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For those following this earlier last week, HBO Asia’s sending me clues for a Game of Thrones event. Well, the next clue is sugar. We had flour and now sugar. What are we doing for this Game of Thrones?

This bag of sugar is clearly not the dragon I wanted. Boo hiss. No matter, there’s still 2 more pieces to go to finish it. Let’s see what the puzzle piece that came with it says.

House Lannister: Sugar, spice and everything nice. That’s not what the Lannisters are made of. Well now. At least we know a Lannister pays his debts nonetheless of however non-sugary they are.

Well, they clearly are not very nice! Let’s see what the next clue brings and… if I really do have to bake something with it?

So for now we have had:

House Stark – Flour

House Lannister – Sugar

If they are giving me a House Tully puzzle piece next, I should hope I get a fish so I can make fish and chips then.

Or drink vouchers.

Cause you know, Tully.

Oh I pun.

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Well, this is seriously Sarah and that's all you need to know for now.

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