A challenge for you!

It’s that time of year again where you ESCAPE THE WEREWOLF VILLAGE! We went to the first one and it was FUN and awesome in puzzle solving and code breaking. Here’s a teaser:

Check the facebook of Real Escape Game Singapore to get more info. Meanwhile, if you guys want to know which session my crew and others would be going for, it’ll be the 12 May, 7.30pm slot! Tickets run out quick cause really, it is that fun.

MEANWHILE, another challenge!

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Buying a ukulele in Singapore

This is all you need to know about buying a ukulele in Singapore! Ok, not really all but just enough for you before you buy one! If you’ve read previous posts or adventures, you know I play the ukulele and stuff and since a lot of people have asked me about it. This is what you should know before buying a ukulele!

  • A ukulele is not a guitar

This might sound stupid but yes. Before you buy that ukulele, you need to know it’s not a guitar. It comes with four strings. The tuning is GCEA. The first string when you strum downwards will sound high then it goes low, higher and highest once more. Yes, it is supposed to sound that way. If you want it to sound “guitarish” or more mellow, you can change your G string to a low G string. It’s actually called that, ask for a ukulele low G string.

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Dance Central 2 – THE DANCE OFF!

It’s the Dance Central Champitionships 2012! Here’s a copy pasta of it from XBOX Singapore:

Jump into the region’s 1st national dance competition powered by the amazing Kinect for Xbox 360. Compete in Solo, Doubles or Junior categories and head into the Ultimate Dance-Off! Over $15,000 worth of cash and prizes to be won! Qualify from 13 Feb 2012 and witness the finale at Plaza Singapura from 6-8 Apr 2012!

Right now you can still check out the official page of it here to register or check out the info of where it’ll be.

The competition is fun! They’re actually going around the different malls and schools like some traveling Pokemon gym but with no Pokemon and a lot more dancing! 5 April 2012 is the last day to qualify before they do their semi final, finals and then the ultimate dance off.

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Titanic exhibit at the Arts Science Museum!

My alternate title for this post was “We’re syncing” cause we finally got a time when some of us could go to the exhibit together. Anywho, the last day for the Titanic exhibit would be 29 April 2012. Tickets for just the exhibit costs $24 for adults or $20 if you’re a Singaporean. There are discounts for OCBC card members or well, just check out the official details at the Marina Bay Sand’s Arts Science Museum website for pricing.

When you purchase your ticket, don’t lose it for you’ll have to scan in to enter. Also, make sure you’ve gone through EVERYTHING of the exhibit where your ticket states for once you leave the Arts Science Museum building, you can reenter since it’s not a whole day ticket but just a per entry ticket.

Alright, there’s no photography except for the official photo points so there won’t be much pictures here.

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Back to the Old Kingdom once more

There was a literary cocktail with Garth Nix last week (1 March 2012), technically he was here in Singapore for a few school visits, a free event at The Arts House on Wednesday for a promo of his new book A Confusion of Princes and well, this one!

It was supposed to be at the Blue Room but it was held at the Earshot Cafe.

It’s cozier there.

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