Launch the chickens!

The Ayam Curtain book launch was held on 16th November at Books Actually. There was a launch at the Singapore Writers Festival but this is the main one!

The editors of the anthology, Joyce and June. So that’s how they look like if you ever meet them at literary events or the such.

Turn to page whatever. Heh, you can see more pictures in the album here. Ayam Curtain is an anthology of a LOT of speculative fiction. I like quite a lot of them and it’ll be really spoilerish if I described them so you’ll have to buy it!

And the end of it. By the way, do shop at Books Actually. As of the weekend, they need to raise up money to renew their lease at their location. Which, at the time of is post, is today. I don’t know if they made it. I hope they did. IN ANY CASE, buy your books, stationery and other stuff at Books Actually.

I went to AFA 2012 and that was quite fun.

Also, some of us went to check out Chye Seng Huat Hardware coffee shop. If you have the chance to go there, you have to enter by the ‘no entry’ gate. It’s a thing. A hipster thing.

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