And so the previous conventions…

For a report on STGCC 2012, I’ve written it here on SGCafe. It’s Japanese centric so here’s just a few other memorable notes. For Andy Diggle’s panel, he says the question is not “How do I get in comic companies but how to get noticed instead”. It’s paraphrasing here and comic writing is more about cutting things out than putting it in since there’s limited pages or text you can have in a comic.

A good exercise is to start writing a story for 20 pages then cut the same story to 10 and then cut it to 5 and then see if you can cut it to 1 page.

So woaaaaaah.

A summary: STGCC was cool and I hope it’ll be even better in 2013 and really. Fix their ticketing system.

Read more on the other panels and stuff from Here Be Geeks!

And then, there was The Games Expo at the Singapore Expo Hall 5 last weekend.

It was really “quiet”. I only went on Sunday though but it was more of people playing on the computers and while there was a section for card games, I didn’t know they had one there until I went there!

Too bad since I could have brought my Magic: the Gathering cards to play.

Congrats to Maria as the Mistress of Pain from Diablo for winning the first prize on the second day of the cosplay competition though!

The back where her spider thing is actually lights up but she didn’t switch it on for this shot.

That’s it for STGCC and TGX! The next event would be AFA in November.

But first, for those who want to play in the escape game… The next Real Escape Game will start from 28-30 September! Try it if you think you’re puzzle solvers.

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