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So we did go to the Uke Madness jam thing by Ukulele Movement at CHIJMES on Saturday evening! It was a pretty relaxing and fun. Plus, the weather was being rather nice. It had rained earlier on in the day so it was good that it brightened up by then.

And here are the people to guide us! There were music sheets with tabs printed out for people to read. The chords were simple enough for everyone to play anyway.

Not enough sheets but the people who led us told us what chords were what. You just needed to know the basic fingerings for the chords. I didn’t know that Coldplay’s Viva La Vida was just three chords! It’s G, D and Em if I remember right. In any case, if you searched for chords, you can find it at your own octave to sing.

There were a group of older ladies called the Wesley Group and they also led and performed some songs for us like Oye Como Va and Pearly Shell. So the strumming for that is pretty fun.

Anyway have a video of the first song! Well, you know how the song goes, it’s Hey Soul Sister. One of the top songs played on the ukulele besides I’m Yours. You can see it’s people of all ages and ukuleles!

And of course the song that most ukulele players will know. Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

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