Singapore’s Not Boring… You Are… OK LOR, NOW WHAT?

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GUYYYYYYYYYYYYYS. I just had tea. Most of you who are my regular readers and people who talk to me know how it is with me + tea. The normal teh tarik!

ANYWAY. So I read the whole “Singapore’s Not Boring, You Are” thingy rebuttal to that other “Singapore’s Boring” thing which was written over 3 years ago. I think the person who wrote that would be more amazed that people are starting to comment NOW than back then.


I lie.

You guys don’t even comment that often for my other posts except for my ukulele guides, ABLOO BLOO BLOO.

EITHER WAY. BLA BLA. BOTH POSTS leave readers going “WOAH NO MAN, SINGAPORE’S NOT BORING” or “HUARGH, SINGAPORE’S BORING. IT’S TRUE” and leave it as that. Because not everyone elaborates exactly why except the esoteric “Because we’re Singaporeans, that’s why!” and then give a deluge of comments of “YOU’RE NOT FROM HEEEEEEERE” etc etc.


I’m from here and I’ve done this thing of Singapore’s Not Boring since 2010. Singapore’s only as boring as you are or the company you keep.

I don’t club because it’s not fun to me but I know friends who do and they find it fun! I like to go to museums and stuff but I know some people might not find it fun.

One person’s boring is another person’s fun.

The definition of boring for this post is equals to not fun. I doubt I’d get all Hardwarezoned for this but FOR YOU, those who had been searching what to do for fun.



Like for serious. Especially if you have specific dates. There are a freaking lot of schedule/list sites that say what activities, courses, sales whatever happens on that date.


Yeah well, there’s lots of activities that don’t need a heck lot of money. Imma do some sub categories for this because it’s quite a bit for you to check out.

They have a lot of free guided tours around their parks. You get to learn about nature in their various parks (duh). Of the plants, animals and sometimes the history of the place! Volunteers run this gig and they’re cool.

Downside? It depends on the weather since you’re outdoors. There are also paid tours because those are the more specific ones and for large groups. Either way, it’s under the nature walk and tours page.

  • Check your neighbourhood community… thing

I don’t know about you but most of the time when I check out my block’s message board or sometimes banners along the block, there are a lot of cheapo activities to try out!

There are community walks, kite flying and really, depends on your zone and who are they ‘under’. They sometimes come with breakfast!

The previous event that happened was a “Dengue Walk” where you learned about dengue and prevention but the poster said the highlights were breakfast, lucky draw and walk.

I know dudes, I know.

  • Ask your friends/family out

GASSSSP. I KNOW RIGHT? Well, you can go picnicking, playgrounds, chatting with them over tea and anything. There are lots of places in Singapore you can go picnicking or playing. Marina Barrage lets you play with water and has lots of wind for kite flying. There’s Pasir Ris park, East Coast beach, and of course all the other NParks places.

Free entry for Singaporeans and permanent residents starting from 18 May 2013. GUESS WHAT. That’s next week from this post! FREE ENTRY TO MUSEUMS FOR US! If you haven’t gone to the museums for a heck long while, check it out. Check their various websites too because they have ACTIVITIES and tours.

I went to a time travelling one before and it was super fun. Like the nparks’ tours some of the NHB ones are free and some of them aren’t. They’re not that expensive for the special ones because sometimes they have goodie bags included and the experience is pretty worth while.

The actual post museum is gone but their website is still around. They update now and then for FREE TOURS to places like Bukit Brown or let you know other projects for the current season. This one you can just sign up for their newsletter (email them to ask) or check their twitter.

  • Check out the local magazines and newspapers

My brothers get NSMAN and Frontline (Home Team) and I’m all “AHhhhhhhh!” Because there are a lot of cool events for SAFRA members and I AM NOT one. For obvious reasons. (Obvious reason is that I don’t serve NS.) This is in a way like check out the fine print! You guys DO get quite a lot of activities to do with your pals and family.

Those who aren’t SAFRA members, NTUC magazines or rather their newsletter things have stuff too.

Our newspapers have a things to check out section especially on weekends if you have no idea what to do too.

  • Get a hobby or check out the local forums

Like photography? Go check out Club Snap. Heck if you like photography, you’d know what that is already and go on photowalks. Or football or basketball… GO MAKE UP YOUR OWN TEAM. I have no idea how some guys do it but they have the ability or rather the network to create teams and play during weekends.

I’m not that much of a sporty girl so I don’t know how they ‘do it’ but somehow it’s like an innate ability when I see on my friend’s FB and they have “LET’S GO PLAY FOOTBALL AT XX FIELD”! Just get a ball and go. You can book fields nowadays too.

Our swimming pools are pretty cheap for entry too. Or really, if you even like stuff like art, sewing, coffee appreciation. Whatever, you might learn that a lot of these clubs or forums exist in Singapore because they’re also all “YO DUDES, WE EXIST. COME LET’S HELP EACH OTHER OUT”. It’s just trying to find them.

I found that we have a freaking unicycling commitee in Singapore. UNICYCLING. I wanna try that out one day.

HO MAAAAN. IT’S A PLACE WITH BOOKS. GAASP. WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING HERE. No dudes, no. The national and public libraries don’t just keep books, they hold free events too! Check out their Go!Library schedules and there are  lots of family friendly activities like storytelling and stuff.

It depends on the part of the year because they have THEMES and each library has their ‘signature’ events too. Did you know we have stargazing at Toa Payoh library?

Even I hold my events there for Nanowrimo! For those of you tumblrers, we also have fandom events at the library if you don’t know like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games even… Twilight.


Those are just some of the free events and there’s a heck load more of commercial ones too. I don’t want to list them all out but you can just check out reviews from my posts in the Sarah Does Singapore section or Random Encounters.


Just go search what YOU like, most of the time you can be unboring and have fun and chances are someone else will probably like it too. It’s not the place that’s boring, it’s what you do.

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  1. Or you can stay at home! Haha I never feel bored because there’s so much you can do with an internet connection.

  2. For all thos who beleive SG is boring. Just saw a cool new site which features places in Singapore by mood. It is a pretty cool idea as it gives you recommendations of what to do or where to go depending on how you feel:

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