Where to buy a ukulele in Singapore

I get a lot of hits of “where to get cheap ukulele in Singapore” or “where to buy ukuleles in Singapore” because of my Buying a Ukulele in Singapore post so I’ve decided to list down my choice of stores.

If you don’t see the store you bought from, it’s probably because I haven’t been there before or that I don’t think the price was worth the ukulele. Feel free to comment below the brands that the store has if you’ve been to one that is good. Click their names to get to their website!

Note: You have to ask the shop themselves about the price of their ukuleles. I merely look-see-ed at them and noted that the price was value for money for the type of ukulele or brand they sell. Plus, they might have sales or discount during the time you decide to visit any of the stores.

EDIT: HOW TO TEST A UKULELE since some of you are newbies and have no visual guide how to check your purchase.

My first choice:

Ukulele Movement 66 Kampong Bugis, Level 5, Kallang Rivergreen Building, Singapore 338987 Tel: +65 6299 0580 (CURRENTLY at: 809, French Road, #02-41, Kitchener Complex, Singapore 200809
It’s at a building with a lady with a moustache painted near the top. Take the lift to get into the shop. This is the best ukulele shop in Singapore because it’s THE ukulele shop that brought it all in at first. Edit: Closest MRT station is Lavendar and then it’s just a walk from there. EDIT 2 (17 Sep): The shop is still open but has moved, check their website for current location.

Makala, Kala, Anueanue etc. The brands in this store are all well recognized for their craftsmanship. If you’re not buying your ukulele here, they still have accessories like ukulele straps, music books and dvds. Compared to Yamaha, their books and dvd range is more extensive since it’s specifically for the ukulele.

Oh and your purchase of a ukulele usually comes with a padded gig bag compared to others who might not. (Unless you buy the super cheap budget ukulele, those come with their own bag.) Concerts, tenors and even bass ukulele available here.

Davis Guitar Music Centre Peninsula Shopping Complex, 3 Coleman Street B1-40/41
Makala, Hawaii, Prillante and some budget brands. They have concerts available too. FYI, Prillante are the ones with the cartoon designs on them. Buy your tuner here since they have cheap ones.

SV Guitars Peninsula Shopping Centre, 3 Coleman Street B1-16 Singapore Tel: +65-63383371
Countess, Eddy Finn and Puka. They have two other branches but I don’t know if those other two stock on ukuleles. Countess is a Korean brand most often seen online on fashion/hipsters photoshoot websites etc cause it has cute designs on it. The shop has concerts besides sopranos too. Same building as Davis Guitar. Concerts are available here.


Christofori School of Fine Arts  Funan DigitaLife Mall, 109 North Bridge Road #04-01
Unnamed soprano ukulele brands, ranges around $39. Okay for just playing for fun. Buy for those who want to decorate their own ukuleles or playing occasionally. Just skip to Peninsula Plaza if you want something more serious.

Ranking Sports & Music: Bras Basah Complex Blk 231, Bain Street #03-39/49/51/53 Tel: (+65) 6336 7887
TGM and some other brand. Mostly TGM. The $39 TGM which is of good quality sells out fast so you’d be left with the more expensive models there. Nowadays though, they’ve fitted their ukuleles with Aquila strings and they’re labelled with what wood their construction is! The glass cabinets of the store has some of the most expensive ukuleles made of koa wood too.

The Guitar Gallery Pte Ltd Parklane Shopping Mall, 35 Selegie Road #02-02, Tel:(+65)6338-7768
Fluke and Flea ukuleles! They’re pricier than other brands because they’re not constructed the usual way, it’s not all wood! You can tell it’s a Fluke or a Flea from a far cause of their shape. Totally durable too. Check the website for their catalogue.

Maestro Acoustic Lounge *SCAPE Mall, 2 Orchard Link, #02-35, Tel: (+65) 6820 1698  (EDIT: 9 March 2014: They closed it in SCAPE but they have their store in Esplanade with their range of ukuleles and guitars)
Stagg colour ukuleles and Maestro’s own line of ukuleles. They have a custom shop at Peninsula plaza but you need to call them up for an appointment. You best call them up to check if they do have any concerts ukuleles at this branch since they bring in more sopranoes for Maestro brand and Stagg. They have concerts but I don’t usually see them displayed.

thOh Music School Simei MRT Station 30 Simei Street 3 #01-08
Prillante ukuleles, they’re cute and cheapish.

The store’s easily missed if you’re going from the other end of Simei MRT station, the door looks like this!

The Pianoman’s Shop Bukit Timah Plaza, 1 Jalan Anak Bukit, #B2-16
I saw Kala brands from here. Although it IS called The Pianoman’s Shop, they do stock on some ukuleles. If you’re in this part of Singapore and think the other stores are too far from you, they have a small range but a good one.


That’s it for the stores! So far if you’re in central or in the east, you have more range in getting them. I don’t usually venture to the north or west side.

BONUS TIPS if you’re a new player:

  • Buy a tuner
  • Get a chord book, those are useful. Either buy an app or a book (my preference Hal Leonard Chord Finder)
  • Get an optional ukulele strap
  • Make sure your gig bag has a pocket or some place to fit in your tuner and chord book too.
  • Book of songs or tabs you print out from the internet to practice. Place them in your gig bag or somewhere near your ukulele.
  • Learn the four chords of Am, F, C, G and you’re set for most of the songs already.
  • HAVE FUN, don’t stress out cause you’ll learn how to strum it eventually if you keep on practicing.

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  1. Hello, i’m on my way to buy my first malaka pineapple ukulele, but i’m not which shop is the best.mind recommending? I’ve been to ukulele movement, but it is close on monday, ):

  2. Aww man, if it was any other regular Makala, you could probably get it at Davis Guitar. But if you want a PINEAPPLE one, it’s probably UM then. :c You can try Davis at Peninsula but I can’t remember if they have it there. You can save the trip to Davis by calling them up at TEL : +65 6337 5092.

  3. I end up buying a anuenue u900 bear ukulele, however comparing the price to um, i’m wondering if it’s a fake.

  4. hey sarah, i’m thinking of taking up ukulele lessons. chanced upon your website while doing my research. Not sure should I take up the lessons at Ukulele Movement or Replugged music?

    Appreciate your advice!


  5. Either works. I can only say it as a person who read their programmes online as in their lesson objectives. If you are going for basics, check the schedule since either might be booked fast.

    I would lean more towards UM cause you get other perks being a student since it is a uke shop and usually students might get discounts in buying ukuleles yeeesss?

  6. Hi sarah,
    I saw the gypsy rose ukelele online (the one available in pink/purple/black) and am in love with the design. However I’m not sure if it’s a good ukelele? Can u comment? I’m new to ukeleles (have no music background) and not sure how much should I be spending on a decent ukelele.

  7. Hi Sarah,
    Here’s a YouTube vid on the review but it’s in Thai (I think). You can see the actual ukelele instead of just pics. I found a website which sells at abt SGD55 including shipping.

  8. Here’s the description of the uke..

    Body: Maple
    Fingerboard: Maple Blackenized
    Bridge: Maple Blacknized
    Pegs: Chrome Plated
    Frets: Brass
    Nut: ABS White
    Saddle: NUBONE
    Scale: 346 mm

    Thx Sarah!

  9. Oooh, if it’s $55 including shipping, that’s pretty affordable! If it comes with the bag too, yep. It looks like a good beginner ukulele at least. Just hope when it’s shipped to you, the package is sent properly and there’s no damage when it arrives. At least from the video I can see it’s pretty cute and sounds good.

    Happy playing once you get it!

  10. Sarah !!! I would like to know the price range for uklele sold at the simie shop ?? Thanks !!! And is the brand sold there good ??

  11. Hi! Depends on the size! Comparing with other shops, the brand prillante soprano is around forty and above. The concerts cost much more, naturally since it is bigger.

    I can’t say the price cause they might be having a discount sale so best to call them to check.

    The ukuleles are average, not bad but this brand isn’t super wow either. Can use to play of course, but people usually don’t buy cause if they got more budget can get a better one with a better uke bag too. But if you live near the area and don’t want to go to other stores, it is good enough.

  12. Hi Sarah!
    I finally got a soprano uke from ukulele movement (since they’re having a sale 😉 heh). I got myself the world series anuenue. But there was a prob with the tuning. I also bought a tuner and after tuning the uke, it will go out of tune again like within a day. I tried tuning it yesterday night and when I check it this morning it was out of tune again even tho nobody touched it. I don’t think this is normal? Should I bring it back to the shop?

  13. Oh that’s normal! It’s only NOT normal if it goes out of tune after playing a song or two. And ONLY if it goes out of tune drastically like from A to a C then you should go check. If it only goes out of tune like a bit of sharp/flat then yah, it’s totally normal.

    As long when DURING playing it doesn’t go out of tune, it’s nothing to worry about since I have to tune mine whenever I take it out of my bag to play.

    But you should know your own ukulele cause I don’t know how out of tune it gets! If it’s SUPER loose then duh, go back.

  14. Hi, see my reply to apple orange above about it. It is ok if you wanna just have something not serious.

    Whoops saw the comment was from my other post on ukes. Here is a copy paste though:

    It’s only worth it if you want it as your “spare” ukulele. And only if the deal comes with a tuner besides a bag. Most ukuleles DO come with bags no matter where you buy it. It’s just okay. Nothing fancy, only if you really don’t want to go wander to other shops to check quality and just want a cheap instrument for fun.

    Otherwise might as well buy a better ukulele that’s less generic cause the shops will give you extra stuff depending on in-store package, discounts plus longer warranty.

  15. Hi, I want a ukulele, budget at around 130?? Do you recommend the kala mohogany Saprano one or the ohana SK 10S one?? What’s the difference between binded and non binded ukuleles? And is it possible to get them at the Davis guitar 0.0?

  16. Kala and ohana are pretty good so just choose which you like the look of it. Also I do not understand what you mean by binded or non binded ukuleles. Also, kala and ohana, not sure if they are at Davis. They aren’t the brands that they usually stock up on. You can try calling them first. But definitely Ukulelemovement has Kala, can’t remember if they have Ohana.

  17. Hi Sarah…
    I bought a prillante cartoon uke from the shop at simei but the sound is not as nice as my anuenue. Was thinking of changing the strings.. But is it worth it? Cuz the tuner is a bit loose too, even after I tighten it. But it’s not that bad.. Still playable la.

  18. Prillante, the cartoon uke is just for play play one. Since that is not the concert/tenor models which aren’t so budget.

    Haha not worth it if you want to change strings! It is already obvious Anueanue is better than it too. But if you want to change strings, you could use the prillante as your “experiment” uke and just change the g string to a low g string so you can have two “different” ukes.

    In any case, not worth changing new strings since your anueanue is the one you will play on more. Your prillante’s tuning pegs will just be annoying to play on if you say it tunes out easily.

