SDS 3.12 – From Out of Nowhere

There was a mini exhibition at Wilkie’s Edge with some artists who are most probably going to be at STGCC too at their own booths! I went here after doing a little expedition for Nothing Less (more on that on another post this week!). It’s one of those mini events before the main Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention would be held on 20th August.

Artists like Mashi, Noval Hernawan, Rudy Ao and Kelvin Chan showcased their artwork on the walls there and at their tables! You could buy prints, art books and badges too.

Not gonna say much since it’s an art exhibition and the pictures tell more about it. You can note that they are pretty good at what they do. I bought a Supergirl badge for myself anyway. Too bad the Harley and Joker picture is sold, it was so cute! See the artists at STGCC, it’ll be quite fun there to ask them about their artwork or buy some sketches or commission them a piece!

Plus, since this was a mini STGCC event, the weekend ticket booth was there and I got to buy my 2 day ticket so huzzah for that!

If you want to read more about this art exhibition, check out Red Dot Diva’s take on day 1 and day 2.

TIME LAPSE! After Wilkie’s Edge, we headed to Funan to check some tech but as we went down the escalators, we chanced upon a random (to us) event! A streetpass event! Or to re-enact what had happened.

Adventure crew rides the escalator downwards, lalalala.


Rest of us: WHERE?

Adventure crew hurries down the escalator towards the game store.

For those who don’t know, it’s an event where you use your 3DS, the 3d version of the NDS to meet people! They had a competition going on where you either had the most number of streetpasses or if you would be the top 10 who could catch the Mii King and Wii Queen.

Gamescore was the one hosting the event and for a portable game device that was NEW, there were a lot of people there with it.

It was quite fun since everyone was rather friendly and some people were playing the Wii inside the store too.

This is Jo’s mii. She likes to say “Heyo!”.

When you get your streetpasses, you accumulate a bunch of people like Pokemon. It’s nice to see them going up and down anyway.

So there we stood around. Only Avariel and Jo had 3DS-es and for some reason they brought it with them on that day. As I looked over Avariel’s shoulder, I went “Wait… Isn’t that?”. AND THEN SHE CHECKED AND IT WAS! She caught both the Wii Queen and Mii King! Much “AHHH”ing was had and went up to the registration booth to show them off.

SUCCESS! She was in the top 10. I think in 5th or 6th position, I can’t remember. The Zelda poster was finished so instead she got 2 Nintendo 3DS t-shirts instead! YAY! This goes to show… Bring your 3DS whenever you are out? Be prepared? I don’t know. Heh, or join in whatever event is there if you have time cause you never know if you’ll win something!

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