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HELLO EVERYONE! It’s February and it’s back to the usual Monday weekly posts! HO HO HO. Even though it was quiet here, we’ve I’ve been up to a lot of things and events.

We’ve been doing lomography and stuff since the new store opened at Chinatown area and held some workshops.

Charles Dickens’ anniversary at The Arts House… That was fancy fancy. I do like the servers since they saw we were such peasants non-posh people and encouraged us to try out their canapes! WE THANK YOU, YOU GUYS FROM THE BRITISH CLUB. The food was delicious and the performances from the British Council et al were WONDERFUL.

Drank a heck load of coffee at the Singapore National Barista Competition 2012. It was free and it was delish. We learned that the coffee appreciation classes by Starbucks also were effective. We could actually tell the difference between fresh brewed and their new Via coffee thing. It was close but we could tell.

Ran away from a spider and well, we run away from fluttery things too. Of course, pictures must be had even if freaking out is involved.

A cat has invaded my home. She has a tumblr too, updated by my brother at I Haz Nice Mask.

AND YES! HO HO HO! I AM the ambassador for N.E.Mation 6! The one that you guys have voted in the first round for me to continue on and stuff! You know what this means?

It means I get to Dreamworks with the winning team! HURRAH! More posts on that but yeah, SO THAT IS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN UP TO SO FAR. Well, we did more than that but that’s a tiny recap for you guys! I’ll probably be doing “flashback” episodes since hey, you guys would totally want to know what happened!

More adventures, more ridiculousness and… MORE VIDEOS? WE SHALL SEE.


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