And of our mugs…

Remember we did the mugs and left it at the studio for the people to glaze and fire it up for us? Here they are! I picked it up quite a long while ago but I finally took close up pictures of my mug.

Yes, I like Assassin’s Creed. It looks more defined in real life or in the first picture compared to this close up.

And from all the angles, you can see that this is a rather large mug. So yay! It’s pretty heavy and sturdy too. I am guessing this could fit a venti latte or something.

That’s all!


Let’s write some stories!

Talk/Discussion on Writing Real Life Speculative Fiction

Admission: Free

Location: Central library, multipurpose room (basement)

When: 24 September, Saturday, 6pm

Come on down if you’re interested in learning how to write fiction and yes, finally we have this once more since it was postponed by the elections. Gee.


The same weekend has a WaterFire├é┬« art installation by Barnaby Evans at Bedok Reservoir. Main programme starts at 6pm but the fires light up at 7.40pm for 24th and 25th September. I know I’ll be going to the one on Sunday. Would be lovely to check it out and get inspiration and whatnot.

Click the picture above to see the full programme!

Also, what’s this…?

Oooh a Comics Xchange?

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Boats. Stupid Boats.

Well, I’ve finally deleted the Straits Times app. It was getting to be a subscribers only thing. It’s not that I don’t want to pay for apps, I just don’t want to pay for something that’s not properly made. Heck, I buy digital comics on Comixology and that’s gorgeous. To those who’re thinking of buying the app, I say hah to you! Not sure if they give a demo for readers to see how it is since I managed to check it out while it was free.

So here is why I think the ST app is sucky (and it still is unless they reupdated everything from the time of this post).

Warning: This is super long because it is that craptastic. I’ll do it in sections instead. Just click on the screenshots to make it bigger, I didn’t want to load it to fill the screen cause it is A LOT of screenshots.

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SDS 3.18 – Frozen

Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor and His Legacy finishes it run on 16 October 2011 so you still have time to visit it before the “end of run rush” comes in. It is at the Asian Civilizations Museum which is just a short walk from City Hall MRT. Lots of museums are around in the area anyway.

I went to the exhibition on a weekday with Avarielle! Plus, since it was a weekday, there were school students on an excursion to the museum.

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N.E.mation – The end of the beginning

I got to sit in at the top 20 groups that were learning how to animate on the 7th September. The results of who would be in the top 10 would be on Saturday so this was just something all of them would get to at least experience. Like a taster on how animating would be like.

Also, I did get to go to the results for the top 10 so click the more cut to read the rest!

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N.E.mation – The Briefing! aka Ration Packs are Unloved

This is the start of N.E.mation! Well, the start of my series with the latest theme, NS: From Fathers to Sons.

For this period of time, you’ll be able to see my picture on the right above Latest Topics. See that? Yeah! Vote for me, Seriously Sarah, to be the ambassador of N.E.mation (you got to like the actual page for it first). It’ll be until past November till we know who wins since during that period of time, the student groups will be doing their productions for their final animation in this competition.

What’s N.E.mation? It’s a national education animation competition for students here! Don’t know what is going on? No worries since this is “day 1” of learning what it is about for 100 teams of students that managed to get into the first round.

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SDS 3.16 – Letters to You

For the month of August, it was free entry for us to the various museums in Singapore! We went to the stamp museum. The official name is the Singapore Philatelic Museum but really, it’s easier to just say stamp museum. It’s near City Hall MRT and you can just walk within 10 minutes from the station

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