  19. I don’t know. I checked the ukulele movement website, the binded kala was 40 bucks more expensive than the non binded one?:O

  20. I still do not know what a binded kala cause I don’t see kala or any ukulele described as binded. Put a link of the two ukes you saw in a comment?

  21. Hi,

    Recently i bought a Lanai ukulele from Thoh Music at only $94.5 after a 30% discount from $135. They told me is a Solid cedar top. It is a cut away, i think is mahogany back and side with binding. I find the sound is pretty good, volume quite loud. Kindly advice me what kind of strings can I change to make the sound even louder?

  22. Yours is the made in Japan Lanai uke right? With black strings? You might want to change to http://ukulelemovement.com/worth-strings Worth or Aquila both available at Ukulele Movement. Those two are the bright sounding loud ones. I do remember that Davis might stock up on Aquila but I can’t be sure on Worth.

    You can ask UM staff for a reccomendation if you bring your ukulele to them.

    A note though! Not sure how your strumming technique is but that would help in the loudness too.

  23. Hi, it is not made in japan la…. It is prillante of model lanai, they said. You mentioned Aquila strings? I heard about it, it seems quite popular . Wonder I bought at $94.5, a tenor size, cut away, solid cedar top, mahogany back with binding but I think china strings , am I bought at a right price? I thinking of buying another piece with budget $100, can I buy at any other shop with at least solid top, kindly advice…thanks

  24. Ohhh local maker then. Cause there is a brand called Lanai from Japan, but anyway yah for that size it’s the correct price too. Then yah, aquila is a fav to a lot of people including me cause very durable too. The sound is great.

    Another shop, probably cause the Simei one is quite limited. Best bet to find one would be at Ukulele Movement (cause they have the most brands), Ranking music & sports store at Bras Basah (must ask the shop keeper) or Peninsula plaza cause they got a lot of guitar stores stocking up on ukuleles.

  25. Hi Sarah, I took the prillante lanai (tenor) to ukulele movement to compare as I want to look for another piece as advice by u. As I only have budget $100, only makala is almost my budget yet still expensive selling at $149. Well, to be honest, the sound isn’t good, the finishing and the material that they used are pretty normal as compare to mine, prillante lanai. I tried other Higher end like ohana , ya.. Sound better, too bad, out of my budget. Btw, I had changed my lanai to Aquila strings, I like it as it sound like ohana. Haha, cheap and good. Not regret of buying it. You must try too.

  26. I love your posts on ukulele! I’m a newbie and bought mine via Groupon (https://www.groupon.sg/deals/shopping/Groupon-Shop/716296570) – not sure if I made the right nchoice.

    I tried tuning it for 2 hours without a tuner but just refering to youtube and i still can’t get it tuned! So I’m beginning to question if it’s just my hearing or something’s really wrong with the ukulele.

    Anyway, do u know which tuner i should get? I read there’s quite a few types but wasn’t sure which one I should get.

  27. Oh dear. It could be yes, either a) You’re a beginner and don’t get it tuned properly yet or b) It’s the ukulele.

    The easiest ukulele you should get is a clip on tuner. It’s for guitars/ukuleles/violins/stringed instruments. ANY music store has it but if they want to sell you a $40++ chromatic tuner, they’re just ripping you off since you don’t need that unless you have wind instruments and a heck load of other instruments to tune.

    Clip on tuner can cost around $18-$20+. Comes in various colours and it’s easy to use! The reputable shopkeeper will open the packaging for you, use a tuning fork (a metal prong thing) and then show you that your tuner is accurate. If after tuning with this and it still can’t get tuned then it might be the ukulele.

  28. thanks sarah for the prompt response, u’re swell! Well i guess i can’t quite complain if it was really the ukulele since uhm, i paid $27 for it? haha. thanks again

  29. Hi,

    I recently purchased a Prillante Ukulele (Hilo Red Model) from thOh music and they are REALLY good… i bought it at a 30% discount somemore! I have bought a KALA from UM before, and the prillante ones are much better in terms of sound and price. check out their website http://www.prillante.org for all their models. hope its useful to all of you guys.

  30. Hey Sarah! Loved reading your posts about the ukulele.

    Well, I’ve been intending to purchase a ukulele for a while because it’d be great to pick up a musical instrument – new skills are always awesome! Anyway, my budget’s really low because I’m still a tweenager, so I was looking at this one: http://www.deal.com.sg/deals/singapore/Ozun-Ukulele-Designer-Series-Choice-of-9-Unique-Designs-Pick-Soft-Case

    What do you think about it? I don’t want to spend the money and realise it’s a fake or it doesn’t work. It’s pretty worth it, though I have to get the tuner separately and then it’ll be another price – almost $50!


  31. Hahah someone asked the same thing in my Where to Buy Ukulele post. My reasons are there. It is ok, but you still need to just check in real life if it doesn’t have any craftmanship errors and such. Change the strings if it really is just nylon strings and not Aquila if you want a brighter tone (makes a lot of difference!) but you can leave the strings if you like how it sounds.

    The tuner is the most important one and I saw it is the normal price of a tuner really. It IS around that range and you’ll need it to tune your uke. You’ll find it very useful once you start playing with it.

  32. Recently Bought a hulala ukulele from um . The sound is not bad . But it seem easy loose for the strings .. Not sure is it my problem to use ? And bought a ukulele from groupon for my son .. The quality really bad and the tunning task seem difficult too … I can’t even get the current tune …

  33. The deal sites ukulele is really your luck on who stocks it. So very expected then. On your uke from UM, if it really is loose and not the usual normal kind, you should go back to them to fix? I can’t tell from descriptions of course so you’ll have to just learn the characteristics of your uke if it is easy to play with or not.

    I know they helped fix my electric uke I bought from them because my buttons got loose, that’s not strings though but they have warranty at least.

  34. Only if you like it? It is alright for a beginner ukulele. Ultimately you still need to try out and see if you would like it.

  35. Woah! Plastic! That is cool cause older ukes had a range that was plastic and they didn’t make them any more after that. I guess this one wanted to be like the vintage type.

    Not sure if it is worth $200 cause I haven’t seen in real life to know how thick or sturdy it is cause there is no other common brands to compare to nowadays! Real plastic ukes on ebay cost around that price onwards cause hard to find, not sure how a NEW one would cost.

    The closest to compare is a Fluke and that one is above $300 cause it is very long lasting too?

    Where did you find it anyway? I might want to check it out if it is in a real store in Singapore.

  36. I wouldn’t know. I don’t regularly check their prices all the time. Also, the stores might have a seasonal sale at times which will affect the final price. Best is you compare yourself by calling or going there.

  37. Went to Davis and look for the makala brand. They do not have it so bought a mahalo one which cost $99.

  38. Hi Sarah,
    I just bought a Taylor swift songbook frm UM. what other books n DVDs would u recommend for me to learn the basics of ukulele? Like strum pattern and chords etc. It’s not convenient for me to sign up for lessons so I tot of self learning frm books n DVDs.

  39. Stephen Sproat’s dvd was what I learned the basics from. You can try youtube too by searching ukulele strumming tutorial or check what songs you like and add ukulele tutorial in youtube. A LOT of tutorials on youtube to watch and learn from.

  40. I juz wanna ask,do you think these shops that you have listed down,sell cheap ukulele..i mean the cheapest?what is the price range for the cheapest ukulele that these shops are selling?

  41. I think they sell affordable quality ukuleles. Since there is no point to buy cheap crap ukuleles for playing properly. Unless you want to use them for decoration. The cheapest can be around $38 or above since there are so many ranges for each grade of ukulele. I am sure you might be able to find cheaper ukuleles via deals or whatever but they don’t usually have the quality, workmanship or warranty to go with it.

  42. Hi Sarah,

    I received a Soprano Monterey as a gift.

    Since I’m a first-timer and keen on taking up ukulele as a serious hobby, I’m wondering if the ukulele I’ve got is any good. I kinda want the best but still decently priced, so what would you recommend?


  43. Hi, you’ll have to see your own budget and try it out yourself. Seriously cause I can’t just tell you which is the best. As for the Soprano Monterey, I don’t know what brand that is so I just google searched. The only one I saw was around $29 and I saw it’s a budget type. However, even my own ukulele is cheap but I changed my strings. You need to listen and try out if your uke does sound good though to know if it’s good.

    Mostly, the good ukuleles will be fitted with Aquila strings (they have it on their tags or description). If you’re taking it as a serious hobby, you’ll certainly have to go out to the stores and try them out on your own instead of just looking at their price.

  44. Hi Sarah, do you happen to know where i can purchase the Ohana Ukulele (Soprano) in SG? UM has no more stock for that range.

  45. Hello Sarah, I want to purchase a ukulele and the price better around $50, do you have any suggestion what kind and where to buy it?

  46. Hi Sarah!

    I just chanced upon your site while looking for places to purchase an Electric Ukulele.

    Apparently Ukulele Movement has stopped stocking solid Eleukes.. And I really was looking for something similar to what you have.

    Would you happen to have seen something similar elsewhere?

  47. Prillante ukes at thoh music school store at simei. Or i think some budget brands that if you scroll through comments you will see some that might fall in your price range.

  48. I recommend either because sometimes it is more your pref of which design you like. Plus, those are already the nice brands.

  49. They probably do cause for all uke, they get a bag however, it won’t be the padded type usually if it is a super budget ukulele.

  50. Oh thanks.. I brought my search online and found an Eleuke from Manuel Ukulele penang.

    Pity there doesn’t seem to be much following for Eleukes in sg..

  51. hi sarah!
    i just signed up for a ukulele course @ a music school and the school is offering to help the students to buy CW concert ukulele & tuner for $96… is it a fair price or would it be more practical and better to buy a prilliante one from thoh music school?

    thanks in advance! 🙂

  52. Get the one from your school since they would make sure you won’t get crappy ones or at least help you test too! If you want to upgrade, you can get OTHER brands anyway.

  53. It certainly is good but always test in real life to see if it is comfy for you. Check the tuning pegs don’t go out of tune so fast. Just test to see first if it is not defective, the piece you will get!

  54. Thanks so much for the advice!
    Would Ukulele Movement be a better place to purchase or would the Davis Guitar place be a better shop to purchase a ukulele?

  55. I go to UM since it has a bigger range for ukuleles since it is a dedicated uke store with books and accessories like straps. Davis has a limited range but if you are not fussy or know what you want and it is the brand that Davis has, it is good too. It just does not sell uke books or straps, etc.

    So it depends on if you are willing to travel to either location, which is easier for you. Go to UM if you can since it is biggeeeer. Go to Davis if you just need an uke or tuner since they sell mostly guitars.

