Ok, this time you gotta VOTE!

Well these are the top ones.

LOOK AT THAT. Wanna win these stuff? Well actually you can see the list below.

Full Prizes!

If you’ve read my blog before, this is the latest call for VOTES for N.E.mation! 8. Let me copy paste what it says here:

N.E.mation! 8 clips are now ready for you to view and vote!           

Based on the theme, “Because You Played A Part”, 10 teams of students worked through the December holidays to bring their stories to life! Simply visit www.nemation.sg on your PC or mobile devices and watch all 10 clips. Vote for your three favourite clips, and stand to win attractive prizes like the iPad Air 16GB (WiFi + Cellular), Canon IXUS 132, iPad mini (Retina, WiFi), Canon Selphy Printers, Nintendo 3DS XL, Universal Studios Singapore passes and more! Voting ends 15 February 2014.

Yah, so all you have to do is JUST vote. And here is how to vote:

4 Ways to Vote

4 Methods to Vote:

  1. Visit www.nemation.sg from your PC. View all 10 clips and vote for 3 of your favorite clips!
  2. Visit m.nemation.sg to vote on your smartphone on your smartphone! Alternatively, you can scan the QR code above to reach the same destination.
  3. Visit N.E.mation! Facebook page on www.facebook.com/nemation
  4. Vote via SMS in the following format:

NE8<space>WEB<space>[1st choice],[2nd choice],[3rd choice]<space>NRIC<space>Full Name to 76677

Example: NE8 WEB C05,C08,C01 S1234567A Ben Tan Wei Chen

Those below 21 years of age must seek parental consent to participate in the SMS Voting. Standard SMS rate applies.

 Please note that each vote must be for three different N.E.mation! 8 clips.

Each person is only allowed to vote once on each of the voting platform.


Guys, guyyyys.

COME SUPPORT MY TWO GIRL POWAAAH TEAMS. I’ve written about them before here. And their animations are really cool.

VOTE FOR C05 aka The 4 of Us II. Why is there a II? It’s because this was their second time entering the competition but this is the first for them to make it THIS FAR.

VOTE FOR C08 aka Momento Mori. The punny girls who are hyper and are one of the fastest amongst the 10 teams to finish animating.

You can watch it on the voting website and yes, Co5 is all black and white while C08 is all colourful! BAAAM! A GREAT DUO OF A TEAM.

And you can vote for THREE teams in your four chances. I leave it to you, to choose the last because it’s really hard to choose from all of them.

Thus… 3 x 4 = 12 chances to win the items!

ALSO, support ALL the teams because they ALL did work hard.

Have a look see at their animations, they all laboured for 3 weeks non-stop to do it and the least you can do is watch them, yeah?

Voting ends on the 15th! Soooo go ask your relatives to vote (my teams, heh heh) when you’re off to Chinese New Year visiting or as a talking point if you have no idea what to say to them.

Or this can be a romantic thing(???).

Vote before Valentines’ Day and… Ok, yeah it’s romantic because…. YOU PLAYED A PART.


Not Yet Fired Up!

Thow Kwang entrance!

It was a Walk With Us to Craft Initiatives: Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle workshop by the library’s Press Play programmes. Just so you know, this tour and info session was TOTALLY FREE.

When I saw this programme in the Golibrary booking system, I clicked add to cart because it was the freaking dragon kiln (one of 2? in Singapore) and it’s always been so far from me.

Hence, I had to go since I wanted to go there for quite a long while.

This is the first time I went on an EXCURSION with the library, they chartered a bus for us too. So exciting.

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I wanna scoot

Oxelo town 7 easyfold scooter

I want to scoot around on this Oxelo town 7 easyfold scooter. I’m saving up my money and all that because I realized I would be able to go to a LOT of places just scootering around.

I could also take it on the MRT and if by an unlucky chance should the trains not work, I could just unfold this and scoot away instead of taking a bridging bus towards non-affected places. It’s small enough to get on a bus with it too so yeah, that’s why I didn’t want to get a foldie since I really, REALLY wander around a lot of places and this would be better to lug around with.

Then it occurred to me, huh, with all the places in Singapore I go to and with all the events, it would be cool if someone actually sponsored this scooter.

It’ll be even cooler if Scoot air actually sponsored it because… DUH SCOOTING ON A SCOOTER? SCOOT?

Me not busting into your office.

So Scoot, this is my proposal to you. Instead of busting into your office, I am just writing a post here and it’s up to you to email me if you wanna. Hopefully before 7 February 2014 because I’d be buying it then.

You might be wondering who I am so these next few tweets might give you a little idea on it.

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Watch it and VOTE it!

They spotted me!

