And I ran

They do, you know.

Why did I wake up so early on the 26th. It wasn’t as if it was going to be a free an easy day but whatever, I wanted to do it.

Go to the Race the Dead run in the morning at Sentosa and then to the Nanowrimo Kick-Off party in the afternoon at the library.

Signs on the loose by Sam Lo

But I guess, I really really like adventure and if I was able to do it all in the same day I would probably do it. So I arrived at Sentosa and walked towards the registration area.

They actually had signs and on their website and their pamphlet were maps to the pavilion.

Registration sign!

Some other people went to the starting line straight without registration even when it is clearly stated everywhere to do so first. Do people not read instructions? I don’t know. I like to read instructions.

Always read the manual, the fine details and everything first.


And this is a picture of a peahen. Just cause.

I was early enough and it was walking around like some NPC. I didn’t chase it because it’s a freaking peahen and not a pigeon.


Ok, that’s too long for a headline but you get the idea. It would be stupid if I approached it and tried to touch it.

I know cats, not peahens.

It's a gopro3!

So when I finished registration and all the other stuff, I waited for my wave and camwhored. Look! It’s a gopro3!

Ha ha, it’s not mine, I just rented it from Camera Rental Centre for the day. My friends were going for the Nano party in the later part of the day and they didn’t sign up for the race so it was just me there.

A picture by the gopro3 !

The picture quality does look pretty nice but I didn’t rent it for pictures. I rented to do a videoooo.


Bye people of the first two waves, byeeeeeeeeeeee. Ok. So I was there and when they got us in our own section, by the time it was my wave aka wave 8, people were kinda freaking out and boyfriends and girlfriends were all “I will protect you” and I was like “Okaaaaay” as I heard them.

I mean, I was there, not like I could go anywhere else.

It’s all pretty amusing though.

Anyway that’s a little video since you guys probably wanted to see what happened. I was ‘infected’ but the heck, it was so fun. I like runs like these where you have obstacles. Running like in normal marathons are kinda meh to me but put some obstacles and I’m all YES I will do it.

In fact, I’m so YES I will do it that I’ve signed up for the Commando Challenge on 15 Dec. I only knew about that because my trainer told me it was happening. I looked at the location where it was going to be held and I gasped.

Remember the so called small hike I went on one side of the Green Corridor?

Yeah the one where we went “Oh, it’s just going to be a simple hike” AND IT ENDED UP LIKE SOME FREAKING LARA CROFT ADVENTURE FILLED WITH TUNNELS AND SHRUBBERY?


It’s going to be there.

Only the opposite from the route I took in that old adventure.

That just made me want to really get into the Commando Challenge because that place is beautiful once you emerge out of the bushes and really RETURN TO THE GREEN CORRIDOR. I know this time it’s going to be muddy and lots of things that are brambly and all.

It’s going to be like a real life action adventure game but with me doing it physically instead of holding a game controller. I hope there won’t be any walls in the 15+ obstacles for this challenge. I can’t climb up walls. I don’t know how to climb up walls! I’ll be training more for this though cause it will be silly if I don’t.

My friend Tash is going to do the challenge with me! So wooooooooooh.

Meanwhile, if you do want to race against zombies or BE a zombie, there’s a race in January called Run For Your Lives Singapore. Early bird offer ends uh, on the day of this post. It will be less scary than the Commando Challenge, no duh and oooh it provides medals for ALL finishers either infected or survivors.

That’s neat.

I like shinies.

I want more shinies.

It’s like real life achievement points for games!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand that reminds me Nanowrimo starts tomorrow. Oh and did you know, I was selected with Jerome for the first round of 50 participants for The Hunger Games Singapore? We just need to be in the lucky 16 to be in the games. HOPEFULLY we will cause the main winner gets to go to LA to watch THG: Catching Fire.

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