  56. Hi Sarah, I was intrigued by this shiny,glossy highly polished and lacquered tenor cut-away ukulele (price about $130)and the sound from it was a pleasing mellower tone (white colored strings not Aquila) as opposed to another natural finished concert size one (priced around $80) which sounded metallic-like and very high pitched (black strings) when chords are played although with all open strings played they sounded quite similar in pitch to each other. Could it be due to the difference in string quality or the fact that a tenor projects better sound quality because of its size? Should I get the tenor or replace the strings on the concert one with Aquila instead and hope to replicate the same tone as the tenor and save some money in the process.

  57. Dear Sarah, I was wondering whether a set of Aquila strings meant for Tenor size could be used on my concert or soprano sized ukuleles as the length of them is long enough for both.

  58. Hello cktjim, It should sort of work! But the thing is that the tenor strings a bit wider in diameter. The tension would be different. Other people have asked/tried this before: http://bit.ly/WOAjS7 Conclusion is try not to use tenor on concert/soprano cause tuning it might be difficult.

  59. Hello Jack,

    This actually is depending on said factors itself. Tenor DOES sound a bit different from concert even if they have the same strings, it sounds a bit deeper? It’s not too noticeable if everyone’s strumming along but you can tell if you play to compare tenor and concert. Secondly yes, the strings could be a factor too since different strings give a different sound.

    If you replace the concert one with Aquila, I would think it still won’t get the exact same tone with the tenor. It would sound nice but concert and tenors will have a slight difference. Sooooooo, depends on you which you prefer. At least you know how the tenor will sound like already.

  60. Hi Sarah,

    I need a ukulele as a prop for a show and my budget is $20. It doesnt even need to work. I saw you bought a $18 one which you wanted to draw on. May I know where you got that?

  61. Hello Klaire, I got that at Peninsula Plaza basement ages ago, at Davis guitar. Meanwhile, you can buy a toy instead? They might cost less, Bugis has party toy stores, just across the MRT station, at the block where it’s near QIJI. Also, another place is Ranking Music at Bras Basah but not sure if they have the super cheap ukulele there.

  62. Hi, Sarah,

    I am planning to buy a ukulele as a birthday gift for my daughter. I don’t have any music background and I am confused as to which type to buy.

    My budget is $100 and what brand should I look at?


  63. Hi Nancy!

    It depends on how old is she and will she be playing this for ‘serious’? In any case, $100 is a GOOD budget for entry/gifts. For $95.01, you can get a Makala Soprano at Ukulele Movement, http://ukulelemovement.com/shop/ukuele/makala-soprano.html or at around $74, a Makala Dolphin which is more colourful and cute.

    But you can also get beginner entry ones like the Tone Drive at SV Guitars. http://www.svguitars.com/tone-drive-concert-99-ukulele/ this is good along with their Eddy Finn (the $85 and above, the 40 dollar something one needs to upgrade and you’ll have to do more work) or their Countess. http://www.svguitars.com/countess-my-little-friend-ukelele-pony-brown/ Their countess is cute so see which you think your daughter would like.

    There’s also Prillante which you might stumble upon at Peninsula Plaza or Thoh Music school, while it is cheap you would need the strings changed to better ones so it’ll take more ‘work’ than just buying it like that.

    Ask the shop staff to help you test it too when buying!

  64. Hi, Sarah,

    Thanks for your great reply.

    It saves me time to source on which to buy; my daughter is in her late teens.

    I will go to shop to order what u had recommended.

  65. Hi uh, “:)”,

    Go with the $74 one. It’s not which will go out of tune earlier, the $30 might not have Aquila strings or would go with a more budget wood/parts etc. There IS a difference. Since you want to play it long term, do test it all out before buying. Sometimes you might want to go for the $95 one or something instead of even the $74 after listening or trying it out and that’s more economical than buying one ukulele than wanting another after knowing that you could have gotten it if you just saved up just a little more.

    Try, try! Test it and research on your own before buying.

  66. Hello, I’m intending to get a uke (budget around $100 – $130) for my friend as a birthday present, she’s 16 soon but has a small hand. She also said she prefers the one with a stronger “wood” sound than the strings sound kind of uke? I think she meant the non-boxy sound uke.

    So should I go with the Concert uke?

    I’ll probably be going down Davis Guitars/Maestro to take a look soon 🙂

  67. Hello “^_^”! Heh.

    If she has small hands, maybe she might prefer a soprano. Concerts have more frets and are just a TINY bit bigger than sopranoes. However, it is indeed either a soprano or concert for her then. I am not so sure what’s a stronger ‘wood’ sound. If she means a bit deeper than yeah get the concert. Ask the shopkeepers for suggestions! Your budget is a pretty good budget for her gift.

  68. Sarah, I think your ukelele pages are truly informative. Armed with the information I gleaned from the internet and your pages, I visited Peninsula and visited Davis, Music Theme and SV Guitar.

    I haven’t actually buy the ukelele yet (I intend to do so tomorrow) I have pretty much decide to get a Makana Concert from Music theme.

    I just like to know if it is advisable to use a guitar capo on the ukelele or should I get a proper one? And can I just use a guitar tuner for the ukelele or is there a dedicated tuner for the ukelele?

    Thank you very much.

  69. Hi Junee,

    It’s more advisable to get a ukulele capo! I have… both. And I definitely can say a guitar capo would be quite big for a ukulele. A ukulele capo is MUCH smaller and would be better for you to use.

    As for the tuner, YES for that you can use it for the ukulele. There’s no specific tuner for the ukulele! Most of the tuners are clip ons and those have the option for BASS, GUITAR, UKULELE and VIOLIN so it’ll be ok, it’ll be under options. Just tell the shop you want a tuner for the ukulele and they’ll show you how to SWITCH to the mode for the ukulele.

  70. Hi Sarah,

    I bumped into your website while searching for Ukulele. V informative! Thx!

    My 2 boys (age 8&9) have been bugging me to buy them ukulele. They learnt the basics during school music class. I saw you have a TGM $39. Would u recommend these to them?

    Thx for ur reply:)

  71. Hi Liz,

    I think you can get a better one for them if they’ve learned the basics in music class. If they’re really interested, you might as well get a slightly more expensive one but will last longer and would include a proper bag for them each! However, I don’t know if they sell my type of TGM at the store in Bras Basah since it would run out quick.

    You can just get them the really basic but serviceable one then, those usually range around $50 and above at Peninsula plaza stores since I don’t think you’d want to change the strings for them? Cheaper ukuleles tend to have just playable strings but to make it sound better we usually change them and then the price goes up to the usual > $50 ones.

  72. Hi Sarah,

    Many thx for your reply!

    Any store to recommend for childrens ukulele?
    Also u had mentioned penisula plaza but from your list i only saw penisula shopping centre (Davis guitar and SV guitar)..

    If Bras Basah store has TGM, should i buy? Is it servicaeable with better sound string already?

    Thanks once again😃

  73. Hi Liz! My bad, haha I do mean peninsula shopping centre. It is the one near funan. And there are no children ukuleles cause they are all the same size for sopranoes which is the usual size people play with.

    Bras basah has it too the strings should be aquila but the price for that tgm probably would not be $39. They will have a tag saying what it is made of and what strings it is.

    Oh and the store would be called Ranking if it is in Bras Basah, the other music store is too expensive.

  74. Hi Sarah.

    I’m intending to buy a sop ukulele and your post has really been very helpful.
    Should I get the koname (has aquila strings which you strongly recommend?) from SV Guitars or the Mahalo from Davis?
    Or a stagg from maestro? Or a prillante?
    My budget is around 50-60.
    Overwhelmed by all the different choices haha.
    I am a beginner and can’t tell the differences between all of them :/
    Can you give some advice?


  75. Hi Michelle,

    You can get the koname or mahalo depending on which design you like! You don’t need to get a prillante then since you can just buy a uke straight without changing the strings on your own. With your budget, GO TO SCAPE. Currently there’s a closing down sale at Maestro! People are buying up the ukes and they’re around $59 with a lot more colourful designs. They’re all pretty similar in construction for wood etc at that price for all the shops anyway.

  76. Thanks sarah!

    Many thanks for your genuine and detailed info:)

    I called Ranking and they have stocks now. TGM w aquila at $39! Awesome:)

  77. Hi! Do you know where I could sell my ukelele because I bought a soprano Cordoba Guitars (Mahongany) but I thought it didn’t really suit me. Thanks!

  78. Hey Kimberly, try the SOFT music forums and perhaps try the Ukulele Movement message board. That one you have to go there in person I think to post up a sign. Other places maybe you have to advertise on other forums like hardwarezone?

  79. Thank you so much Sarah! 🙂 your suggestion has definitely helped me because I live in the east area and simei is just a few stops away 🙂

  80. Hi Sarah,

    Can u advice which is a better buy now that UM has a sales going on:

    1) Anuenue Rabbit U900 or
    2) Ohana SK-20S

    If price diff is only s$20 more for a solid top ohana sk20s.

    Also is the Anuenue world series equal to the U900, since spec are the same?


  81. Hey Eggy,

    It depends on you! The specs are pretty much the same when you see what wood etc they’re using when comparing. The difference is just the design and brand. Go to the store and check out the sound, you might note that it won’t be much a difference to you for that.

    Also yeah Anuenue series pretty much like U900. It’s just the U900 is like a ‘fan uke’ if you ever watched their music video series since the rabbit and bear has their own books/cds/videos on youtube too.

  82. Hello Kelly! I’ve been thinking if I should buy a Makala Soprano ukulele or Hulala Ukulele from the Ukulele Movement since they’re having a sale.

    Makala Soprano
    Model MK-S

    • Agathis top, back and sides
    • Mahogany neck
    • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
    • Satin finish
    • Opened geared tuners with white buttons
    • Free deluxe gigbag

    Hulala Soprano
    Model HO-1

    • Mahogany top, back and sides
    • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
    • Bone nut and saddle
    • Geared machine head
    • Matte opened pores finish
    • Premium Aquila Nylgut strings
    • Free deluxe gigbag

    Oh yes and what does it mean by open geared tuners etc?

  83. Hello … asksarah???

    Hahahah I have to ask, who IS Kelly that you are asking?

    Alright open geared tuners are tuners without a ‘cap’ at the back. You can see the GEARS sometimes for some ukuleles you can’t see the gears and if you have to fix the tuning pegs, you have to unscrew the caps and then get at the gears to tighten it or anything. Anyway you can see it in the pictures if you can look at the website then.

    What I can tell you between the two, it’s UP TO YOU because if you note the details on both, these are the similarities:

    Strings, gigbag, fingerboad and bridge, both are geared tuners.

    The difference is that one is shiny and the other is matte and that they have different woods. So now it’s just to see which design you like and IF you can hear the difference which I doubt so cause they’re already pretty similar but do ask the shop which one ages better.

