Game2Read and the Cat’s Purrzaar

The utterly unimaginative title of this post is pretty much… Well, Game2Read was a quiet affair. It was held at the airy space, The Plaza at the central National Library. It did mean a lot of space to walk around though.

There’s booths from I Love Books and oh, you can have this discount code for 15% off ebooks, it is valid until 15 October 2012. Here it is: SGM120237RME. Fine details say it’s only applicable to regular priced items, not for discounted ones and not valid with other promotions, vouchers or promo codes. However, you can use it as many times you like!

Touch Dimensions was showcasing their game too. Autumn Dynasty was rather fun since you had to get your troops around by drawing lines towards where they were to go. Just check trailer to see what I mean.

Oh you can take a picture with their gokart and their mascot too. The 501st were lurking around for photos too since it was a Games2Read event.

Then off to the Cat’s Purrzaar at The Arts House! It’s a yearly thing. You can come back the coming weekend too since the last day is 22 September 2012.

Postcards, prints, cat grass, jewelry and other cute things! Cat related bags and whatnot, it’s just full of CAT STUFF.

Yes, go ahead and go to the Cat’s Purrzaar if you can because it has such cute items and a percentage of most of the items there are donated to the Cat Welfare Society too!

So there, nothing much. Next week’s adventure will be a picnic. The following weekend would be the Real Escape Game and then other activities. It’s SEPTEMBER EVERYONE.

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