The Last

Standard Chartered Marathon Singaore

Sunday was my last run of the year. I took the 10 km Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore route. It was interesting and I passed by R2D2, C3P0 and some Star Wars characters running/walking for charity??

Anyway, I had to run fast because I had to go home by 10am.


Just so I could join the Gotham cosplay competition at Takashimaya when the registration started at around 12pm.

Yes. I ran in the morning, rushed home and went to my last cosplay competition of the year.

That was ridiculous BUT YEAHHH I DID IT.

And that’s why this post is short because, I freaking ran 10 km and then went to a cosplay competition.

Longer posts for next episode indeed!

Here and there!

Nanowrimo write-in!

This weekend was woah. By the way, we still have nanowrimo write-ins for one more session at Orchard Library.

The rest will be at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Raffles Place. Info is on the Singapore forums for Nanowrimo anyway.

What you basically do is just write in.

That’s why it is called write in. You write in there, yes. That’s it.

You still have time if you want to join Nanowrimo, it’s not even the last week of November so you can still catch up and write!

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Packed Sunday

Yes, it’s a teaser post or at least a very short one. Sunday was the Tampines Run which I just ran around Bedok Reservoir pretty quickly (relatively quickly) so I could go home and prepare for STGCC!

Since I posted my ‘loot’ from my run, this is my LOOT from the Singapore Toys Games Comic Convention. More details in my main post for STGCC! In the week or so. Heh, I still have interviews I did during ICDS.

The cosplay/comic season has begun fully.

Two Thirds

Shape Run

It’s August. I just went for the Shape Run yesterday aka Sunday. It ehh, well the ending could be better in terms of organization.

Somehow the water points were really slow and thus it made collection of finisher t-shirts and medal slow too.

That’s number 8 of 12. For some reason I’m running one race of sorts per month. It wasn’t really in my things to do in 2014 list but eh, it seemed like I couldn’t stop when I had done the first few months and thus, I might as well try finish until December.

I’ve taking vids of it too so hopefully it will be able to be edited into one whole video for all the runs I have gone for the year.

Also, here’s a question for you.

If what sort of convention should I look out/go to that isn’t in Singapore?

I’ve seen Loncon on my friends’ pictures and Gencon too but really, if I had the opportunity to travel and such, which convention should I go to?

Oh and duh, you don’t have to answer SDCC, that one is must some day but what other ones would be cool to go to?


Filler post!

It's called pannbiff

Just a filler post. So have some very filling pannbiff, ah ha ha haaaa.

This was at Fika at Millenia Walk. They didn’t have Kopparberg so that’s actually Champis (they’re sodas) and it tastes kind of like Zapple, so apple soda. Mintea had Portello which DOES taste like caramel! It would probably taste really good as a float too.

I did blog about Fika at Beach Road before and YES, the food is still awesome, so yay!

Venus Run goodie bag!

Also, I picked up my Venus Run bag. I’ll be running next week and no, I’m not a run runner. I just uh, run and mostly walk too? It’s just 5km anyway.

Pretty much this is just a filler post since I have other things to post about in the week under State of Sarah.

For one thing, Scoot did reply to me and well… You’ll know soon what’s going to happen.