    I would go with the Hulala Soprano because of the design and they actually have bone nut and saddle when the cost is just $10 more than the Makala but this is just a PREFERENCE. Also, it’s made of mahogany. Agathis is a soft wood so you could also check in real life if you can tell the ‘weight’ and if you like the weight of the Makala or Hulala more. Remember to test out both before you buy!

  84. Hey Sarah ! Just wanted to ask if ukelele movement sells those colored cheap ukulele that can be drawn on and what is the price range?

  85. Hey Megan,

    Awww no. They don’t have coloured cheap ones unless you consider around $75 cheap… They only sell the better range ones. You could try Thoh music school or the basement of Peninsula plaza! Davis guitar and such used to have the really cheap ones that you could do that for. Thoh music school might have cheap ukes but it might already have designs on it. Last place for cheap uke for just drawing could be Bras Basah’s Ranking but so far as of late I see them stocking the good ones instead.

  86. Hi Sarah, thanks for your info on ukus in SG!
    I’ll most probably be visiting thoh once my wife gets better with the uku!
    The Prillante Lanai with solid top sounds like a really good buy!

    And I wanted to share info on a great and cheap chromatic tuner available in SG
    –> the Snark SN-8.
    Available for $15 at Sound Alchemy (Peninsula)

    I’m using this on my guitar and also 3 ukus that I bought from Groupon previously.
    PS: I’m not related to Sound Alchemy, just a newbie guitar student there (also another groupon deal!) =p

  87. Sarah, can you advice where I can get Aquila strings and how much do they cost typically for a set?

  88. Hi SkimMilk,

    It’s around $10 per set. Increases in price for increase in size of uke or type. Some come in special sets so those are fancy like the red version of Aquila. Anyway you can get at Ukulele Movement, Davis Guitar actually I think you can just check basement peninsula any one of those guitar shops might stock it. If you local yamaha sells ukuleles, they might stock it too. Bras Basah sells them too, probably check Ranking, perhaps Swee Lee too since it’s just strings or even the Chinese shop at the first floor just near the escalator sells the strings but you need to look see which section they put it or ask them if they have it.

  89. Hey Sarah, would like some advice for a few quesions (sorry if it’s a tad long!)

    1) I bought my basic Makala soprano while I was studying in Perth and have been playing for a year or so. Still trying to learn fingerpicking cuz my fingers just arent listening so wondering if you have any advice/know of any good channels on YouTube (I basically learnt via YouTube, Ukehunt and Ukulele underground)?

    2) I guess I chuck too hard and I sometimes hit the ukulele while strumming which is causing some…well it’s like the area below the strings when you strum – it’s sort of coarse and such – and just wondering what I should do about it (I actually have stickers over my ukulele but that portion is a little…difficult to fix. I;ve tried and failed:/)

    3) I’m heading back to Singapore in a few weeks and just wondering which shops you’ll recommend if I need some advice or just to try out new ukuleles. I love my ukulele but I’ve been thinking about either changing strings or getting a better one to work with for fingerpicking, since the current one sounds good enough for strumming but finger picking seems to always shout out its flaws to me. I can’t really decide and need some advice (Oops, this is like…2 questions rolled into 1).

    That’s it. Thanks !

  90. Hi Shu Ling,

    1) Huh, I can’t really advise on finger picking since for that it’s just practice and I don’t know any channels for that. I learned mostly on finger picking via DVD. You just have to practice on your own cause the basic is that for GC is to use your thumb while EA is to use your pointer finger. Any video on youtube if you search about finger picking will be mostly that too.

    2) Ahhh, well. =_= That part is practice too, you can’t help it. You’ve already placed stickers but as long as you keep chucking hard, it will wear out. I don’t think there’s any polish that would help for that.

    3) Heh ok, then DEFINITELY go to Ukulele Movement because they have the largest range ever and they have professional uke players there. Other music stores will be cheaper or a more limited range but if you really want to try out a whole range, Ukulele Movement is it. Plus, they have the red range for Aquila strings and other brands too which you could check out if you want to change on yours. Haha, they might be able to help fix your uke too since they have a small workshop there.

  91. Hey Sarah.
    I just bought a Convert Ukulele at thOh
    And it’s really good
    The service is good too
    Friendly people and the price are reasonable
    Seriously 50% OFF right now.
    Thank you for the recommendation!

    To anyone wanna buy an ukulele, i recommend you guys this shop at Simei MRT station,
    Worth your money!

  92. Hi Sarah

    I have this tenor ukulele and was wondering whether it is okay to fit it with the top four strings from my set of spare nylon gauge classic guitar strings. If I tune them to DGBE would I be able to replicate the sound of a baritone uke on my tenor. And also do I play the chords as per normal ukulele chords. Please advise.

  93. Hi Steven,

    I have no idea if it is ok because I have never done that before. You might try online if anyone else has done it. I do say that of course you can tune it to DGBE but the strings are they they same gauge as the ukulele ones? And you’d probably play them as your usual DGBE chord fingerings because in theory it should be correct but it’s more of the size and all.

    You’ll have to tell us if you do this, try it out and succeed! Mostly, I’d just worry to see if they’re going to be the correct gauge size when you tighten the strings and tune it to see if it accidentally gets “out” of their slots.

  94. Hi,

    I have a Eddy Finn Soprano Ukulele.

    Wondering if its made of man-made wood or natural wood.

    How do I differentiate it?

    Soprano seems a bit too small for me. Wondering if I should get another uku: a pinapple shape soprano or concert.

    I tried to pineapple shape soprano. It seems much easier to play than the soprano.

    Please advise

  95. Hi Joanna,

    A bit hard to describe what is man-man wood or natural wood? Do you mean if it’s a solid or a laminate? Cause solid is made of one whole piece of wood and can be very expensive, most ukuleles would probably laminates if it is in the cheaper range which means they are still using natural wood but it is a few pieces of it instead of being cut from ONE piece. If anything, you can ask the shop keeper or check the tag, the tag usually says what wood it is.

    On the size, it really depends on you. If you mean pineapple shape concert and not soprano, go for it, this one depends on each person as you can see from other readers, they try out which ukulele suits them most.

  96. Hi i recently just got into the intrest of ukuleles,is there anything i need to learn before i buy one or anything i need to take note while buying one?By the way,are there any affordable recomandations?Thanks a lot!By the way im only 13.

  97. Hi Sarah!
    I’ve came across your post and its helpful! Thanks for that!
    I have a qns though. I bought a uke from qoo10 last month and it is fine and cheap. But recently, when i strum on my uke, the strings make some buzzing and ringing sound. So im guessing i have to change the strings? Help?
    possible to email me?


  98. Thanks Sarah for all the information and tips provided 🙂

    Went down to UM but closed on Monday and Public Holiday.
    As my 6yrs old twin daughters can’t wait to get a ukelele, we headed down to Peninsula Shopping Centre. @Davis the staffs were friendly and we bought 2 Mahalo ukelele (pink & white designer – love) w/bag at $38 & $50 respectively. Also bought a tuner at $12.
    Kids were happy with the buy.

    Thanks again.

  99. Hi Coyote65, haha yeah they posted online and their emails that they were closed for the holidays but yay you got your ukes at Davis! Happy playing to all of you.

  100. Hi Sarah,
    I’m still a student ( not even in sec one ), and I want to learn how to play a ukulele. Should I buy a cheap one and learn from YouTube? Because I seriously have no idea on ukuleles and the difference between them….. So should I learn from YouTube or learn in music shops like thoh in simei ( I wanna buy it soon as they’re currently having a sale ) is there other cheap ukuleles that are durable and not pillantes?
    Thanks Sarah!!!! 😀 pls reply!!

  101. Hello Yingxin,

    Depends on you. Do you usually learn things over youtube? If you do, just go with youtube. If you’re the sort that needs a teacher to learn, go for any of the music schools, tutorings or workshops.

    Are you going to keep playing the ukulele for fun or will you keep it for a long time? If the latter, you should just get a proper one. The other value for money ones would be at Bras Basah or Peninsula Plaza, you need to go there yourself. Ask the shopkeeper for help, they usually will if you tell them what you are looking for.

  102. Hi Sarah. I came across this TGM ukulele at the store and wondered whether it is good enough for me as a new ukulele beginner. I intend to learn how to play the instrument to occupy my time as I am already 65 years old. Am I too old to take up the instrument again ss I had some experience playing the guitar in my younger days and stopped after a couple of years. By the way what does the name TGM stands for? Where is it from?

  103. Hi Uncle Tom,

    It won’t be too late for you to learn! There are a LOT of retirees and mature newbies who learned the ukulele and are able to play music after learning from youtube, schools, community centres or even church groups!

    TGM pretty much stands for The Guitar Man, it’s a very budget brand. I think it’s local, it’s usually really budget for guitars and now they make ukuleles too.

    If you noticed my ukulele pictures, I have a TGM too and that’s my favourite uke even if I have others. It certainly is good enough for you as long as you remember to test it!

  104. Hi Sarah. Do you or anyone of your readers here know of any community clubs or churches which organise free ukulele lessons for seniors.
    We are group of retirees aged between 57 and 64 and are keen to take up learning a musical instrument to keep ourselves active and bonding friendship. As we are all not working we cannot afford paying fees to enroll in music schools.

  105. Hi Tan,

    I don’t know for free ukulele lessons for seniors. There are free workshops at times but they only appear during holiday season or by volunteer groups for any festivals. Community clubs might have cheap ones but best you have to ask around if you are in a church if there are any lessons since I know my friend’s mom learned from there but I think it was paid too.

    Anyone else, feel free to comment to Tan if you know where there are free ukulele lessons.

    Alternatively, you could just buy a DVD and learn together, those DVDs are useful, just need a large screen and a space for everyone.

  106. Hi Tan, I’m taking free lessons with West Coast CC. It’s an interest group and it’s held once a month on the last Sunday, 2-4pm. I believe Clementi CC has this in place too. Try checking it out at your nearest CC?

  107. I wanna learn how to play ukelele but im not sure how much does one set for beginner set cost . Not looking for expensive ones though . Trying to serach it at Thoh at simei . I just wanna know how much is beginner set .

  108. Hey Sarah!
    I’m a super beginner that took interest in ukulele so i was wondering if you could recommend me where to buy it? I wanted to buy other accessories that will aid my ukulele learning as well:

    -A tuner
    -Gig bag
    -Ukulele Strap

    My budget is roughly about $100-$120(including accesories price)? I don’t wanna invest in a really expensive ukulele because i’m not really got at it yet but i don’t want a cheap non-durable ukulele either.

    Where would you recommend me to buy from?
    Advance thanks! (:

  109. Hi Min,

    That’s a pretty good budget. You can buy from Ukulele Movement or any shop in Peninsula Plaza. For $100-$120 price you can get a uke that is $70-$88 and THOSE will include a gig bag. An uke strap is $10 but I only see it at UM, some other places might have but I’m not sure where. A tuner you can get cheap at any of the guitar stores at peninsula plaza if you don’t go to UM (same place where you can get your uke too!) and it will cost around $20. Well, around $18 from what I remember.

