The Cheese Ark!

The Grandstand!


It’s ‘easy’ to get to it if you take the shuttle bus from either Toa Payoh or Clementi MRT station? Well, we took it from the bus station at the exit of Clementi MRT and ahhh, so nice because it can be quite ulu to get to the Grandstand if you have no transport of your own.


South side.

My main mission is to go to Pasarbella and the objectives were to find The Cheese Ark.

Oh, there are a bunch of restaurants and Giant supermarket besides Pasarbella too if atas hipster is not your thing.

It's like diagon alley?

It’s in an alley of sorts. A very narrow alley but there, beyond that would be a smallish room of cheeses in their own special cheese rack/rooms!

The Cheese Ark!

TADAAAAA. Now I know why when people blog about this place, there isn’t too many pictures because it really IS just a room full of cheese! It’s like… WHAT YOU EXPECT.

And the expectation is beauty.

My platter

AAAAH. The staff there are helpful and pretty much I asked how are cheese platters? AND how much is for 1 person and the range so WAS AFFORDABLE. I don’t know about you but a platter for ONE PERSON at that is woah because of the variety of cheese. Depending on season and whatnot, you would have a different kind of cheese I would think so price varies!

It’s like omakase for cheese because I said I left it up to them.

And to eat this platter was also similar to sushi as you started with the lighter ones before you got to the intense cheeses. Oh my goodness. This was such a fun experience.

The last one was the top middle which was a blue cheese, a Guttus fig sandwich in which they placed the cheese in between a fig, a walnut and a layer of honey.

AND IT WAS SO GOOD OK? The sweetness and the cheese and the ahhhh.

If you like cheese, go to The Cheese Ark. It is worth going all the way to the Grandstand where Pasarbella is.

As I look at this picture, I want to visit the place again and get them in a take away box to eat at home where I can write about each cheese. A note to self though, I forgot I didn’t like gouda that much. I like all the rest except gouda.

This is why platters like this is good, it lets you learn which is your fav cheeses and what you would be fond of. I definitely like the lighter ones and the blue cheese which is the opposite of uh, light.


Oh and since we were there, we tried out Oceans of Seafood which is pretty much like a fish market or rather, seafood market! You can have the chefs sashimi/grill/boil/braise or whatever too.

Oysters, YAY. They’re delicious since they’re fresh. Always go to not dodgy and proper places for oysters if you wanna eat them straight after they’re shucked.


Cheese and oysters do not make a meal. We did end up at Veganburg since they have a branch there too!

I kind of miss Lord of the Fries with their hotdogs so I got the sausages from Veganburg. It’s ALL VEGAN by the way. My fav from there are the spinach pops.

Anyway, that’s our adventure to Pasarbella.

I’m going back there for more cheese eventually.

I wish there was a cheese of the month club or some cheese club. I would join that. LIKE A BELLABOX but for cheese.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

Spider-Man 2!

I got to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 after being invited by Sony Pictures Singapore. THANKS SONY PICTURES!

This is going to be a SHORT review because no spoilers.

Firstly, if possible just go with the 3d option. This time the 3d isn’t a gimmick thing, it actually really works when you’re with him (Spider-Man). Just go. If you’re watching this movie, you might as well go for the 3d option because it is SO well done.

Secondly, ok this story has a VERY awesome soundtrack.

Some songs might be hipstery or well, from the trailer I think you can tell that there is a lot of dubstep going on here. Otherwise, there might be some songs or rather theme songs that make you go “Whaaaaaaaaat”?

Stan Lee of course makes an appearance and you can’t miss him this time because it’s so in your face that it is funny.

How do I describe Spidey 2. Ahhh…


Spidey 2, is GOOD.

There are some ACTION scenes that feels like it is just shoved into some points so that it won’t be called Spider-Man 2 aka Romance Adventures of a Webslinger but otherwise, just “Ahhhh” it is good. The actors and actresses are ALL very good.

From the trailers though, you can tell the thug is really “THUG” like he came out of the comics or cartoons being so over the top and so stereotypically Russian with bad accent.

There’s also a super stereotypical German scientist that it made us think of this. Ja? JA!

Also, I prefer this Spidey than the previous one because he is actually funny and witty even if there are tragic sides to him.

All the other geek sites are so going to tell you how it matches up with the comics and I won’t say it because. Really. It’s. Super. Spoilery. Also, lots of references to OTHER popculture things. Like. Harry Potter.

You might also notice a bunch of Sony products used in the movie for obvious reasons. In one scene, you would wonder if the laptop IS THAT DURABLE and if it is, wow ok. I would like it. Not to mention the internet connection for it.

