The Dark Knight Rises… With Domino’s Pizza

This post is brought to you by Domino’s Pizza and!

Like Catwoman, I was trapped in Gotham. Instead of Gotham, it was Vivocity since I missed the last train at Harbourfront. How did I end up there even?

I got to watch The Dark Knight Rises by getting a ticket by Omy in a private theatre just reserved by Domino’s. The movie ended at midnight since it was that long.

If you’re a fan of Domino’s, you should like their Facebook page. You might win some tickets to their next movie outing for their special customers. And wow, they have quite a lot of special customers who love to buy their pizzas.

It’s cool to know that they do keep a list of special customers and give out goodies or tickets to them besides for fans who like their page.

For those who went, we got a little goodie bag and posters. Batman, Bane and Catwoman was in the roll of posters given. Plus a voucher for a regular pizza! It’s only for take away though but the closest branch to me is Bedok and heh, I do like their pizzas.

I usually call Domino’s pizza, magic pizza or pizza from the internet because when they deliver, it’s so fast. Order it, count down the time and POOF they appear like they say when they’ll appear.

But oh what’s this? A special Batman glass! Fret not if you want one of these… You can get it while stocks last if you order the, The Dark Knight Rises meal from Domino’s.

Apparently it’s quite popular and the company is ordering more glasses just for this meal promotion.

Ok. How did I find the movie? I MUST SAY, I liked the last of the trilogy. Catwoman is awesome. Batman too BUT WOAH, Anne Hatheway is indeed a very good Catwoman! For comic book fans, you’d be very pleased to see so much similarities in the movie with the actual comics.

I was surprised that Holly Robinson was in there. She’s a friend of Selina Kyle and brings a whole lot of back story should you choose to know more about this version of Selina Kyle.

They did the timelapse well in the movie. No cheesy FIVE MONTHS LATER text or anything like that. You had to concentrate on the dialogue and realize what was happening. It was just that good. The ending, well I’m sure most of you guys have heard from others. The ending was beautiful. Alfred, Bruce, Selina and Blake… It all comes together.

The Dark Knight Rises is definitely one of those “DO NOT WAIT FOR THE DVDs” kind of movie. Just go and watch it.

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