Just ride

Clear skies?

The weather report said it was going to be thunderous showers in the late morning to early afternoon. Fortunately, HAH NO RAIN!

No rain until a drizzle but only when I got back home.

That meant that Joelyn and I could go cycling at Pasir Ris! BECAUSE IT KEPT RAINING and we couldn’t do much outdoor things lately.

Our biiikes

And thus, we rented bicycles! $8 each for two hours at the rental shop near Downtown East, towards the park. We had no idea when the shop was open but lucky for us, it was! I took down the timing, it’s:

Monday to Friday, 11am to 6pm

Saturdays, Sundays, public and school holidays from 10am to 7pm

And off we went! It was around 10am but there were quite a lot of people playing around.

Some group activity thing

There were some orientation camp things happening. I don’t know, people were sailing on a board over these balls.

Cycling awaaay

Sometimes you just need to cycle around. Go have a looksee around the outdoors. Do activities.

On we road!

I learned that from Downtown East, I could cycle all the way to Pasir Ris Park since it has connectors.

A stable...

Past the stable…

A playground!

Past the playgrounds! I remember this rope thing. But back then I remembered it was red, now it’s a faded brown. Apparently the other playgrounds are all hoarded up and are being upgraded until 2014.


And thus we rode for 2 hours. Really, that was quite a long ride be sure to have a bottle of water with you for hydration. In any case, it was just lovely to finally be out and about. When I was a kid, the route seemed so long but now, it feels much shorter.

Was it us or did they ‘upgrade’ the park with less cycling tracks? I doubt the latter.

And that's Jo's leg.

And the best part is always after the ride, you can chill out and have lunch.

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  1. Hey! The rope thing! Why is it not bright red anymore? I felt so on top of the world when I managed to climb right at the top. Now it looks so small …

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