In summary, just watch it. Those who read the comics/watched the cartoons will have quite a bunch of reactions for this movie. Those who don’t have a background will still go “WOW”.

When the movie finished, we went out of the cinema and talked a HECK LOAD about it and yes, it goes to show that this Spider-Man 2 is really going to go up the charts when it’s released in Singapore on May 1st!

Go book your tickets with your friends because yes. Yes, go with them to watch this for reasons.

Ps. If you stick around in the credits, you might notice a Wade Wilson. Yes, he is a real person but for those comic/cartoon fans, you might know the irony of this.

To those graduating design students


This post doesn’t apply to just design students who are just graduating. It applies to art students and those production/web/film/animation students. I’m from that ‘side’ so yeah this is for you. This is just my take and this is what I wanted to tell you guys. Not everything because they’ll be too much but just some bits.

Also this will be tips for those who are expecting to enroll in such art or design schools perhaps.

It’s design show season and I would like to congratulate those who survived.

Survived because when you started out your course, you might find your friends dropping out of school whether due to financial difficulties or realizing that this route is not for them. So yay for you hitting graduation because it wasn’t an easy route.

So by now you’d have a portfolio or artwork perhaps? PUT IT ONLINE.

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It’s really just books actually

Bubble G.U.M!

SEE THIS BOOK? It’s Bubble G.U.M and it’s in stock at Books Actually if you’re not buying it online here. BUY it this 21st to 30 April especially from Books Actually. Why? Look at this message:

Dear Customers/Friends of BooksActually:

We humbly ask another big favour of you: please drop by to buy books/vintage trinkets for yourself, your friends, family, or all your loved ones. From 21st to 30th April, we will hold a 10-Day 25%-Storewide Sale to raise money so we can buy a new shop space for our bookstore. (WE REALLY NEED TO STOP RENTING/THEY HAVE TO STOP INCREASING OUR RENT.)

We are finally crossing the next step and making one of our biggest strides forward.

BooksActually is not what it is today without the people who have walked through our doors for the past (almost) nine years. They are that German gentleman who comes in every other day to buy a book before heading over to Jerry’s for a jug of beer; that family who visits us every Sunday after breakfast across the street; the father who comes every Christmas to buy books for his missus and three daughters; the writer who sits behind our counter on quiet afternoons helping us to stamp-chop paper-bags; or the young dating couple who took a picture of themselves in a giant birdcage, creating an illusion of lovebirds (their son is now almost two).

The bookstore is not what it is today without every single one of you who has loved us, hated us, and lightly nudged (or forcibly pushed) us to move forward — to be better, climb higher and dream bigger.

With our deepest gratitude,
The BooksActually Team

So yeah. Cause it’s silly if their rent keeps increasing and whatnot. They might as well buy a piece of property to keep things low since the price of rent is ridiculous. THUS! BUY A BOOK or some random goods from them.

There’s stationery, bags, vintage gear too. If you have no idea what to buy, here’s a suggested list of BOOKS by my friends and me:

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Mee Goreng.

It’s been quite a while since I did a State of Sarah post. The fourth month of the year and I’m like “Whaaat?”. We’ve gone through the first quarter or we ARE going to go through the first quarter.

And while I don’t post everything here, I have been in quite a bunch of adventures and events.

There’s unannounced stuff and oh, I should promo my Facebook Page more:

More to come because my crew have noticed, it’s always a lull in the first part of the year and then FWOOSH, things happen and it goes into a steady stream, until fasting month like a season hiatus and THEN it goes fwoosh back again.

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That’s it for Sydney!

I’m just going to compile all the other adventures we had in the rest of the week in Sydney in this post.

Hahhah. Or, tl:dr, just click the video. That one mostly has stuff of us at Luna Park though.

Olympic park!


Cause you know, we should actually HAVE one picture of me on a scoot, scooting away in Sydney. Else I wouldn’t be in Sydney if Scoot hadn’t Scooted me here.

Try saying that ten times fast.

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Sarah Does Sydney Day 1 & 2

Lord of the Fries!

So I went to Sydney and wow. What an adventure, the first thing we did while we arrived at the airport was make sure we had our data stuff! I used Optus and Lyn used Vodafone. They’re just there when you get out of the arrivals at the Sydney international airport.

Both are good but I’m fancying Optus for their $2 per day for 500mb data and free local (Australia) sms and calls. Vodafone had some deal like that too but I just had Optus cause my friend passed his microsim to me in Singapore.

From the airport, we took the train to town hall! Pretty easy really, just got a multipass with an airport exit pass and a 1 week pass. We were going to be there for 6 days so, it’s pretty ok since we took a zone 2 multipass which meant we got to travel around the main city area anyway.

The first place we walked around and look-see-ed was Lord of the Fries!

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