To the outerlands…

Not posting anything too much for this Monday but here’s a reminder…


TO VOTE FOR C05 and C08 (plus one other team of your choice) in N.E.mation!

Yes, don’t forget to vote for The 4 of Us II and Momento Mori. And vote all four methods, via the FB, the website, mobile web and sms.

Meanwhile, I got a mini interview up at Naiise. I curated a list of things to get for Valentine’s Day! Go check that out.

Oh and since Scoot didn’t get me the scooter I wanted, I went ahead and purchased it! We’ll see how it goes when it is delivered.

Eh this post looks so empty so here…


Here’s cajons being set up at Jurong regional library. That’ll be for another post since we made music!

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