    So yeah, you’re set!

    Ps. You don’t really need a uke strap unless it’s a really big uke and you’re standing up to perform, just try first and then SEE if you need a uke strap. It only works if your uke is the normal shape and not the rounded type by the way.

  110. Hi lanikai..??

    Hahah well I don’t know what’s the most famous but from what I see when out at singalongs or gigs, it’s mostly Kala, Makala and Lanikai here. That’s one of the top three I see anyway although there are many other brands people like to buy.

  111. Hi Sarah. I notice that you have two sites “Where to buy a ukulele in Singapore” and “Buying a ukulele in Singapore.” Why and what is the difference between the two.
    On another note: do you know of any ukulele interest group in Singapore. My wife and I are retired and keen to participate and join in their regular activities particularly at minimal cost involved.

  112. hi kani lea, one is where to buy ib SG. The other is when you are finally buying one. also I will let others reply on groups cause there are free uke groups at various CCs!

  113. hi,
    is there pineapple ukulele (pineapple shape ukulele) that i can buy in singapore? thanks a lot. i like your website.

  114. Hi Koes,

    Pineapple shaped ukuleles can be found at Ukulele Movement DEFINITELY but for other shops, you just need to find those selling Kala. Hmm, normal music shops at Peninsula plaza or Parklane Mall (Dhoby Ghaut) might have it too. Parklane Mall, the shops would be the upper floors.

  115. Hi Sarah I would like to ask. Is it okay if I buy the normail ukulele then change the string to aquila string to make the sound more ‘nicer’ or professionally sound?

  116. Hi Sarah,

    I am looking for a decent ukulele around $40 for a 8 year old to play. Dont want to get something too expensive because it is for a child just to learn for fun. any advice? saw one going for $28.90 online but was a little skeptical.


  117. Hi Rachel,

    Get the $28.90 one! If it’s just for a child to learn for fun, it IS decent enough to be played on. If anything, you might want to change the strings if it’s not to your liking in terms of how mellow/bright it sounds. But it should be ok for an 8 year old to play. Make sure that there is a returns thing if it’s damaged while being shipped over to you since it’s online etc etc the usual things you should look out for when buying online.

    It should be something your child to have fun with if your child really wants something better then you can get a better proper one after that. There IS a significant difference between the cheap ones and the higher quality ones in terms of feel. Overall, just go for it! It won’t be heartpain if it gets broken or anything.

  118. Calling all interested ukulele enthusiasts living in the West Coast/Clementi/Commonwealth areas. We have FREE regular weekly and fortnighly ukulele interest group sessions for beginners as well ss accomplished player to share their skills with the group. Join us if you are looking for a place to make new friends and show off your playing skills at these venues:

    Clementi Ave 4 Community Centre every Tuesday night from 7 – 9 pm, (Behind Clementi Police Station/Opp Pei Tong Pri Sch)

    West Coast Community Centre alternate Sundays afternoon (from Nov 10) from 2 – 4 pm. (Opp West Coast Plaza/ free shuttle bus from Clementi MRT)

    Come personally at respective centres if you are interested. Young and old are welcomed so long as you love to uke! FREE OF CHARGE.
    (For those that don’t own any instrument yet FREE limited ukuleles would be provided on loan during sessions}

  119. Hi Sarah allow me to use your forum to inform ukulele players who are interested to join up a ukulele interest group to engage with fellow players. They hold weekly play-along sessions at a local church in Stirling Road/Queenstown MRT. On December 13 they would be having a Ukulele Christmas Celebration with caroling/ ukulele jam and singalong from 8pm – 9:30pm. All are welcome to attend and bring along your ukulele to join in the session. Contact 91009153 for further enquiry.

  120. Hi Sarah I like the above post regarding free ukulele sessions. Does one have to be a PAssion card member to join. I am interested to take up the ukulele. Can I know the person and telephone numbers to contact.Thanks.

  121. Hi Ah Pek,

    I don’t know the numbers but usually you don’t need to be a member. Any others who have done it via CC, please contact Ah Pek here?

  122. Hi sarah.
    Merry christmas!
    I was hoping to get a tenor size uke so i wanted to get ur advice on what i should buy. Previously i wanted to buy a prillante tenor from thoh but after looking at the many feedbacks, it seems to me that it does not really sound well and its not worth the price. So i am hoping you could recommend me some models i could buy in tenor size, from um or any other shops are fine, as long as the quality and sound is good. Also hoping to get one with pickup system and input tuner if u know any of the models! My budget is ard $300! I saw from um website that there are some kala models that hv input tuners but i dont really know if they sound good as some ppl said that kala dont sound as good as other brands such as anuenue etc. Do advice me. Thanks!

  123. Hi Gerald,

    Whoops, guess you added a new comment for moderation. Like my previous comment an addition to it is, test it out! I actually think Kala and Anuenue in real life do sound good, they’re pretty similar in sound but just diff in design and wood for the models. If asked to me to choose which one of a the same price, I’d usually just go with the one with the design I like or with pickups since both are reputable. Plus, especially if you get from UM, you’d have a warranty and can get it replaced/fixed within it if anything happens.

  124. Hi Sarah,
    I was thinking of getting a ukulele for me to start learning from so I need your advice on the ukulele to get. I went to a couple of places as you recommended above. For ukulele movement, there was a makala dolphin soprano for sale for around $60-70. At ranking sports & music, the cheapest ukulele there cost $39 but it is of the Makana(not makala) brand and the strings used is aquila strings. The last shop for consideration is thoh music shop which is unfortunately closed today. Which ukulele would you recommend for a beginner like me? Thank you! 🙂

  125. Hi Shawn,
    If you’re going to be tempted by the more expensive ukes after being relatively ok at playing, go for the Makana. It was only LONG AGO that the Makana used some other strings but they did upgrade themselves so the $39 IS pretty ok. For myself, I still like playing with my cheap TGM from Ranking even if I’ve got the more higher end uke from UM to play at mini gigs etc.

    If you’re gonna stick to one uke, go ahead with the dolphin soprano, it’s not bad but it’s not so WOAH like the more expensive ones (if you tested at the shop, you can see/listen to the difference). At that price though you can also check the shops at Peninsula plaza basement to see other designs!

  126. Hi Shawn Not a problem if the Simei shop is closed for the holiday. You can go online to Gumtree or STClassified where a couple of Makala soprano are up for sales. I am sure you can bargain down to $50 or so for a well-kept pre-loved one. What’s more its available 24/7 no waiting time. I got mine 6 months ago at $55 and I am loving it more each day. But check and make sure it is a good one void of defects and blemishes before you part with your money.

  127. Hi there! Which of the shops that you mentioned have colourful ukeleles? I’m buying it as a birthday gift for a beginner. My budget is not more than $50 though. Thank you!

  128. Hi Darwin,

    Unfortunately the REALLY super colourful ones were at Maestro and they closed at Scape. Perhaps their other branch at Peninsula Plaza might have but that’s the showroom. Also, you CAN check out the stores at the basement of peninsula plaza, they pretty much have a variety of ukes there are those which will be suited to your budget if soprano size (check Davis guitar and SV guitars especially in the basement).

  129. Hi Sarah. I went to Davis Guitar today & saw a Mahalo Ukulele being sold at $38. Next I went to Cristofori at Funan & the price was $28 ( however this was without any brand label just a plain colored ukulele). Do you know the difference between these 2, judging from the prices? Thanks!

  130. Hi Hansel,
    Well, both are ok cause they’re just really the SUPER basic. However, I DO remember seeing the ones at Cristofori. It’s not the price difference that made me remember it but the quality. I can’t remember what strings for the ones at Cristofori is though but what I remembered that it was just really the super basic nothing to wow but good enough if you check it properly before buying. Do check if Cristofori has a small baggy for the uke if you are purchasing from there. Mahalo was more ‘okay’ looking than the plain uke at Christofori though.

  131. Hi Sarah
    Totally fascinated by the ukelele, but a complete novice and never played music before.
    If I were to buy one, is learning to play especially difficult for complete novices like myself v. someone who knows and can read music?
    I’m left-handed so is there such a thing as a left-handed ukelele, or do I just need to tune the strings the other way and then turn the ukelele the other way? Or do you recommend that I play like right-handers do and just forget that I’m even left-handed?
    Your thoughts please.

  132. Hi anonnie,

    I think it’s not especially difficult for novices. You don’t need to learn the musical score but you just need to learn how to read tabs (tabulature) online. Those usually say what note the chords are and if anything, you could check youtube for tutorials too! It depends on how stubborn you are in learning anything though because even for those who can read music, it takes them time to stick to just strumming randomly or as often as they can to practice it when they first got their instrument.

    There’s left-handed ukuleles but those are expensive and kind of hard to get like left handed guitars. However, I recommend you to play it like right handers do! A lot of left handers do it like this because it’s just easier to read the score. You CAN try reversing the strings if you want to but it’s just more hassle.

    I don’t know if this will help but I HAVE tried to just play it left handed (without changing the strings, but mirroring the fingering) and it’s pretty ok, I’ve tried playing it backwards. behind me before too (because my friends asked me to but it’s ridiculous) and it’s possible too so I think it shouldn’t be TOO difficult in playing it right handed for you.

    If it really is difficult in playing right handed for you, you can reverse the strings to put it like how it should be for left handers. Note, the ‘grooves’ in the saddle (the bottom bit where your strings are hooked onto) might not fit too easily if you got a uke that is really accurate in craftsmanship but I doubt this would be too much of a problem anyway.

  133. Hi , I’ve seen the reviews you’ve listed . Very informative:) Could you recommend a ukelele for a 7 year old 😉 she is starting class next week and the one I have is from my dad . It’s a Prillante- Molokai, he bought it for fun at a Yamaha sale. My girl and I have been surfing YouTube but our Prillante ukulele sounds so different.. Why ? Btw mine is nylon. Thank so much in advance for your advice

  134. Hi Bel,

    I think you’ve answered your question! Strings can make it sound different. A lot of the more professional ukuleles are Aquila (nylgut) strings or other brands but mostly Aquila. You can actually just buy the strings (around $10+ depending on which type for a set) and restring the prillante.

    There’s also construction and all that but for your child, she can actually use the prillante to play. You can ask the teacher if the school your child is attending has any discounts for buying ukuleles? If it’s a normal extra/music class in primary school though then the teacher might not have the discounts, naturally.

    OH YEAH. And you can probably buy cheap ones but they’d by nylon type strings too. If you want ones with Aquila and better designs, just head to Peninsula Plaza basement and check out all the stores there, SV Guitars and Davis Guitars have it hanging from the top of their ceiling and you can ask for the prices.

