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Set the scene! Emily Hill, on a Saturday afternoon. After climbing up the steps from Little India MRT station (the escalator broke down) and then going up some more steps to get to the house on the hill, we arrived at the Threadless party! Before that, we were at the Nanowrimo write-in at Republic Plaza. Next week’s write-in will be at Rochester Park’s Starbucks.

The queue to enter the grounds was not long. We all got a coupon to exchange for our free t-shirt!

I got myself a large girly! HURR. Well, with this t-shirt you could queue (that was what the long queue near the entrance was about) up to get a custom silkscreen-ed design on it by the Threadless guys themselves! We didn’t queue up for it. It was verily long and at the end of the day, our friend who did arrive earlier than us in the afternoon, finally got hers silkscreened after three hours or so of queuing.

I can probably get an even more custom silkscreen-ed design myself at another place but this t-shirt is nice and comfy like how Threadless t-shirts are wont to do.

Instead of queuing up, we did everything else at the party! There was an ice cream uncle there and we bought ice cream. There was an open bar but it was only free alcoholic drinks since it was sponsored by Stoli or some brand. For those hungry though, there was amakcik selling Ramly burger there and other stuff in the tents!

The Nyancat there was a collaboration of June and me. I drew that cat thing and she drew the rainbow and sprinkles.

The catalogues were outside and there was a gallery inside too with artwork from all the artists who contributed to Threadless. Meanwhile, besides the open bar, the ice cream uncle and burger stall makcikand graffiti board, we played a game of crappy table tennis while waiting for our friends there as music played through the speakers. Considering it was a rather sunny day, it was quite nice.

Good grief, I just realized, if it wasn’t sunny the queue would be so sad!

Anywho, it was metaphorically cool and then we went dinner downhill, at New Hawa Restaurant! Spoiler alert, it hasn’t been new since ages.

Summary of Threadless party: Come early when the party just started to beat the queue next time (hopefully? PLEASE COME AGAIN). We hope to buy exclusive merch even if the t-shirts are  exclusive since it would be funner that way too and well, it was all chill! Oh and perhaps somehow to be able to talk to the founders next time. It was a busy day though, so yeah. Arty and hipstery.

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