SDS 3.23 – Ice Ice Baby

In a land of blue skies and floating platform, a fair was to be had upon the lush greenery. That fair was in fact… Ben & Jerry’s Chunk Fest at Marina Bay’s Promontory!

It’s nearer to get to if you drop off at Raffles Place MRT than if you were to do so at Marina Bay station.

Such was the entrance for you had to queue to get in! Also, you got a red band on your wrist once you entered. Perhaps this is to make sure there is crowd control for it does have a limited amount of space there. It’s large but you know, just in case.

You receive a paper cowbell to be a Chunkpion. If you managed to get signatures/stamps for every square at the back of it, you will win a… NOTEPAD!


I think that was what the prize was. However, at some of the stations you do get stuff for doing the activities so you won’t technically just win a notepad.

Meanwhile, real monies was not used at the fair, you needed to change them into fair coins! The exchange rate was equal to our money so in Chunk Fest land, a yellow 1 coin was equal to our $1.

We did calculations after touring the place since 6 coins = 1 ice cream scoop (1 ice cream scoop however, didn’t look like just ONE, it was kinda big) and 1 coin = 1 game at some stations.

What evaaah shall we do? By the way, it looks so green here but the grass was rather muddy from the previous day’s rain. Most of the staff were going footwearless since it was just that messy if you had to run around.

Moo went the cow. It was a cute moo too, I think the one dressing up inside was a girl. She went, “Moo. Mooooo”. You can take a picture with Woody the cow and then get the signature/stamp at the main Ben & Jerry’s booth where they were selling merchandise like cups, thumbdrives and everything else.

There were bands playing on the main stage there and other competitions too. According to the papers, I think that’s also where the main ice cream eating contest was held too, the Vermont or so I heard.

Pin the pint! Chunk digger, where you dig for puzzle pieces and also the dunking tank! There were other games like toe wrestling too. They pretty much just cost 1 fair coin. I did the dunking one but my soccer ball ONLY HIT IT BUT DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH FORCE TO PUSH THE LEVER DOWN. BAAAAAAAAAH!

The main tent for the ice cream was pretty popular. It’s when the exclusive ice cream flavours were available too. The queue wasn’t that long even if it looked like there were a lot of people.

Ok, we had strategized with our coins. We were going to do the Merlionster. It costs us 30 coins for 6 scoops of ice cream, toppings of bananas, brownie bits and pretty much a lot of things and that was still cheaper than a scoop on our own at the main tents. When we went there, no one managed to finish it in 1 minute.

And so we did it… AND DID NOT SUCCEED. NOoooooooooooooo! We only got it halfway through. No matter, the ladies gave us extra spoons at the end so that our other friend could eat it with us too. It’s a two player game, you see.

STILL, I got a nifty badge! So yay! Ok, so maybe I did just try it cause I wanted the badge. GOT TO CATCH ‘EM ALL!

Ice cream, give it to us. Yes.

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  1. Why’s the spoon so teenie tiny?! Of course you guys can’t eat it in one minute. A bigger spoon would let you devour the ice cream in a jiffy

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