Soul Sucking Selfie

I find it interesting that selfies are a thing now. To take a picture of oneself at some place or with whomever.

In primary school, there were cameras during excursion days. We used film since digital was kind of crap. Yeah, I was one of the first ones who got to use a digital camera because there was a workshop in school for journalism?!

It was a cool camera.

The digital camera had a slot for a floppy disk. It was cool and it didn’t even really have megapixels. Picture above is from here since mine is stored somewhere.

Still, it was kinda crappy compared to film for big pictures. Good for school projects though.

Anyway, during these excursions, I had friends who were afraid of having their pictures taken. They were ‘shy’ or pantang. So I was ok. I won’t take pictures of them. Even back then though, I did wonder why eveeeen.

If they didn’t want, no problem I won’t take pictures of my friends in school or while we were on outdoor excursions. Just that, we all had an official class picture anyway?!

Cameras were said to suck people’s soul or capture them. I definitely don’t think the ‘new generation’ subscribes to this belief. Maybe a minority will do?

I see a heck load of selfies now. With cameras or phones to enable MAXIMUM ACHIEVEMENT OF SELFIIIIIES.

It probably will be weird for kids nowadays wondering why people wouldn’t want pictures taken. Well, besides the whole kena Stomp or looking unglamourous for online.

From a generation of no photos to one where everyone wants to document every single thing since we have mini cameras where you can clip on yourselves for ‘daily journaling’…

It’s like woaaaah.

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One thought on “Soul Sucking Selfie”

  1. I remember that camera. I used that for the IT club one time. My god, you could only take like 10 or so and then it’s completely full.

    By the way, I freaking hate people who are all like, “Eiyeerrr don’t take my picture” (covers face) and then they’d be the first to run to your camera to check how the pictures are. Go and die.

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