SDS 3.24 – My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors

The kick off for Nanowrimo in Singapore was at the multipurpose room of the National Library. Somehow even though it was to be on at 6.30pm, there were a lot of early comers filling up the seats in the front and it didn’t take long for other people to stream in too.

Yes. This year’s cake.

As you can see after the programme ended, there was cake, cookies and whatnot. We didn’t have much goodie bags this year since we didn’t have a grant or anything like that but we did have the stickers from Nanowrimo’s HQ aka Office of Light and Letters and free notebooks from the Speak Good English movement cause I had a bag of the given to me on one of the events. Prizes were included like a toy squishy banana for the Awkward Banana Award by entering late into the room.


Everyone seemed to be at various part of the room discussing different things but it was still generally fun. I don’t have much to say cause the pictures pretty much are descriptive. Just imagine them talking about Harry Potter or gasping about Star Wars.

And then after we asked the people to help us move the chairs away, everyone sat on the floor? Heh, we still had time there so we could have a little game which started out of nowhere. It’s spin the bottle but with no kissing and more questions about what you’re going to write for Nano. Questions like what genre, how does your main character look like etc was asked!

The library would be closing in thirty minutes and it was time to shoo them off. There was an after party meet too since everyone decided to get McD’s. It’s the only place where it was close by and had space or easy/cheap to take away. So that’s it. The Thank Goodness It’s Over Party will be on 3 December, same place. Plus, it will also be the launch of our steampunk anthology then! It’ll be called the Steampowered Globe.

More pics of the kick off, at the flikr stream here.

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