Finally you can vote for the teams of N.E.mation! There was an urban picnic at the national library’s plaza while all the teams were there to showcase their videos.

You can vote for them by going to the N.E.mation website!

There’s FOUR ways to vote, via the website, by mobile web, sms and the facebook app. More details on the nemation.sg webby. With each entry you can vote for 3 teams.

VOTE FOR C05 aka Momento Mori because it is super punny and Chua Enlai is the voice over!

VOTE FOR C08 aka The 4 of Us II because they tell about the unsung heroes in their video!

And then you pick your own for the last one, hahahaha. I can’t tell you which because they’re all good but these are my two choice teams and they’re my teams!


At The 4 of Us II’s booth, you’d get a clip to support them! Watch their video clip and get a clip, GET IT? HEH HEH.


At Momento Mori, well… I don’t think they were handing out bananas to people. They did however have small flyers to pass out.

Picnic with the team. Goodies I got! Watching the show

Click to enlarge the pictures as always. It was a picnic and so once people voted there, they’d get a goodie bag. I like how there’s Milo in mine along with the other toys.

Momento Mori!

Soon the groups got to talk to the DJs of Power 98 since they were also the emcees for the event. Momento Mori did a little intro about themselves and then their clip was shown. Dr Jia Jia and his brother was there too.

The All-Nighters!

Since Momento Mori was one of the first five, there was a little interval after their group and The All-Nighters played a few songs.

4 of us II

Then it was the round with The 4 of Us II! Heh, their uniforms sort of match Dr Jia Jia and his brother’s clothes.

Instaprint SG

Also, if you were there, you could have gotten free instagram prints via Instaprint!

My prints!

So cool right? I just had to instagram and use the hashtag for that day and get it printed at the booth and collect it.

ANYWAY, go VOTE. Please vote for C05 and C08 in your choice of 3 teams.

The First Run of the Year

The grounds

It was my first run for 2014. The Run for Your Lives Asia (Singapore) 2014! And wow, ok it was a zombie day because I went to the Walking Dead Live public event in the morning.

The starting point and race pack collection was at The Padang.

I pretty much hecked it and walked from Lasalle to the Padang because it wasn’t that far anyway.

Life tags!

I collected my race pack, pinned my bib and attached my life tags on the belt thingy.

I knew this was going to be the last time I’d be able to take a picture of it since I was 90% sure I would lose them by the end of the race.

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Walking Dead… Live?

It's a bunch of zombies!

11 January 2014.

Lasalle College of the Arts.

It was one of the most unlikeliest of places to hold a freaking THE WALKING DEAD LIVE in Singapore.

Only via the geek grapevine that we knew about Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus appearing in Singapore and that was a little public event happening before the closed interview session.

Really, it was good because the location meant no extra kaypoh-ing aunties and uncles. It was also at a school that I used to hang out at (but not attended since there used to be a cafe there for ukulele jams) so I knew where it was.

By the way, the zombies above are 3rd year drama students! They can legit now say they performed with Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus!

Heh heh, I hope they got a photo with the stars at the end since they were still performing while as zombies and couldn’t do selfies or whatnot with them.

Note: As usual, click on the pictures for a bigger version of them.

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A Beautiful Plan

Huh, this is the first State of Sarah report for the year. Well there you go. I have a plan. Oh and before I start on what this year will be, LIKE my page here: http://facebook.com/seriouslysarahSG

Because you guys want to know what’s happening in Singapore or want to go events? Well, just like that page. I don’t post ALL my activities here, that would just be silly and spammy.

Firstly, this Saturday I’m going to La Salle to hopefully see The Walking Dead stars at 11am and then I’ll have a snack or something and go for the Run for Your Lives Asia since mine starts at 4pm.

That’s just this weekend.

Note, this post is going to be Singlish-y.

What I am up to is also…

Love Kuching Project

Well, I do now and then get to help out at Love Kuching Project. I didn’t get Dawn from them though, Dawn just self-rescued herself by shoving herself inside the house.

Hanging around

Ok lor.

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Gone to the Library

It's Kenny the friendly chicken

A new year, a new whatsits. January, the time when people sign up programmes or try to get fit because woah a new year and all. Well, I signed up for this ventriloquism workshop last year.

Have you checked the GoLibrary website?

They’ve got lots of free workshops happening if you clicked under arts in the programmes tab because this is the year of arts? Something like that, they’ve got a Press Play thing happening for 2014. When you see something you like, just quickly click on it because some programmes are really popular.

That’s Kenny the friendly chicken by the way and on the right is Shawn from Magic Avenue teaching us how to use a puppet and mostly how to make it look real and practice ventriloquism!

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