No tea but just root beer for me

It's in the programme!

We had A Speculative Fiction Tea-Party (With Less Tea and More Writing) at the Earshot Cafe at The Arts House. It was by June, Dave Chua, Joyce Chng and Alvin Pang.

Literally 9!

It’s also cause it is the Arts House’s birthday! So a literary event thing, huzzaaah.

Registration Items to write about Have a looksee at the items!

It is a non-serious event that has more writing and obviously less tea at the Earshot cafe. People would register at the table, draw a number out of a bag and receive an item and write about it! FYI, for participants who did this digitally at the event, you can send your piece to

The result of the session will be published in the future in either a chapbook or online somewhere.

One of the hosts

Here’s one of the hosts. It’s a pretty simple session with everyone just writing away for that one hour.

Write away!

The Earshot cafe is a nice place to write. As long as you have enough battery, of course.

Fries and a root beer float

Meanwhile, I had a root beer float and fries with their garlic sauce. It’s after all a tea party with less tea.

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