  135. Thanks Sarah . I don’t mind investing on a ukelele , just want to make sure she has what she needs to start with cause the Prillante one sounds really weird to me. The private schoolteacher did say they will provide the ukelele for us during lessons but we thought of getting one for her to practice at home. Thanks for the comments 😉 oh by the way if I am interested to get the Aquila one for her , is there any model you can recommend?

  136. Hi Bel,
    Then for beginners, the ones at SV guitars are ok like the tone drive or Makala at Davis Guitar and Kala (higher end) at Ukulele Movement for basic ones. The TGM models at Ranking Music & Sports (Bras Basah) are good too. For her, I think you both can just walk around Peninsula Plaza because they have a lot of designs but with good quality strings and craftmanship for really basic ukuleles. I doubt you need the higher end models for beginners at the moment so you don’t really need to go to Ukulele Movement unless you really just want to look see for fun.

  137. Hi Sean,

    Kala concert starts from $188-$300+ range. You can actually have a looksee via Ukulele Movement’s online shop because for Kala it’s pretty similar prices to other shops too.

  138. Hi sarah ! It seems like I’ll be getting the more economical makala concert instead.
    Do you reckon they’ll re string it for me as I’ll be swapping to aquila’s?

  139. Hi Sarah! I’ve played the keyboard for years but not strings instrument. Keen to pick up ukulele and looking at getting an affordable decent uku before upgrading. Just in case my interest is short lived :X

    I saw a few second hand models online, Wld you be able to advise if it’s an good investment? Or for the pricing below, I cld wait get a brand new decent one at the stores? If I a restring a second hand uke, Wld it sound brand new?

    1) anuenue World Series-thailand Soprano model ann-wte 1 -$80
    2) ibanez concert model UKC10 -$90
    3) Makala soprano model mk-s -$65
    4) Hulala soprano model HO-1 -$70

    Many thanks in advance!!

  140. Hi Wt,

    Firstly, if you restring a second hand uke, it would depend if the strings needed to be restrung in the first place, it might have been ‘seasoned’ enough so that it would sound good and you really didn’t need to do it unless they were crap strings in the first place. Also, second hand might be even better if it is originally a good uke since the wood ages and well, it actually depends on how the owner treated the uke.

    Anyway, I looksee-d online and well, your brand new price is around 30-40 dollars extra for them. Just to note, if you wanted to buy new strings, a pack costs around $10. So uhh, I don’t know whether it is worth it to you if you just want to save maybe around $20?

    FYI, from this second hand range of prices, you can actually buy new ukes. Also, you can actually buy a good one at $39 at SVguitars. (The Eddy Finn is good too!)

    If you really want to buy a second hand one, go with the anuenue cause it’s pretty nice, the rest is ok-lah but with that price, unless you’re getting some extra free goodies, there’s no point in really getting them.

    I’m just linking to you SV Guitars because Ranking music and sports doesn’t have a website. Their TGM ukes at Ranking (upper floor Bras Basah complex) are good enough to play before upgrading to a Kala or some other higher end models.

    Oh and I’m giving you these cheap ones because it’s a soprano size AND if you really want to upgrade, you won’t feel like you wasted too much money. If you don’t want to upgrade, these ones are still value for money. You can’t possibly resell it for a lot but it’s good enough to play beautifully.

    Ps. REMEMBER to test ANY brand no matter how new/old the uke is and ask if it comes with a bag!

  141. Hi, I have a cheap ukulele now and am thinking to get one mid range. Can u advise on the brand? Is there any good brand that i can purchase in taiwain too? Im new and started to play ukulele recently.

  142. Hi KariN,

    I have no idea what ukuleles are in Taiwan as I have never been there or to look see what music shops they have. You’ll have to check it out yourself or if you have friends who shopped there before.

    Mid range, maybe Kala? I can’t really advise you since I don’t know your likes (design/tone) but if you’ve looked around in the shops, Anuenue, Cordoba… All those you see in a shop, do a quick google of whatever brand it is if you’re unsure and then you’ll see if it’s from an established ukulele maker. You have to actually do your own research if you’re also buying it not in Singapore.

  143. Hi Sarah,

    I have been reading your posts on ukelele and I must say they are really informative. I came across a Makana Concert Bamboo Ukelele today and was wondering if I should get it. It costs $175. Is this a reasonable price?

  144. Hi Ann,

    I’m not sure since I haven’ seen the Makana bamboo before. However, bamboo has been reviewed to sound quite nice too! Anyway, concerts do go around that range depending on the quality. I don’t know your budget and how the workmanship of this particular one is so I can’t really advise you to get it or not. I can advise you to check other concerts too, though! The good ones DO go around that range but as always, you need to test it all out.

  145. Hi Sarah, my girl would like to purchase five ukulele for her junior for memories purposes. She looking for cheap ukulele around $20 or less. Do u know any place or shop i could go to. Pls adv. We look high n low for it. She do not hv much $$$$$

  146. Hi irene,

    I don’t know anywhere that sells ukes that cheap since this post is for ukes that are worth buying to play. However, you can try groupon deals? At the moment any of those deal shops are around $29.90 though. If not, can still try peninsula plaza, Swee Lee (bras basah) or Music and Ranking (bras basah) . Better you just search online for Swee Lee and Music and Ranking if they have a phone number.

  147. Hi, have you tried the Custom Acoustic ukuleles from City Music (Peace Centre)? I have not got the chance to try them out, but I do expect them to sound decent cos the Custom Acoustic guitars (which is their house brand btw) do sound great for their price.

  148. Hi rayz, Yes! I have but I get other stuff from City Music instead. The ukes there ARE ok, I just don’t usually recc them because they have a smaller range and just very few brands. I recc CM for getting all other gear though, they have very good pricing for that, like audio recorders and cables etc.
    If you are meaning to go there, go ahead, they are cool but just not as much ukes as the specified uke shops or Peninsula where you can just hop in and out of the other stores since they are close by to check other brands.

  149. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks again for this post, I’ll be sure to drop into these stores to check out their uke range. I usually visit Singapore once a year on a stopover on my travels so will be good to see the uke scene in Sg.

  150. Hi Jo,

    Ukulele movement, Davis at Peninsula plaza basement. Bras Basah, first level Chinese music and books store. Some Yamaha shops, need to call them to check if their branch has it.

  151. Thank you Sarah for this wonderful blog. I went to UM today and bought a Kala Concert for $188. I initially wanted a soprano but after trying out a few, all felt a bit too “squeezy” for my fingers. The concert felt more comfortable.

    After much trying, I was torn between a Cordoba and Kala but chose the Kala due to it’s brand name hehehe!

  152. Hi Sarah,

    My daughter is learning Ukuleles in school and she wanna get one for her own to play with. I’m not sure if she is serious or how well she learn or maybe just for awhile in interest, I want to give her a surprise on her birthday can you please help me with it ? I have budget and do not want to spend on expensive instrument unless she is really into it. Can you recommend me which Ukuleles is good buy & good enough for a student to practice and enjoy playing ? Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

    With Regards,

  153. Hi Irene,

    Hurray for your wanting to surprise your daughter! I recommend two places for you. Either Ukulele Movement but that has really the higher range ones, the pros is that you can get other accessories for her too.

    And another is SV Guitars at the basement of Peninsula Plaza! Davis guitars nearby also has ukuleles too but SV Guitar has Eddy Finns which are cute and not TOO bad. It’s a good price so that if she does really enjoy it, you can have an upgrade of a ukulele after that. There’s Tone Drives too but really, just get her an Eddy Finn since it’ll be good enough for playing and fun enough to have.

  154. Great ! Thank you so much Sarah. Btw, what kind of accessories she need ? I really don’t know much. Please advise. Thank you.

  155. Hi Irene,

    A fancy gig bag if you wanted to. But you don’t really need that! Also another more important one would be a tuner. You can get that at SV guitars or Davis too.

  156. Okie well noted, thank you Sarah. If the Ukulele don’t come with a bag then will get her one otherwise I shall get her a tuner only ?

  157. Hi Irene, That is correct! The tuner mostly. Also ukes usually comes with a simple bag. If not you can get any simple bag for carrying it.

  158. Well noted. Thank you Sarah for all the details & information. Really appreciate it. Thank you.

  159. Hello TT,

    I don’t know since I don’t know the stocks of each store in Sg. But it would be good to just check around Peninsula plaza basement. Davis guitar could have it? But I don’t know.

  160. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for all the details and advise you have given me. I bought the Ukulele from Davis guitar for my daughter birthday next week but … I gave her in advance. She is so excited and happy. Thou’ was above my budget =_=”! But seeing her playing and enjoying the music … Everything is worthy. Thank you so much ♡


  161. Hi Sarah,

    I really want to buy a ukulele but i dont know where/which one to buy. Is it possible for me to find a good quality and a branded one at $40-50 ? And i hope that it will be worth it too.

    Thanks! (:

  162. Hi Shelly,

    Just go to basement of Peninsula Plaza where Davis Guitar and SV Guitars are. SV Guitars have an Eddy Finn for $49. While Davis Guitars have other brands around that price too. They also have a cheaper $18 but that is just, you know, passable but is really just for playing and putting away. Your budget won’t get you something on the upper range of average good but you will get something good enough to play. (There IS a difference once you play and know more.)

    Just go there and try out then come back to the shop you want there to see which you like best! Ask the staff, they’re quite nice.

  163. Thank you very much Sarah! 🙂
    Sorry if i doubled the question because for some reason i cant open this page. But anyways, thank you again. It is very helpful. Yay! ^^

  164. Hi, Sarah. I don’t know nothing about music instrument. But I want to buy a ukulele for my friend. He can play acoustic guitar. Which type should I buy?

  165. Hello Jennifer,

    Truthfully I don’t know what you should buy because it depends on this:

    1) Size of ukulele, he might have big fingers or small fingers. I’m not sure how you’re going to ‘trick’ him to test out but it is best to know what size ukulele he might be comfortable with. Soprano (the small one) is the standard but people also like the concert (a bit more frets and slightly bigger) or tenor (very easy for those who can’t do small frets to press on).

    2) What kind of style he likes, cute ones or basic looking ones.

    3) Sound, oklah since this is a gift, he wouldn’t really be picky on if he wants a bright or mellow tone, both are good it’s just a preference to know.

    4) Your budget. Mostly this. You just need to go to the stores and see how much you’re willing to pay. It’s mostly this. Really cause if you know your budget, then you just see which one you want to get, you can just ask the shop staff to help test for you.

  166. hi sarah! i’m planning to get a ukulele that’s in turquoise or something. My budget’s around 50-100, and makala dolphin ones are nice but are currently out of stock at ukulele movement! 🙁 i saw some pretty turquoise ones at cristofori, would you recommend them? or where can i get them instead? thank u! 🙂

  167. Hi maven,
    That’s pretty much the only places besides peninsula plaza. Not sure if they have turqoise there but they have a RANGE. Cristofori’s ok but you should just test it out and see what deals they have too since they have uke packages or sales depending on time of year?

