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Golden Shoe Complex

Last Saturday’s Nanowrimo write-in was at Golden Shoe complex. BECAUSE IT WAS DEEPAVALI AND THE SHOPS WERE CLOSED.


But it was one of the most effective write-ins ever because:

a) No food or distractions

b) You had limited battery

c) No internet (unless you plugged in your own)

The coming Saturday’s write-in should be at the usual place though so I don’t know if productivity will be as much as when we had nothing, heh heh.

It's Effie Trinket

And then I went to the Hunger Games: Catching Fire event.

The short details, 4D pencil and I signed up and we got in the first round and then the selection round was on Saturday.

We looked at the list when we registered and we were the last pair of 50 in it.

THEN as we all waited anxiously with everyone else like that scene in the movie where everyone lined up before Effie Trinket, our names were finally called!

We were the twelfth pair to be picked.


For those who have read the book or watched the movie, please note the specialness of the number 12 even if it didn’t mean anything much to anyone else there but I am fan-ish enough to gasp at the omen.


We will be wearing the badges on 9 Nov, Saturday and be running around The Cathay for our challenges. We don’t know what they are but we hope to complete them and win the games!

Catch us running around at about 2pm since the event starts then. May the odds be ever in our favour?

 The tents!It's a sign!

Also on Sunday we went to the Singapore Writers Festival. The last day is the 10th, just so you know.

It's Wena!

But too bad you guys weren’t there for Wena’s reading from her latest book because it was UTTERLY hilarious and fun. She read… well, more like performed a story from Maxine, Aoki, Beto & Me. (Fyi, you can get that book from Amazon or Book Depository. Also, she took the photographs, designed the book and everything!)

It was one of the free entry book launches there so we busted into the main pavilion like villains and then pretty much just sat quietly at the seats.

Not too quietly since her story was hilarious. I don’t want to give spoilers but after her reading session, BAM it’s so effective that it made pretty much anyone there want to buy the book without her saying “BUY MY BOOK” like how most people would do it.

If you EVER have a chance to attend any of her sessions at any book festival, just go.

Anyway. That was my weekend. Lots of writery and fictional adventures. The books themselves will have their own review posts so that’ll be when I finish them! I received a few books and bought some new ones so heh, that’s going to be some time till you get to read the reviews.

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