SDS 3.14 – Through The Fire And Flames

After being sent ingredients for a lemon cake, it was fun to realize that most of the Adventure Crew and other people we knew were invited to this HBO Asia event.

But first, dinner. The HBO Asia team were groovy enough to invite some of us to break fast with them at Meatworks! (They told us that some of the canapés etc at the event weren’t Halal and really they’re just canapés anyway.) FYI, Meatworks is originally from Malaysia and the food is certified Halal but apparently they won’t show the cert outside for here cause guests can bring their drinks from elsewhere, like that.

We got to learn why some scenes of shows were cut from them and ok duh. It’s cause they’re HBO ASIA. They don’t specifically screen shows  just for Singapore! They screen shows in Philipines, Malaysia, Indonesia etc!

I don’t know if you know how the censorship works in Malaysia and Indonesia but they do cut quite a bit from their own normal shows not on cable TV. (I remember for Malaysia, they cut out the “It’s morphin’ time!” sequence in Power Rangers on one of their free to air channels just cause it said “morphin”, so gee.) Thus, the team has to work to get stuff and convince the other countries to get said programmed to be passed before it’s screened!

Sounds like tough work to make sure all countries say yes.

Then it was time to get tagged and go off to the main event upstairs at the Ion Sky.

It was on level 55. Yes, there is a level 55 at Ion. There’s only one location to get to it and the lift just has two buttons. Either to get to level 55 or to level 4. I like the zig zag lighted up bits, kinda like Tron.

Game of Thrones banners of each house were put up against the pillars and the way up towards the party location. Apparently near the windows at some ends were these digital binocular things to see how the streets and buildings looked like in the day, night or well, live.

We clicked live to check it out. The range of these binoculars were really good and you could check out what car was parked at where.

It was a pretty fancy event with really nice decor of Game of Thrones. They even brought in an Iron Throne for us to take pictures on.

If you sat on it, the photographer takes a picture and then it goes off to the printer at the table near the far end where the staff puts it in a magnetic crystal block like a paperweight.

I wasn’t up there for long but the rest were and told me that the host was funny and entertaining. Also, it was then time to watch the first episode of Game of Thrones!

Expectedly, it ended at a point that made everyone go “WHAT, WHATTTT! What happens after that?”. Boo hiss! Well, we can’t stay there and have a marathon anyway considering the series premieres at HBO on 28 August.

Screening over and yet there were still people mingling about because it was fun. We pretty much knew a lot of people there too, heh. Well, we had to go anyway since it was going to get late.

We got a goodie bag of stuff too! A small bag, a letter opener in shape of a sword, 5 leather bookmarks (going to be totally useful) and a booklet on the houses and families in GoT.

Oh you can see the tiny magnetic crystal paperweight thing if you click the picture with all the stuff in. Thanks HBO Asia for inviting me! It was totally fun and it was certainly a series relevant to us! Plus, we like fantasy stuff and goodies too, heh heh.

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  1. Hello SeriouslySarah! Glad you enjoyed yourself last Thursday. Good to finally meet you and the gang.

    Sorry I didn’t have a dragon for you. (I can hear you boo-hissing me) Tee hee. Till next time!


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