Two Thirds

Shape Run

It’s August. I just went for the Shape Run yesterday aka Sunday. It ehh, well the ending could be better in terms of organization.

Somehow the water points were really slow and thus it made collection of finisher t-shirts and medal slow too.

That’s number 8 of 12. For some reason I’m running one race of sorts per month. It wasn’t really in my things to do in 2014 list but eh, it seemed like I couldn’t stop when I had done the first few months and thus, I might as well try finish until December.

I’ve taking vids of it too so hopefully it will be able to be edited into one whole video for all the runs I have gone for the year.

Also, here’s a question for you.

If what sort of convention should I look out/go to that isn’t in Singapore?

I’ve seen Loncon on my friends’ pictures and Gencon too but really, if I had the opportunity to travel and such, which convention should I go to?

Oh and duh, you don’t have to answer SDCC, that one is must some day but what other ones would be cool to go to?