    Your budget’s pretty good to get a beginner’s soprano anyway.

  168. can i buy a decent soprano ukulele at $70-100 ? can u suggest where and what i should buy for a beginner like me ? thanks.

  169. hi Sarah,
    your blog is really useful. i plan to learn playing ukulele, so i can play my daughter’s favorite song when she visit me next week. as a beginner, i need a cheapest one. i saw u recommend Eddy Finn. however when i search SV Guitar, i also saw ‘koname’ brand which seems cuter. which brand do you think better?

  170. Hi Firdaus,

    It depends on which you prefer. They’re nearly the similar make, only different design. As I note in my buying a uke post, it will depend on you whether you’d like the design or the sound and feel. Do test it in real life and then you can decide from there if it’ll fit you.

  171. Hi Sarah! i juts bought the MK-SD/PKBRST – Pink Burst Gloss makala ukulele from UM. in a newbie playing the uke.. so do you think its a good choice to buy that uke? and whats the difference between the soprano/tenor etc. ukes? whats the type of uke do you recommend for newbies like me? thanks in advance!!!

  172. Hi Sarah98,
    I don’t know what you want to hear since you already bought it. Hahahahah, well it is NOT a bad choice for a newbie. Mostly, you like it yes? The design and sound? Cause all else, it has the basic good features as long as you did test and check for any little defects like if got any bumps or something like that.

    Anyway, soprano is small, tenor is bigger. Different sizes have more frets or different tones. Don’t worry about that so much.

    You can actually read my post here on the difference and the type of uke you should buy. But what you got is already pretty ok!

  173. Hi Sandy,
    No unless you buy a package? Mind you this isn’t just at UM but any ukulele stores.

    They only provide tuners as a separate thing or if it is in a package. Padded gigbags can be bought separate OR it comes with the ukulele if you buy the better higher costing ukes for protection. Makalas, I don’t know if you’re referring to the cheapest one or the more expensive one.

    Like the dolphin, I think it comes with the Makala gigbag which isn’t the padded one (it’s been a while since I’ve checked that one out) but the higher range like the pineapple and such does come with the UM padded gigbag included.

    EDIT: YEP. Just checked THEIR website. It’s in their detailed infos below. The cheap dolphin one comes with a Makala carrybag but the more expensive ones come with the nice UM gigbag.

  174. Hey Sarah! Is a Prillante Hilo (tenor) ukulele made of Sepele wood & with Aquila strings worth $105?

  175. Hi Remus,

    Comments are moderated to prevent spam, so you don’t really have to reply multiple times. I’ve deleted the extra ones for you. Anyway. It sounds ok but is it worth it to you? Like, do YOU like the design, sound etc? Does it look ok, no knocks or dings or any ‘errors’, do test it out. That’s the general price for a tenor (or more actually for other brands). I’m sure you can tell the pricing by looking at other brands and stores too.

    This is a general guide how to buy a ukulele.
    And you can learn how to test a uke here.

  176. Hi Lyn,
    I don’t know how cheap is your range but Davis Guitar like I stated in the post might have one for you or SV Guitars which is both in the basement of Peninsula Plaza.

  177. Hi Sarah,

    I’m looking to buy a ukulele for my daughter for Christmas. She’s asked for a purple one. I live in Bukit Timah and went to my local seller (The Pianoman @ Bukit Timah Plaza) but he has sold out of that colour (model Genesis WM-UK100PP). My daughter is nearly 5 so I’m not that bothered about the make as it’s an introduction to the instrument. I looked up SV Guitars after seeing on here and rang the JCube store. They have 2 purple ukuleles in stock: The Koname UP-MI @ $59 or the Koname UP-21 @ $39. I’ve reserved both of them but which one should I go for?

    Many thanks

  178. Hi Mark,

    Then you can just go with the $39 one. It’s not super fancy but it’s decent enough to play on. Especially its just an intro to your daughter. It’s fine enough to learn and maybe play for fun. You might want to pick up a tuner for her too or yourself to help tune the uke for her to play. It’s not going to be super impressive of an uke but good for her to be excited and if she wants a better one when she gets older, you can get a better version!

  179. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for your help. I actually went for the more expensive one as it looked much better and sounded better when the store assistant played it (he tuned both ukes before he played them). The paint job on the cheaper one wasn’t too good. But I took your advice and bought a tuner…so glad I did!

  180. Hi Seriously Patient Sarah, I have enjoyed reading your blog and advice. Thanks for your incredible patience in helping others to discover playing music and having to often repeat advice for us un-initiated ones! So here’s my 7 step plan:
    1. As I am often around the central area I will drop into PenPlaz and ask lots of questions to the friendly staff down there at Davis and SV.
    2. Find a uke size for which my fingers and old joints and my $100 budget can manage.
    3. Add in a gig bag and a tuner, maybe a simple chords book.
    4. Give it all to my wife and tell her this will be my birthday present from her
    5. Wait for birthday (quite soon!)
    6. Feign surprise “It’s just what I wanted darling! How did you know?!”
    7. Start strumming 🙂

    Best for 2015 to you and your gang here.

  181. Hi Joyce,

    So far I know Swee Lee and Ukulele Movement have specific capos for ukuleles! Not sure if the others do at the moment.

  182. Hi Sarah,

    My girl is 10 and we wanted to get her a ukulele for her school music class. She will probably be learning ukulele for another 2 years in school

    She is also currently taking guitar for her CCA so has some background with string instruments

    Would appreciate your advice. Should we get her a leho from UM


    or a Koname with Aquila strings”:


    or Eddy Finn:


    Thank you in advance for your advice.

  183. Hi Joanna!

    I looked through and they’re all nearly similar. All of them have good strings and gear tuners are easier to ‘fix’ or tighten too. So your 3 options are pretty good for her.

    My best bet is for you to ask her which she would like best and which you would like to afford for her. Personal bias, I would choose the Leho since is a bit more ‘sophisticated’ and has a more subtle design to keep even beyond those 2 years.

    BUT since she is the one who is playing it, it’s better for her to see which colour or design she likes! You have already chosen the good options. Now is just to make she’d like so that she’ll keep playing with it in school and might want her own ‘style’ compared to her classmates.

  184. Hi chanced upon Ur website when I’m searching for ukelele. My kids have started learning ukelele at school. And I like to get them their own ukelele. Any recommendation? As they are beginner, besides ukelele do I need a tuner and picker? And of course kids interest change from time to time. So I love to get a normal and an affordable one.
    Thanks in advance

  185. Hi Christina,

    First check if your kid’s school has any deals since they’re learning from there. Also, a pick is not needed but a tuner will help. An affordable one you can get at SV Guitars or various stores like stated in my post. You really have to go there and bring them to see if they’d like the designs.

  186. Hi sarah,

    Thanks for the ukulele info you provided, its help a lot like me beginner. I went to ukulele movement last week and i saw this , would like to hear your comment, im actually compare from makala sgd48 to sgd 89 to sgd 106 and this cost 125.

    kala ukulele KALA Ukadelic Soprano (Swirls)
    Model KA-SSWIRLS

    • Poplar or Nato top, back and sides
    • Mahogany neck
    • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
    • Geared tuners
    • Satin Finish
    • Premium Aquila Nylgut strings
    • Free deluxe gigbag

  187. Hi Allison,

    I think you might have seen the difference when you went there then. Or at least felt the difference when trying it out there. It’s the design, sound and really, the feel of it. It’s really the craftmanship? The 89 to 125 is much more sophisticated than the $48 one? Because it’s already there, you would really be able to tell the difference when you’re holding it to see.

  188. Hi Sarah
    What do you think of the brand Alegria?
    Ø 23 inch Concert Sized Ukulele
    Ø Front: Solid Cedar
    Ø Back & Sides: Rosewood
    Ø Gold plated geared tuners
    Ø Aquila brand nylgut strings

  189. Hi Ash,
    I haven’t seen it before but from your description, it sounds okay? Kind of typical but I don’t know how it looks like or tried it. The description seems alright though.

  190. Hi Sarah!
    I have read through a lot of your posts as I’m trying to do some research ya? So details are, I’m a secondary school kid who feels like playing the ukulele. Past experiences? I am in Chinese Orchestra, in the plucked string sections if this info helps 🙂 [ Oh and during music lessons in school we are learning the Ukulele, Soprano. ]
    So I’m planning to buy a Ukulele. I am deciding on a Soprano or Concert.
    Soprano: It is cheaper just in case I give up halfway 🙁
    Concert: I really feel that a concert ukulele would be more comfortable for me. Of course, there are the prices to consider.
    My budget is $90. Can you give me some advice? 🙂 I have been doing research and currently plan to get the Ukulele from Davis/ Ranking Music/ SV Guitar. [ Staying in the East. Can’t venture far ]
    Thanks in advance! ☺️

  191. Hi Didi, get a soprano if you’re going to play ‘normal’ songs. Get the concert if you want to play some orchestra blues or something. The size from soprano to concert isn’t as much diff as concert to tenor.

    So get the soprano instead if you’re playing typical songs instead of really fancy blues since you don’t need the ‘extra’ octaves.

  192. So with a Soprano I can play songs such as [ Can’t help falling in love with you ] or some songs which are pretty popular right now such as [ Blank Space ] and [ I’m not the only one ] ? 🙂
    I have been browsing through carousell and I have found a Soprano Ukulele for sale @ $70. Mahogony and equipped with Aquila strings. Comes with a bag.
    Do you think it’s worth it?

  193. Hi Didi,
    Yes you can pretty much play those songs on a soprano. I totally play T Swift on it. Hahahahah. Anyway, I don’t know the specifics. It sounds okay but it’s Carousell so depends on your seller too, as usual.

  194. Hi Sarah,

    Just to update that Thor Music School – both Simei and Katong branches – is no more! Both phone numbers are not in use. I called Prillante Music Instruments and they also confirmed this, unfortunately. 🙁

    Prillante also does not carry the Moe series anymore – those colourful ones eg. Keroppi, Angry birds etc. 🙁

  195. Hi sarah,

    I am getting a gift for my friend and i know nothing about ukulele, would like to check with you i saw an online deal for a makala MK-S for $70 brand new that comes with the gig bag, original black strings, is it worth the money ?

  196. Hello Loy,

    It’s pretty alright for a beginner. It’s just a decent ukulele for a beginner and the price is really around that for an average soprano uke. Hope your friend likes is and is a beginner too?

  197. Thanks for the reply sarah, he plays guitar but this will be his first ukulele then. If i were to change the strings, how much would it cost and what kind and also where should i go then.

