The 4 of Us II: The Middle

Animating awaay!

I visited The 4 of Us II on Tuesday, their second week. How did they fare?

I wanted to know how they were besides all the animating. Or at least with all the animating, how ARE they?

Apparently from the last I met them on the Friday before and in that short span of a day, everyone has gotten hyper and all “AUUGH” already.

Woosh, woosh!

They’ve been ‘over timing’ and will do so until the next week before one of their team members have gone off holiday with their parents. (See! Told you this was happening with a lot of groups.)

Even their instructor told them to take a walk on Monday when they’ve gotten really silly and doing weird things.

But hey, look. They’re indeed having good progress on their production anyway.

Perseverance, girls. You all can do it!

Cookie Monster!

Yes, that is a lot of Cookie Monster stuff.

Also, don’t forget to like the team on the N.E.mation facebook, under the top 10 teams app on the top and click The 4 of Us II!

Briefing for the day!

Naturally, they had to take a break too. If you don’t know the process, they come in around 8am and then continue working on, besides for lunch and dinner.

Oh and also for the ‘nightly’ briefing by the instructors. The briefing consists of any announcements to be made and about if their progress is ok and if the systems they are working on are doing well and that back ups have been done properly.

Eating food!

This is usually followed by dinner that the groups go down to get some food to buy at Koufu. Not to worry though if you ever want to join this competition, they got food coupons to spend on so that their food is already paid for!

They just need to ‘buy’ and eat.

Playing with shadows

It was during their dinner they told me what shenanigans have already been done in this second week. For one thing, after working so much, they’ve started to do shadow puppets against their tents.

London Choco Rolls

And that they got so hyper that they started to stuff as many London choco rolls into their hoodies and run back into the tents.

The current maximum number of London Choco Rolls that can be stuffed into a hoodie is 8, by the way.

Have you ever… heard the London Choco Roll song?

Just… Just sing that to your friends when you are bored.

Also, this is probably why their instructor told them to take a break and have a walk outside instead of continuing animating.


Their expressions.

Anyway, we also found out that the top 10 teams… Well, those who aren’t the top 3 (I think) will get Nintendo 3ds!

Guess who said that she will sell/donate her 3ds to someone if she gets it since she doesn’t play the games. And then guess who is appalled with the suggestion.

I think they’re doing OK. They’re still cheery and they’re still being ever so hardworking. Work on girls!

It’s just one more week to go and you’ll be done!