Here and there!

Nanowrimo write-in!

This weekend was woah. By the way, we still have nanowrimo write-ins for one more session at Orchard Library.

The rest will be at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Raffles Place. Info is on the Singapore forums for Nanowrimo anyway.

What you basically do is just write in.

That’s why it is called write in. You write in there, yes. That’s it.

You still have time if you want to join Nanowrimo, it’s not even the last week of November so you can still catch up and write!

Eminent Plaza!

Eminent Plaza is closed now but I had to go take some pictures of the exterior while I could. Will see how it looks like since I took some on my La Sardina camera.

More of the pictures when I get them developed next, next week!

If they are letting anyone in since it is now closed, let me know so I can take more pictures.

Great Easter Women's Run 2014

And for November, I got to do the Great Eastern Women’s Run 2014! Yaaaaay.

Nandos exercising.

That’s it for November and yesss, I got to take a picture with the Nando’s mascot. It was much amusing, doing exercises and posing with people for pictures.

Anyway, that means one more run and I am done. December will be the Standard Chartered one.

Oh yess, since you’re reading this post this far, NEXT YEAR Sarah Does Singapore will be back! A special SG50 season? Hahah, not exactly but we’re going to have fun adventuring around Singapore.

There’s going to be quite a lot of places that have now popped up but I haven’t been to yet. Tune in next year for the new SDS and hey, maybe you could even join some of the activities, we’ll see.

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  1. YES NAT! But as usual, it’ll be on Saturdays. I shall put you in the mailing list! Since it says previews of what will happen in the following week or so.

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