  198. Hi Loy,

    I’ll just answer both here. You can do the strings yourself or sometimes it is service fee of $1 per string. Strings come in packs. $9 and it goes up from there cause there’s many types even coloured ones. Ukulele Movement has the fancy ones, shops at Peninsula Plaza might have at least the basics and also Bras Basah, I’ve seen some. BUT not all these places have stringing services.

    Also comparing both, the design is just different at this stage of ‘beginner’ type of uke in that budget, you won’t find much difference anyway… Just see which one costs better for you and also that it is a warranty or the seller does show it’s all good? That’s the thing with online buying since you can’t get it fixed if got any dents or anything.

  199. Hey Sarah,

    I want to buy my first Ukulele and I saw a few that I feel is good for a beginner:

    1. Eddy Finn EF-MN-BL Minnow Black Soprano Ukelele
    2. Koname UP-21-MAHO Mahogany Soprano Ukulele
    3. Koname UP-MI Ukelele

    I don’t want to spend too much for one and would like to know which one do I get?

    I want to learn to play it by myself and would also like to know if getting a tuner is worth it?

  200. You can check my how to buy a ukulele article which is linked but my answer would be just choose which one you like. Also yes. Get a tuner unless you have a phone app tuner and that works too.

  201. Hi Sarah
    Foremost , thanks for keeping this site and all the great advice.

    I’m a newbie looking to buy a Ukelele. I’m thinking to just buy a good solid wood to start, instead of getting a “beginner” laminate one then upgrade later, ending up paying for 2.

    What would you do? Option 1: just buy one good one, or Option 2: get a average price one then upgrade later.


  202. Dear Betsy,

    I’d go with option 2. UNLESS you can find option 1 to be super limited and won’t be back ever again or something. Because sometimes with the beginner one, you’ll find out what style you’ll like before buying the solid wood one. You might not like that specific solid wood one because you would prefer another style etc etc.

  203. Hi Sarah!

    I’m looking to buy a ukulele for around $50-60 to play around with leisurely. Do you have any recommendations and shops?

    Also i understand that a tuner is helpful to tune the ukulele. Any shops that have reasonably priced tuners?

    Thank you for your help!

  204. Hi Sarah,

    My son now 8yrs old, his school start to teach him Ukulele , and yesterday he told me, he is interested to learn. And I was thinking to get one for him. What rate of Ukulele should I buy for him? and what the price like? Simei that shop is it worth to get a Ukulele from there shop? and where can I get a tutor to teach him at home instead of going to class outside.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Thank you.

  205. Hi Ryan,

    Check out the shops at basement of Peninsula plaza or any music store now. They usually have it, Christofori at Funan maybe might have deals since Funan itself is closing. And tuners are all pretty much same priced all around the stores. Just check which ones you like!

  206. Hi Susan,

    You can check my guide how to buy one. http://www.seriouslysarah.com/blog/2012/03/20/buying-a-ukulele-in-singapore/ But for him, I suggest getting a beginner one or one that he will like the design. Bring him out to the music store for him to choose. It can be under $100. Sometimes $50-$60 for really a basic one. There are cheaper than that but the quality sometimes isn’t worth it.

    For him, just go to the music stores at the basement of Peninsula Plaza or at Christofori or even Yamaha (some branches sell ukes).

    For home tutors, why not just get a recc from his school if his school is teaching him ukulele? I know some schools outsource to specific uke teachers for classes. Just check on with that. If not, there’s usually lessons or tutors from Ukulele Movement you can contact.

  207. Hi Sarah, do you know where can I buy the capo for ukulele? I got one that was meant for guitar, although it works but I find that I have trouble switching between chords when my left hand have to move around the capo to reach different places on the fret, cos the capo is in the way.

  208. Hi Pauline,

    Easiest you can get from is Ukulele Movement. Easiest cause they definitely have stock. Otherwise, Peninsula Plaza basement, the stores there might have some too but that one depending on stock. Bras Basah Complex, Sports and Ranking sometimes might have but I can’t confirm it at the moment.

  209. Hi,

    I am a beginner and would like to get a concert size ukulele that is below $150. Is there any recommended brands? And where can i get them?

  210. Hi Yi Lin,

    My post pretty much stated where to buy them. It’s more to see what’s in stock in their stores, really.

  211. Hi,I am planning to learn ukelele for the first time and where do i go to the simei ukelele outlet may i ask? And what type of ukelele should i get bc im 17 and i have small hands😂😅

  212. Hi Simin,

    Not sure if the simei one is around. And you can just go with a regular ukulele which is the soprano. Try going to Peninsula Plaza where there’s more choices in the basement or Ukulele Movement instead!

  213. Hi Sarah,

    just came across your blog post as i’ve started a weekly ukulele jam in Holland Village every Wednesday night. I’ve actually listed this post in the bio for anyone looking to get a uke!

    As you look like a keen uke player, i’d love to extend an invitation to you to join us at The Pit bar for a strum along and sing! We’d love to see you there. You’ll find more info here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/275301296212005/


  214. is the sound quality acceptable for a $50 one? Thank you for reading this. Would great appreciate if you could reply. Thank you.

  215. Hi lervi,

    Yeah it is but if you’re aiming for that one in the video, you really should check the DETAILS more than just listening to it. After all, it’s the skill of the player too. Also more like, do YOU like the sound? It’s a preference if you like it to sound bright or more mellow. And I can’t exactly tell accurately cause for this video, they also do a little adjusting for making more ‘echoes’ cause it’s fed into the microphone if you can hear her voice too.

  216. Hi lervi!

    Ok if you wanna buy from Taobao then no point getting the $50 one cause if you buy in Singapore there’s some cheaper, cuter and sometimes they even give you freebies depending if they got special sale. I recommend either you go choose and take pics OR bring the 10 year old with you to Peninsula Plaza, the basement has a lot of ukuleles in the guitar shops too. OR if you want more value for money too, check out Ukulele movement online or visit there since they have at least warranty or can fix ukulele if anything happens also.

    Even Cristofori school has under $50 or a special package that’s exactly $50 including bag, strap, pick and tuner.

  217. Hi Sarah, may i know where is the best place to buy a ukulele for beginner? I read your article on where to buy ukulele, but that article is few years back. And which brand do you recommend? Thanks.

  218. Hi Tee!

    The Peninsula Plaza basement shops are still good and Ukulele movement too. In the past month or so I did check out the ones at Peninsula Plaza and they had Makalas in different colours. They sound “bright” the typical ukulele sound if you like that (compared to mellow and chill with other strings) and is pretty good for beginners.

  219. Hey Sarah! I was thinking of buying a a relatively good but not so pricey concert. Where are the best places to search for a decent concert? Ukuelele Movement or Peninsula Plaza basement shop? Thanks so much! 🙂

  220. Hi Danielle,

    Concerts, you’d have more luck at Ukulele Movement. Peninsula Plaza mostly have sopranoes from the last trip I went there but I can’t remember if they had stock on concerts.

  221. Hi Sarah, I am a send and learming ukulele for 6 sessions already. Would like to get a c ukulele. My budget is within $100. Any shops or ukulele you would like to recommend ? Are those ukulele selling in q0010 worth to buy ? They are cheap and come with sets of tuners and bag. Thanks very much.

  222. Hi Mdm Tan,

    Do you mean a soprano sized ukulele? Or concert? You can try buy from qoo10 but you don’t really know the shop? If they have reviews for their shop, then maybe ok?

    I think for you, you can go basement of Peninsula Plaza, go to 3 Coleman Street B1-40/41, 179804, Davis Guitar Music shop. Ask the person over there for any help you need because behind the counter you’ll see a lot of colourful ukuleles in your budget too. It will come in a bag because bags are all the standard for any ukulele BUT you can now choose your own type of tuner there to purchase.

  223. Hi sarah, tks for your reply.
    I had seen qoo10 and lazada and found two brands – nalu and kmise. Prices Range from$55-75 which are winthin my budget. Are these two brands good ? Also some no brand name.There are all from china..i am looking for concert.
    Thanks you very much.

  224. Hi Mdm Tan, as you stated, they are all from China so I don’t know those brands. It’s not the usual brands for ukulele but it doesn’t mean it’s not good. If you think you like it, you can buy it after reading their description since you already have the option of looking at ukuleles in shops here too.

  225. Hi Sarah,

    My name is Alan, Manager/Ukulele Instructor from Ukulele Movement.

    As we have moved to a new location, we appreciate it if you could change our retail store address to the following:

    809, French Road, #02-41, Kitchener Complex, Singapore 200809

    Thank you for your time.

    Alan Soo

  226. Hi sarah!
    I was wondering out of all the ukelele shops listed, whivh shop has sells the cheapest ukelele

  227. Hi Amanda,

    Try the ones the basement of Peninsula Plaza. But remember cheapest might not mean it’s the best, just decent enough for playing for fun.

  228. Hi Sarah, I need to fix strap buttons on my ukulele so to attach a strap. Do u have any idea where I can go to get that done and how much it would cost please?

  229. Hi Faithebunny, woah I just saw this comment. Try Ukulele Movement. They have a workshop where they fix ukuleles too or just email them!

  230. My name is John Kitakis, maker of Ko’olau and Pono ukuleles. We have sold a few directly to dealers in Singapore, but now have a distributor, Daisy Music, so this will be much easier and less shipping and duty issues. email is daisymusiccompany@yahoo.com

  231. Hi Sarah,

    I’m trying to find out if you know anything about the new-ish Muse ukulele brand at UM? I am a beginner (just started playing 4 months ago) and live in a nearby Asian country where uke availability is limited so I got a cheap Makoa Concert to see if I like learning the uke. Well, i love it and want to upgrade to a better quality one and so I’m wondering if u know anything about the Muse line? I come to Singapore regularly and want to get a better uke when I’m there.


  232. Hi Samantha,
    WOW sorry late reply but I haven’t tried it out personally BUT only saw the specifications. It seemed like a good average uke cause their line seems to be fitting for beginners. It’s decent enough to use but it really depends on how much you want to upgrade! Just go to the shop cause really, you’ll get to play and touch it yourself to see if it is fitting and the difference with the other brands there too.

  233. Hi Sarah, can I seek your opinion on this ukulele “aNueNue Hawaiian Dream Solid top Concert”?

    Just want to ask you if aNueNue brand is a good brand for ukulele because I noticed you mainly talked about Kala / Ohana.

    Secondly, if the aNueNue string is good because you have rec mainly Aqualia brand.

    Specs as below:
    – Solid mahogany top
    – back and sides (mahogany laminate)
    – fingerboard & bridge: rosewood
    – nut and saddle: synthetic bone
    – strings: aNueNue Clear water

    Thank you!

  234. Hi Uken00b!

    Just saw this. Wow, I hope you got your uke by then! Also at the time of the post back then aNueNue wasn’t available in Singapore. I would just say go for it, it is pretty good! The strings probably are too but it’s not about how good they are, it’s the sound you like. Different strings give different tones though it is the same ‘note’.

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