small button below their picture. It’ll help a lot since they need the support of others to like their page to win too!

On this page, you can also check out their instagram and twitter!

Or you can go to the N.E.mation Facebook page, click the top 10 team app and then find their name there!

N.E.mation! 8 call for entries!

Walt Disney and Mickey!

Remember that time I went to Disneyland for free*… The actual Universal studios in the USA and so many animation companies…? WELL YOU CAN TOO! Because it’s time for…

N.E.mation! 8

N.E.mation! 8 yaaay! This year’s theme is Because You Played a Part. What does it mean? It means:

30 years of security and stability as a nation was built upon everyone’s efforts.We stood with each other through the good times and bad, overcoming challenges and celebrating our successes. We are able to enjoy what we have in Singapore today because each of us has played a part, in building this nation, our home.

Look what last year’s winners get to do. IT IS for winning N.E.mation! 7

How do you even join this? Or what is this even? Click the poster to see how.

The call for entry!

Yess. It’s just takes you to form a team of 3 to 4 students from your school, register online at and submit your story ideas by 21 August 2013, 1pm.

You have to be a student of a Secondary School, Junior College or a  Centralised Institution. Plus you must be a Singaporean or a Singapore Permanent Residents.

What you don’t have to know is how to animate! No worries on that because if you’re in, THEY will teach you how!

So you’ve grabbed your friends, you want to do this but don’t know how to start? The people behind N.E.mation! 8 has given you some resources like:

1. View the Free online Story Workshop at
2. Receive coaching on your story ideas when we visit you in school, or when you attend our Public Story Clinic session*!
*The option to choose your preferred Public Story Clinic session is available when you register online. 83% of all past N.E.mation! Top 10 teams attended this same Story Clinic session and this is why you need it too!

OK, so what if you can’t form a team or if you’re not a student? NOT TO WORRY, you still can win some goodies with their Share Your Story competition. HO HO HO HO HO.

Share Your Story!

Yesss. You know the N.E.mation! 8 website? Well, you can either find their facebook there or search for ‘nemation‘ to enter this competition. You can join this competition by pressing the Share Your Story tab on it and enter.

There are 2 rounds for this and the last day is 11 August for the FIRST round okay? You have the long holiday to just come up with something and ENTER.

NE7 Group photo!

So, don’t regret entering either of the two competitions because this year you can play a part. Hah, GET IT? Anyway, you could be one of the finalists like how these teams were last year in N.E.mation! 7.

* Ps. I was the N.E.mation! 6 ambassador hence the free trip to the USA too! It’s super fun so try enter the competition if you can.

Under One Sky writing workshop

Hey ho! There’s a writing workshop for the Under One Sky competition! It’s like preparation for the competition if you haven’t tried out writing short stories before.

Here’s the details! Fyi, it’s free.

Creative writing (short story) workshop!

Date: Sat, 3rd August 2013
Time: 10am- 1pm
Venue: Woodlands Regional Library, Programme Zone

This workshop will focus on the techniques needed for writing short stories and give participants room to experiment with ideas.

Below is the programme outline:
• Appreciate the unique features of a short story
• Brainstorm and develop a plot for a short story
• Apply basic writing skills and techniques to formulate a short story
• Write a short story inspired by another work of literature
• To have a basic draft of a short story by the end of the workshop

This workshop is open to only 40 participants aged 13 and above!

Please register at library e-kiosks or website Should the programme be fully registered and you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please email your name and contact number to

Participants are strongly encouraged to submit the short stories produced in the workshop for the Insight: Under One Sky Competition, organised in collaboration with Read! Singapore.

If you have any queries regarding the workshop or the competition, please send it to us at

More details about the competition or the workshop can be found here.

And it’s… N.E.mation! 7

N.E.mation! 7

Guys, do you remember N.E.mation! from last year? If you could recall, I WENT TO THE USA with the winning team. It’s back again this year and the 10 teams’ Animation Clips are all ready to be voted. This year’s theme is “Together We Overcome” as you can plainly see on their logo. YOSH!! TEAMWORK. Togetherness! Wooo!

Each team in N.E.mation! has worked hard for us to finally watch it. The best you can do is watch and vote for them.

Plus… you can win prizes JUST by voting!

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Dance Central 2 – THE DANCE OFF!

It’s the Dance Central Champitionships 2012! Here’s a copy pasta of it from XBOX Singapore:

Jump into the region’s 1st national dance competition powered by the amazing Kinect for Xbox 360. Compete in Solo, Doubles or Junior categories and head into the Ultimate Dance-Off! Over $15,000 worth of cash and prizes to be won! Qualify from 13 Feb 2012 and witness the finale at Plaza Singapura from 6-8 Apr 2012!

Right now you can still check out the official page of it here to register or check out the info of where it’ll be.

The competition is fun! They’re actually going around the different malls and schools like some traveling Pokemon gym but with no Pokemon and a lot more dancing! 5 April 2012 is the last day to qualify before they do their semi final, finals and then the ultimate dance off.

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Another Time…

Remember 48 Hour Film Project? Tiramisue has finally uploaded the director’s cut on youtube! You can watch our film here.

Fun fact! It was a collaboration between Singapore and our other team in Vancouver!

The requirements for 2011’s Singapore 48 film project was:

Character: Jason / Jamie Chen
Prop: Apple
Line of Dialogue: “Time will tell.”

The genre that our team got was “Time Travel” which was a wild card and we won for Best Use of Character! That and a set of Crocs shoes for each of the crew cause they were one of the sponsors for this year! In fact, if you got to see all the films this year, a lot of them were very good and some were even done by people from productions companies?!.

Not sure how 2012 will be like but at this rate, the films are turning out more like a typical film fest but done in a less amount of time and even with the requirements needed!

Oh with less angst of course. 48h has always had more comedic short films and it’s pretty fun.

SDS 3.4 – Rolling in the Deep

It had rained earlier in the day but it had stopped around noon. The crew and I were to meet at Velocity! The mall at Novena for the Velocity Urban Attack challenge. Well, they weren’t doing it but I was! Since I was early, I went up and checked out the course from the upper floors of the mall, hence the raindrops on the window.

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