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Previously… on Seriously Sarah with the Awaken the Dragon mini workshop

The ceramic pieces!

Our pieces are done! And displayed! Wooooh. No, we didn’t do all that. It’s all contributed by everyone who attended the workshops or mini shows or did private group sessions.

Anyway, this will be at the National Museum of Singapore until the 24th March 2013, it’s near the back of the museum, past the shop and it’s free to have a looksee!

Other visitors

You can’t touch your piece or take it away since the exhibition is still on (duh) but you can take pictures of it!

Ask the person in charge about the pieces, whoever is on shift that day will be able to tell you more about how they fired the pieces in the kiln.

Raven's Mickey Mouse thing Max's BMO Max's Finn Max's Jake Nicole's Lady Rainicorn Mintea's pie dish Jo's peacock phoenix thing June's cat!

Our pieces! From Raven‘s Micky Mouse, Max‘s BMO, Finn and Jake (not sure where Lemongrab is), Nicole’s Lady Rainicorn, Mintea‘s pie dish, Jo‘s phoenix peacock thing and June‘s cat.

My cup thing

And this is my wavy cup thingy! You can tell that all of our pieces are differently coloured. It’s because of the position it is placed in the kiln. Whether it is close to the fire or near the middle or covered by ash.

Perfect tea pot

This was considered the ‘perfect’ piece because it had the white specklings of ash all over it and well, look at that colour! There’s no glaze involved, only the unpredictable heat of a wood fired dragon kiln.

Professional pieces

Besides pieces contributed by the public, there were those by ceramic artists too and you can check those out at each end of the exhibit.


After the exhibition ends, we’ll all get our own pieces. This one would probably be like a bonus to whoever made it cause they get to keep a piece of brick from the kiln! It fused with their ceramic piece but somehow, it’s pretty interesting in itself that way.

Kinda looks like the King Pig got bricked.

Self Help

On a different note, I went to the Earshot Cafe at the Arts House and this was in their self help section. Hah! I think they meant self service but ok.

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